Zynga Launches ‘Mountain Goat Mountain’ On iOS, Android

Zynga Launches ‘Mountain Goat Mountain’ On iOS, Android

Zynga has globally released Mountain Goat Mountain on iOS and Android devices. The game challenges players to climb as high as possible, overcoming the obstacles in their way.

More fun for players

Initially, the game appeared on Apple’s App Store on June 15, but at that time it was in the testing phase. The game was developed by a small team at Zynga’s San Francisco studio. Mountain Goat Mountain provides players with many advanced features. They can make the goat move up the mountain or eat grass while jumping on springs. The goat may move in four directions to avoid any obstacle in its path.

“Channel your inner mountain goat and climb your way to the top in Zynga’s new mobile game, Mountain Goat Mountain,” Zynga said in a blog post.

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Mountain Goat Mountain provides two options to get the goat to the top of the mountain. Players can either move left or right, or on reaching a cul-de-sac, they can change course or move to a lower mountain. For reaching their target, a player needs to pay heed to various obstacles coming their way like falling rocks, holes, water, catci, lanterns and many more.

How Zynga plans to earn money

At the beginning of the game, 22 goats are present with diverse looks and themes. Taking Billy the Kid changes the mountain into a dusty desert landscape, while Stealth Goat assists players climbing the mountain using night vision. Zynga allows a player to buy a specific character for 99 cents

As players climb the mountain, their score keeps increasing at each new level, and they can share their high scores with their friends. Also they can gather coins while climbing the mountains, filling up their treasure chest. Players may use these collected coins on mystery crates containing various goat characters.

Mountain Goat Mountain from Zynga is similar to games like Down the Mountain and Dribble Madness. Users might enjoy Mountain Goat Mountain by downloading it free from the iTunes App Store and Google Play.

At around 11.40 a.m. Eastern, Zynga shares were up 1.8% at $2.80, and year to date, the stock is up by almost 3%, while in the last 12 months, the stock is down by over 9%.

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