Closing Time for the Pits On Monday, Ends Era

Closing Time for the Pits On Monday, Ends Era

A long standing tradition in Chicago is officially coming to a close, with the CME starting to shutter its pits starting Monday, July 6th (was supposed to be today, but they delayed it. Maybe the ‘pit closer’ had the 4th of July weekend off, and they didn’t realize that until last minute).

What started as a way for farmers (both grains and pigs) to hedge their crops, boomed into a full blown, career opportunity for those willing to take on “the pits”. Now, after more than a century (167 years to be exact), most of the trading is done online – with the trading pits looking like an old mining town to those who saw them in their full glory in the early 90s.

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Suffice it to say, this is more than just a business decision to those who cut their teeth on the trading floors. This is the end of an important piece of the entrepreneurial cycle in Chicago. This is the end of a proving ground for new young trading talent. This is the end of a brotherhood (and sisterhood) of close friends who shared the joys and pain of making money in real time together. Life will go on. Futures trading will go on. But the trading lifestyle (the good and the bad) and ability for working class kids to make something of themselves based on street smarts and hustle, not an Ivy league degree – will forever change. How that changes the rest of the industry, if at all, remains to be seen.

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