Tesla Motors (TSLA) Makes 3 Announcements In Surprise Call [LIVE]

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Such is the excitement surrounding Tesla Motors (TSLA) product announcements that the company gains huge amounts of media attention at short notice.

During the call, which was announced at the last minute, Musk made three key announcements before taking questions from the floor. Upgrades to the high-performance Model S sedan dramatically improve acceleration, an improved battery pack extends vehicle range, and a discount for the cheapest version of the Model S was also announced.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk announces “Ludicrous Mode”

Musk announced a new “Ludicrous Mode” upgrade which will propel the dual-motor Model S from 0-60 miles per hour in just 2.8 seconds. The upgrade means that the car will now reach 155 miles per hour in 20% less time than before.

New buyers will have to shell out an extra $10,000 for the upgrade, which improves the vehicle’s acceleration by 10% to 1.1 Gs.

Ludicrous Mode will also be offered on the Model X, and it is thought that it will get from 0-60 in 3.3 seconds. Musk claims “that’s mad for an SUV.”

Upgraded battery improves vehicle range

Other improvements concern range, an ever-present issue for electric cars. Model S buyers can now order their car with an upgraded 90 kwH battery pack for an extra $3,000. The improvement is due to improved cell chemistry, including the use of silicon in the anode.

The upgrade will allow up to 15 miles of extra range, which means that the longest-range 85D will now be able to travel nearly 300 miles on a highway without stopping to recharge. Such a distance is an important milestone for an electric vehicle.

Improvements to the battery are also important for the upcoming Model X crossover vehicle, which is bigger and heavier than the existing Model S.

Discount announced for cheapest Model S

Musk also announced a discount on the cheapest Model S 70D, which will now sell for $70,000, a discount of $5,000 over the original price. The news is sure to be welcomed by investors.

Investors and prospective buyers will have been pleased by the announcements, but existing owners were expecting to hear more about the planned software upgrade to version 7.0, which will include autonomous driving features. Musk claims that testing is being carried out every day.

Musk also announced that a new Roadster model, to be known as “Maximum Plaid,” will be unveiled in 4 years.

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  1. Useless toys runnin’ on coal. (can’t see it from my house)

  2. Useless toy runnin’ on coal (can’t see it from my house) Already ancient lithium ion toxic battery dump/grid stress/storage device. A 1975 Ford Pinto traveling at the posted speed limit takes 10 hours 55 minutes to go from Salt Lake City eastbound to San Francisco (across the salt flats and over Donner Summit) An un-supported, stock Tesla car? at least two days – Donner Party-Tesla style – I would not want to chain-up a Tesla and stop and go over Donner in the ice and snow – cold weather range drop – Ahh… the freedom of the open road.

  3. What’s not “correct”, Alf?
    The fact that batteries lose capacity from the moment you start using them?
    The fact that our news organizations promote the very modest announced increase in battery capacity offered by TESLA but DO NOT make an equal effort to inform consumers about batteries losing capacity??
    Which is not correct, Alf???

  4. That’s not correct info.

  5. On a competitor’s payroll.

  6. 0-60 in 2.8 seconds, quarter mile under 11 seconds, 762 horsepower…

    One word comes to mind; Ludicrous

  7. 5% every year? Where did you read that lie?

    Tesla Model S has been out since 2012 and so far the one reported to have lost the most has only lost 5% capacity in 3 years. You must be on something.

  8. You misunderstood. There is no discount to the S70D. The $70k is for S70 without the D, meaning it’s just the rear wheel drive.

  9. If the 5% increase in battery capacity is headline news – then, why ISN’T the fact that TESLA (and all EV) batteries LOSE an amount well in excess of 5% (per year?) making the front pages???
    We’re really lopsided in promoting “good” news but kicking the “not so good” news under the carpet.

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