Microsoft Features Babies In Windows 10 Adverts

With the new version of Windows set to launch on July 29, Microsoft has released adverts featuring babies and Ethan Hawke.

Oscar-nominated actor Hawke provides the voice-over for a number of adverts designed to introduce Windows 10 to consumers, writes Jon Chew for Time. Existing Windows users will be given the new version of the operating for free, part of a new business model that Microsoft is implementing.


Hollywood star narrates new Microsoft ads

Hawke featured in Boyhood, a movie which emphasizes the idea that we are living in an ever-changing world. Microsoft portrays our future as one without passwords, featuring lots of technological devices and assistance from Cortana, the company’s answer to Apple’s Siri voice assistant.

“They’ll do things their parents never even dreamed of,” says Hawke of Windows 10 users.

“The first phase of the campaign is to just say, ‘Check out this new cool experience and what it means for Windows and Microsoft,’” said Kathleen Hall, Microsoft Corporate Vice-President of Global Advertising and Media, in an interview with Adweek. “The next phase is about devices more going into the holidays.”

Windows 10 arriving at a crucial moment

Microsoft is preparing for the launch of Windows 10 at a pivotal moment for the company. After-hours trading on Tuesday saw the company’s stock price fall 3.5% due to a bad reaction to its latest earnings report.

Microsoft posted its largest-ever quarterly loss and sales from its devices and consumer business dropped by 13%, although it did beat Q4 revenue expectations. Licensing revenue from Windows XP was down 22%, but the decrease can be explained by the fact that the older operating system is coming to the end of its product cycle.

On Tuesday, CEO Satya Nadella claimed that Windows 10 “will create new opportunities for Microsoft and our ecosystem.” The new Windows will see the Start menu make a welcome return following its banishment from Windows 8, Internet Explorer will finally be replaced by a new web browser known as Microsoft Edge, and the Cortana voice assistant will be integrated into the operating system.

The company also plans to offer a feature known as Continuum to facilitate the change between desktop mode and a different display for touchscreen devices such as smartphones and tablets.