The NOL Show, Episode 4: An NOL Primer

The NOL Show, Episode 4: An NOL Primer

Published on Jul 8, 2015

Rodney Lake and Steven Kiel discuss the mechanics of Net Operating Loss (NOL) companies and Sec. 382 ownership changes. Learn more at The NOL Newsletter:

Below are two additional resources:

Star hedge fund macro trader Colin Lancaster warns: Inflation is back

InvestorsTalk of inflation has been swirling for some time amid all the stimulus that's been pouring into the market and the soaring debt levels in the U.S. The Federal Reserve has said that any inflation that does occur will be temporary, but one hedge fund macro trader says there are plenty of reasons not to Read More

A Primer on Protecting Tax Losses from a Section 382 Ownership Change:…
The Section 382 Consolidated Return Regulations:

Please view our disclosure statement for more information:…

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