U.S. In Talks With Countries Bordering China To ‘Confront Beijing’

U.S. In Talks With Countries Bordering China To ‘Confront Beijing’

President Barack Obama has been pushing relentlessly for the Trans-Pacific Partnership. He fears that if the U.S. fails to enact the new trade pact, China “will create its own set of rules” in terms of trade and commerce. WikiLeaks has come out with a confidential NSA intercept, which reveals that the United States has been “negotiating with every nation that borders China, asking for commitments that exceed those countries’ administrative capabilities, so as to confront Beijing.”

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Pentagon releases its new ‘National Military Strategy’

China and the United States have locked horns in the South China Sea. Beijing continues to build artificial islands in the disputed Spratly Islands region to set up military bases. Latest satellite data shows that it has almost completed the construction of a 3,000m long runway. The Asia Maritime Transparency Initiative said, “Two helipads, up to 10 satellite communications antennas, and one possible radar tower are also visible.”

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U.S. In Talks With Countries Bordering China To 'Confront Beijing'

On Wednesday, the U.S. Department of Defense released its 2015 National Military Strategy, outlining the perspective of the Pentagon for future military operations. In the new report, Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman General Martin Dempsey singles out four countries that threaten the United States’ security interests: China, Russia, Iran and North Korea. Russia and China have the world’s second and third-largest nuclear stockpile after the U.S. itself.

China’s actions spike tensions in Asia-Pacific

General Martin Dempsey warned that there was a “low but growing” probably of the United States fighting a war with a major power, and such a conflict will have “immense” consequences. The Pentagon expressed concerns that some states have developed advanced technological capabilities that are now challenging the competitive advantages of the United States. China tested its hypersonic missile Wu-14 last month, which can travel at ten times the speed of sound.

Taking a note of China’s land reclamation activities in the South China Sea, the report said Beijing’s activities have spiked tension in the Asia-Pacific region. It added that Russia had “repeatedly” demonstrated that it had no sense of respect for the sovereignty of its neighbors.

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  1. ASEAN is nothing more then a business. It has nothing else then to give more benefit to the richer Asean members. While the poorer members has to suffer.

  2. Ay nice idea! However everything should be done step by step isn’t it? So I prefer smaller once first! For example Indochina is for Indochinese people right? We are all brother and sister, we fought, live and die together and must not divide from each other. So let’s unite and become powerful! Next step would be ASEAN!

  3. lol US wants them to be the shield taking the hits first and we get the last hit, only the victor sees the money in the end lol. and keeping wars outside of US territory keeps us safe. who cares about who dies in the east? as long as we get interest and maintain our dominance around the world is okay, more chaos around the world keep all outsiders occupied and our dominance forever lol

  4. It only happened when the U.S came back to South East Asia since the end of the Vietnam war. Since the U.S left Indo-Chinese country into a waste land and void for years politically. China on the other hand has always been there as apart of the Asian neighbors. There no logical conclusion or reason why China isn’t a problems. It the foreign powers from across the sea that is dividing Asian regions apart because they have less worry and chaos away from them.

  5. In the end. The U.S should confront China face to face on its own. Remember that it was the American people and its government decision to build tied with China during the Nixon presidency and it was supposed to be a long lasting deal. Not a short one.

  6. As a Laotian. We are peaceful people. Why should we fear or piss on our pants when the U.S left Laos and the people in the wake of American Secret War wages upon us. And destroy our land and our people morality three decades ago? Our greatest fear is the U.S welcoming back itself into South East Asia mainland creating a war against China and South East Asian people on the mainland.

  7. Vietnamese and the Philippines –

    Small dogs like barking, because it is afraid that someone will step on it.
    Remember the old adage – “A pathetic person must have a certain spiteful character”!

    Thitu Island that the Philippines built on is closer to Brunei and Malaysia.

    “2009–2014, Vietnam in the South China Sea reclamation of nearly 60 acres you’ve
    heard or seen the US criticism of Hanoi’s right, or the United States threaten
    to send warships to prevent Vietnamese behavior in the South China Sea

    Hypocrisy of the U.S. Government – double standard !

  8. Blah, Blah, Blah.. the United States is facing a global strategy failed !

    The United States launched the war in Iraq then sow the seeds of hatred, leaving a political turmoil after the withdrawal, economic depression, increased insecurity mess.

