Tesla Motors Inc Gigafactory Could Be The Biggest Building On Earth

Tesla Motors Inc Gigafactory Could Be The Biggest Building On Earth
Tesla Inc TSLABy Maurizio Pesce from Milan, Italia (Tesla Factory, Fremont (CA, USA)) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Tesla Motors so-called Gigafactory could be much bigger than what was originally expected. It turns out the EV maker is planning 7 “blocks,” according to Story County official Dean Haymore. The term 7 “blocks,” does not sound that big, at least until you consider that the construction of one block is underway, and that block itself is the Gigafactory.

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Biggest building on the planet

During a presentation at the Tahoe Reno Industrial Center, Haymore informed that Tesla acquired another 1,200 acres of land next to the land where Gigafactory is being constructed. With the purchase, the company more than doubles its acreage in the region, and it’s not stopping, as it plans to buy 350 more acres.

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If we combine all the seven “blocks,” then the factory would stretch from the original plan of 10 million square-feet to 24 million square-feet, making it the biggest building on the planet, in terms of footprint, says a report from Electrek.

The recent land grab is in-line with the comments from Tesla CEO Elon Musk, who previously said that for the inevitable EV revolution, hundreds of Gigafactories will be required.

The first Gigafactory is expected to commence production in the not too distant future, and was initially supposed to make batteries for 500,000 electric cars a year by 2020. However, during a recent earnings call, Musk said that the company is planning to ramp up the battery production capacity following the impressive initial response for the newly unveiled stationary energy storage products. Musk also talked about adding more capacity to the plant currently under-construction near Reno.

Tesla has not announced new partners yet

Haymore revealed another interesting fact during the presentation. Panasonic, which for now is the only official partner for the factory, is bringing in 14 more companies to the Gigafactory.

“Panasonic is bringing 14 other companies, besides them, over here (Tahoe Reno Industrial Center) to provide for Tesla,” Haymore said. This is in-line with Tesla’s initial announced plan, when it said to bring multiple suppliers under the same roof to lower the costs, but a year later, the company has still not named another supplier apart from its long-time battery cell supplier, Panasonic. However, given that Panasonic is expected to bring in more suppliers, this at least partially answers why Tesla has not announced any new partners to date.

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  1. Well there are some announcements now!

    First supply agreement for Lithium Hydroxide to the Tesla Gigafactory has now been announced. Sonora Project is a huge proposed mine in Mexico between two UK listed companies: Rare Earth Minerals plc and Bacanora Minerals. Projected low production costs as based on extraction from clays rather than hard rock.

    Being reported in WSJ, Fortune and others


  2. If you are not adding any additional emissions, how are you contributing.

    That’s like saying if you take water from your gutter downspout and put it into barrels, you are actually wasting it by putting it on your lawn in a month when all the neighbors lawns are brown.

    “your using water on a lawn! shame shame!” says the HOA nazi.

  3. You’re just another guy who catches his mind. Space X definitely is an exercise before going to Mars and establishing a Space Tourism. Tesla will surely not only for USA.

  4. All successes in the world comes with it several failures. All technical marvels and innovations depends on solving many failures.

  5. That’s what they called investing and later ROI. Tesla is like drilling an oil. An oil company spend hundred millions for exploration and another hundred millions if not billions for drilling and another hundred millions for extraction. All these things takes several years before a company gets its first $53.00.

  6. Haaaay! Very funny. Imagine if we have this kind of knowledge and we suggest things like these to aliens. We perhaps make them laugh as well.

  7. Well if nothing else one has to admire the “build it and they will come” balls of the action. In every era there are those individuals not only with the big dream but the willingness to pursue it. Musk is one. I hope he succeeds because such success will drag the rest of us wee chimpanzee’s along with him. And in this case that ain’t a bad thing, because it implies a future better than the one we are living now. Certainly a less dystopian one that our popular press would have you believe these days…

    American Net’Zen

  8. I’ll bet all the companies that Panasonic is bringing in are Japanese. In five or ten years they’ll have all the expertise for battery factories and start building their own.

  9. Triple the energy density, triple the time it takes to create, triple the inefficiencies… Sorry dude direct use of electricity is the only way forward.. or unless someone can harness a fusion reactor into a small package. That would be world changing.

