The NOL Show, Episode 4: An NOL Primer

The NOL Show, Episode 4: An NOL Primer

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Published on Jul 8, 2015

Rodney Lake and Steven Kiel discuss the mechanics of Net Operating Loss (NOL) companies and Sec. 382 ownership changes. Learn more at The NOL Newsletter:

Below are two additional resources:

13F Roundup: Top Hedge Fund Positions In Q1 2022

Here is our quarterly 13F roundup for high-profile hedge funds. The data is based on filings covering the quarter to the end of March 2022. These statements only provide a snapshot of hedge fund holdings at the end of March. They do not contain any information about when the holdings were bought or sold or Read More

A Primer on Protecting Tax Losses from a Section 382 Ownership Change:…
The Section 382 Consolidated Return Regulations:

Please view our disclosure statement for more information:…

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