    In Syria, the United States condoned the violence spread to breed. For the Syrian government crackdown led to large areas of a security vacuum.

    On Yemen, Saudi Arabia and the United States had serious differences.

    “Islamic State” inflating
    America’s standing in the Middle East has nearly collapsed.*

    US Brookings Institution Middle East expert Martin Indyk pointed out that the United States powerless to rebuild the Middle East, is the inevitable result of the collapse of US Middle East policy.

    In Europe, the Ukraine crisis has been faced with failure.

    * When 56 countries defy U.S. in joining AIIB, it explains a lot.

    Europe and China already established close relations in Asia, Africa, Central and South American countries.

    U.S. influence is declining from Middle East, Europe, Asia, Africa to Central and
    South America. Hypocrisy of the U.S. Government !

  9. The moment you are born, you’re already dying, so we gotta live a bit. Plus the middle class in the US is just decimated. decimated dude. They need these everyday low prices.

    I think serving rats is a cool practical joke. Love to see those faces.

  10. If China and Japan were to combine together and form a more powerful China, then China would have a much easier time taking over any variety of smaller countries. Of course, this may certainly need at least 10 more years, especially to combine military at the same time as technology advancement. Eventually, this more powerful China will become an overwhelming threat to America. This is exactly what happens in my screenplay titled; “The Last President” by Douglas Paige at; driveme89123yahoocom and asking only $1.7 million.

  11. YES…do NOT buy ANY chinese made products, they will POISON your family slowly to DEATH and soon china will COLLAPSE. Do NOT eat ANY chinese Restaurants because they serves you RATS, CATS, DOG meats. If your not chinese then you have been WARNED.

  12. chinese economy will NOT last long if we DO the RIGHT thing…our campaign is working. “DO NOT BUY ANY chinese MADE PRODUCTS” and. SOON china will COLLAPSE. Do NOT eat at ANY chinese Restaurant because they serves CATS, RATS, DOG meats, (common knowledge) If you are not chinese then you have been WARNED.

  13. Solution? Do the RIGHT thing…do NOT buy ANY chinese made products, they will POISON your family slowly to DEATH. Do NOT eat at any chinese Restaurants because they serves RATS, CATS and DOG meats. If you are non chinese then this serves as your WARNING.

  14. OUR CAMPAIGN IS GAINING…”DO NOT BUY ANY chinese MADE PRODUCTS” and SOON and very SOON china will COLLAPSE. Do NOT eat ANY chinese Restaurant because they will serve you RATS, CATS and DOG meats. If you are not a chinese then this serves as your WARNING.

  15. Do the RIGHT thing, do NOT buy ANY chinese made products because it will POISON your family slowly to DEATH and soon and very SOON china will COLLAPSE. Unless you are a chinese do NOT eat at ANY chinese Restaurant because they serves you RATS, CATS and DOG. If you are a non chinese, you have been warned.

  16. Relax…just DO the right thing, do NOT buy ANY chinese made products because it will POISON your family slowly to death and very SOON china will COLLAPSE. Do NOT eat any chinese Restaurants, they serves you RATS, CATS, DOG meat.

  17. Forget about aquarium…just DO the right thing. Do NOT buy ANY chinese made products because they will POISON your family slowly. Do NOT eat at any chinese Restaurants unless you are chinese yourself. They serve RATS, CATS and DOGS. To non chinese, you have been warned.

  18. Can we have a civil conversation here?

    China isn’t making its own rules. Its simply following international law. and also the law of being a big economy. America won’t save your Filo booty.

  19. Sometimes greedy people get what they want. You need to be greedy. You need to have some ambition and PH has only the ambition to be ruled by someone else. I’m sure if its not the Us it’ll be china.

    The patrols in SEA haven’t happened yet, and of course, it will make china take steps to beef up its security in the sea. This means its going to militarise the islands when it wasn’t going to. thats good for china. When a contingency happens, China will get its excuse to occupy more islands and kick the PH off all the islands.

    Whats happening now is a weak PH losing its chips and trying to get america involved to save them. Doesn’t look good. America doesn’t want a war to pretect PH. Not worth it. its all about gains. PH is not much gain. US still influential in PH if PH loses islands. Nothing really lost for them in PH.

  20. Our campaign is working…do the right thing, DO NOT BUY ANY chinese MADE PRODUCTS and SOON and very SOON time will come china will COLLAPSE. Do NOT eat at any chinese Restaurants, unless you are chinese yourself because they serves RATS, CATS, DOG meats. Non chinese, you have been warned.

  21. This ignorant Chinese Troll spewing his blabbering mouth very much confident he can go to war against the U.S. and it’s Allies. Wishful thinking dude.

  22. President Obama’s hands off policy on South China Sea boosted China’s island grabbing and territorial intrusion to other countries EEZ. Now we see the U.S. gradually intervening in that situation which already too late.Had the U.S. showed it’s muscle before, China could have not gone that far.

  23. If I may, I would correct your first sentence to ‘China has bad neighbors around that try to encroach on China’s territories.’ Of course, those die-hard stubborn sculls will never admit that out of prejudice and anti-China racism.

  24. Another US lie is exposed. US has no gut to reveal the photos of ILLEGAL constructions of Vietnam and Philippines in South China Sea since 30 years ago, in order to hide her many many stealthy meddling in South China Sea. US’s inteference in South China Sea, East China Sea, Ukraine, Middle East …. is against International Law that could lead
    to ‘inferno’.

  25. Filipinos, Vietnamese, Laotian, Indonesian, Mylaysian, Japanese, Korean government…. They all piss in their pants while speaking with Chinese government not to mention “confronting” them. LOL

  26. china want divide ASIAN, the ASIAN nation are calm until the chinese entering on there respective 200 nautical miles exclusive economic zone..

  27. Asia is for Asian united people. We are all brother and sister and must not divide from each other. We Asian has a very long history of “White” and “Foreign powers” trying to divide our Asian race people and country. We should learned from our past colonial era as a remind us of our future.

  28. Obama’s proclaimed himself “president of Pacific” in his first inauguration. Now 6 years later, he is the ” Clueless Warmongering President of USA” with Pacific Nations other than Japan and Ph accepted him as their master.
    EU leaders called Washington has lost its credibility and ability to make right or correct judgement let alone leadership and let alone again a moral leadership.
    Obama uses Japan to contain China, but Japan’s Abe is even more cunning than Obama and conveniently uses Diaoyu Islands as excuses (notwithstanding that many Japanese scholars believe that Diaoyu islands is not Japan’s from all the historical facts and documents).
    Obama lies to his teeth about China’s territory and uses its handout beggar Philippines to claim what has never been Ph’s territory for 400 years (ref to Ph’s territory is only due east of Lat 118 – go to read world legal territory maps or from US congress library). This will not hold any water.
    China takes it easy as it has time and legality on its side. Whereas Ph ignorantly uses UNCLOS as a basis of its claim.
    USA never recognizes existence of UNLCOS till today.
    20 nations incl. China upon signing up, put a clause that their territories which came long before the UNLCOS cannot be arbitrated by UNCLOS.

  29. Why should the U.S asking other Asian country neighboring China to confront China. When the U.S and the American people are against them and has political and social negatives against China?

    Basically the U.S should confront its own face to face with China. Not its neighbors that has nothing to do with U.S problems to be concerned against with.

  30. Died with Genglis Khan!!!!
    The history book said there was never more than a million Mongols, but at one time, they controlled a quarter of the world.

  31. yep,nobody like china,the problem is all of them are poor and chicken dies,waiting for some one to do the fight for them??????USA????the problem is american citizen think china dont dare to attack america,it is very hard to motivate us citizen to fight for asia causes , as these peoples in nature are selfish and chicken dies with self pleasures,complaint,sue happy nation,us citizen dont open their eyes tll the day china attack them from S.america with all the illegal alien and million PLA,that day when american children become CHINA’s slave,the future belong to china—–as I see only selfish,chicken dies,self indulgent ,you dies first I lives another day

  32. back in 2008, japan send a few fishing boat to the north of hokkaido into the border of russia. russia send a attack helicopter and blasted the fishing boat with bullets. no one was kill or hurt.
    6 month later, japan work out millions dollar gas deal with russia, border dispute was still there.
    of course united states did nothing, kept quiet. and that’s the reality of america’s so called pivot toward asia.
    this is saber rattling, a group powwow with nothing behind it. all hot air. the TTP is nothing. nothing that could not be added or taken away from china. WTO does a better job with one on one. all the TTP country that trade with united states trade with china. which make america a sucker or desprate or both.

  33. china plays a game of bullying—–take what ever I want—–you chicken dies then china take it without a shoot,confront china????? the only way now is follow JAPAN and INDIA——-one big orgainization to fight aganst china—–INDIA and JAPAN has no choices but,to fight china,so,let get behind japan and india and everybody has to fight,chicken out mean you will looses everything——-USA????the problem is american citizen in general dont think china dare to takeon USA,well,american will dies later if american citizen think selfish like that,your children will be china”s slave

  34. And if your side had so much power, why hasn’t anything changed in your favor? China just invaded other people’s territory. Do you see the world rallying against this aggression. Remember the Vietnamese beat the Chinese over 30 years ago. Why haven’t they done anything because they surely can beat China. That’s the real BS because if your the side who have been wronged, why hasn’t the US or yourselves done anything? You’re in the right, right? The mighty US doesn’t take on China.

  35. The fact is every country on China’s border is too chicken to take on China. That’s why they’ve been begging to the US. They want the US to take on China while the US wants them to take on China. The reason why the mighty US wants them to take on China because if they lose, they can preserve their relationship with China. If the US takes on China, win or lose the US will suffer from severe to permanent damage to their power in the world. China’s neighbors ultimately don’t give a crap for Americans. That’s why when you listen to them they have a love/hate relation with the US. Just as long as the US gives them what they want, they’ll love the US long time. Until the US doesn’t give them what they want and they all become conniving spurned spiteful people.

  36. No country likes China? That’s what’s called notorious Asian nationalism that’s been around for centuries because the same can be said of South Korea and any other country in the region because they’ve hated each other for that long.

  37. Bullshit. The very first thing China must do is to get rid of ALL Confucius thinking!!!!
    Confucius teaching was the cause of all China’s ills. What China must learn from is NOT Confucius, but Genglis Khan!!!! Even today, 34 million people have Genglis Khan’s DNA!!!!

  38. Uncle Sam and the Seven Dwarfs to teach China a lesson????
    It would be much wiser for Uncle and the Seven Dwarfs to learn from China!!!!

  39. No country in Asia like china right now, wish all those countries would just team up and teach the losers in china a lesson, Japan, S. Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam, Philippine, India, and the list goes on.

  40. This is a no-brainer! Philippine government is seeking US presence in their territory and if possible rebuild US bases near Scarborough and Spratly… Why? Because this greedy Chinese wanted to hog the whole South China Sea. Now Japan and Australia has been stepping up patrolling the Philippine shores and are set to have access to Philippines naval docks.

  41. Because China is a greedy hog with the evil intent to control South China Seas economic rout stupid! And no, China can’t make its own rules and impose it on others like Philippines and Vietnam! And you ow maggot brain, you don’t have a single grain of intelligence in you. Go back to where you came from nuthugging Chinese nuts for all we care! Chinese troll! And God bless America!

  42. This planted internet article, together with all the rest of the usual planted online pro-Chinese BS, is a JOKE. (If their BS internet propaganda translated into actual power, the Chinese would be a world-beaters.) As it is, however, China’s increasingly desperate attempts to be seen a “world power” lack credibility when the entire world sees that it still struggles to project power in its own backyard.

  43. Do the RIGHT thing…Do NOT buy any chinese made products, they will POISON your family, BEWARE. Do NOT eat at any chinese restaurants, they are serving FETUSES, RATS, CATS and DOG meats together with your favorite chinese foods. (check their garbage bins and you see heads of these dead animals, guaranteed)

  44. I must confess that I have never read anything Obama-has-been has said, including this article I am commenting on! All these US leaders must undergo brain scanning, a tumor or two are bound to appear inside their sculls that disturb them! Why can’t
    China or anyone create rules of play? Where is that democracy LIE? The confrontational approach of these kind of people reflect the scare in them of China, it is only simple psychology. These troublesome people ought to go to China to be instilled some CONFUCIUS wisdom in them. Things like ‘always follow the middle path’, ‘do not force your will on others’ …… Then, Obama can still have a little hope to claim US will remain a leader for another 100 years.

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