  10. LOL!!! This is awesome.. Very funny indeed. Greedy humans gobbling up sun LOL!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA OMG that is great! Made my day. Carl you are awesome! Run out of powder.. LOL!! I actually fell on the floor laughing.

  11. They are building a global network of charging stations and huge factories to produce low cost batteries, from scratch. Do you not understand that concept? Many companies have done this amount of building of infrastructure, only to get profits much later. Facebook? Google? Yup. Now, what were you saying?

  12. Slap on a wind turbine on your house. That will add some. The question is, how much do you really need? If you can cut your use by 50% you can save a lot of money and get it done much faster. Don’t AC your whole house like Americans do. Just AC one room and insulate it well. That is what the Japanese do because their energy costs are at least four times more than Americans.

    Of course I have to be a downer here. Solar is only for the most wealthy of people. It will never be affordable to the masses because the EROEI is just too low, when you take away the fossil fuel crutch. If you don’t know what I mean, imagine the million man supply lines all being powered by solar, from trucks, ships, furnaces, mining equipment, farms, transport of would be farmers (you have to get them off the farms with enough net energy excess), etc. When you do the actual analysis, it gets very depressing very quickly. In the meantime, EV cars and solar energy for everyone! lol. Hey, we still have the fossil fuel crutch for a while longer. Right? This is fun an exciting! At least the rich will still live in luxury.

  13. “>100% of their profit is reinvested” Unlike GM which had to be bailed out. Innovation is the USAs Strength and Musk is at the pinnacle of innovation. He is taking lots of risks, lets hope he succeeds.

  14. Way to go, Carl. Why has no-one mentioned this before?? I mean, it’s not like the sun just has energy to burn, sooner or later greedy humans are just going to gobble it all up, the sun will go dark and we’ll be back to candles. I blame the communists, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the flat-earthers and Jehovah’s Witnesses were involved as well.

  15. Range anxiety is not a problem. All you idiots are speaking from no experience. Own a tesla for two years, like myself, then you can talk. I never have to worry about range. I wake up with 265 miles of range every morning. It’s better than agas by a factor of 10 in terms of, well, everything and convenience.

  16. Yes…. they have not ‘made’ any money because >100% of their profit is reinvested; If they weren’t expanding like madd they would be making money hand over fist…

  17. Solar is not a long term solution.

    How long do we think can we tap relentlessly into the son before it runs out of powder?

    The way to go is newcleer, and we need to find a way to send all newcleer waste to the son, which will extends its life.

    Forget about Mars, set up storage facilities at Venus and Mercury, from where we could easily launch the newcleer waste when necessary.

    It is always the simple method that works!

  18. If I have an EV charging at NIGHT, where does that come from?
    My 12 panels are ready and willing if I charge at home. Cloudy days, not so much.
    This a NEW technology. Night storage is yet to be to be addressed.

  19. Tesla is simply a pyramid scheme, the company has never made a penny and the value is based only on the next stock purchase being for more than the last.

  20. Oops. Tahoe Reno Industrial Center. I have driven around the industrial center with Lance Gilman and still forgot the name. What is going on with the wild mustang herds in the park?

  21. Not all hydrocarbons (oil/gas) are fossil fuels. What we really need it a carbon neutral source of oil (gas). Bio reactors that use bacteria to generate oil that can be fed to our existing refinery supply chain is the real answer.

  22. My bet is on carbon neutral oil (gas). Use the sun to grow oil generating bacteria that takes CO2 from the atmosphere in an organic reactor and feed our existing refinery supply line. Long live the internal combustion engine (no range anxiety, triple the energy/weight density).

  23. Hopefully Tesla will be signing a contract with Western Lithium in Nevada to use in the Gigafactory I bought stock in WL I want to see the price shoot UP .

    Stock symbol is wlcdf for those who are interested , only about 48 cents a share right now I hope it jumps to $ 20. IF they snag Tesla !!!

  24. Get your facts straight. Coal and hydro power are base level producers. If you shut everything else off there would not be enough power produced by coal and hydro to support any region. No energy is wasted at the base level. First layer above base in NG. NG can be turned on or shut down nearly instantly. NG plants usually run lots of turbines so that they can ‘turn up’ or ‘turn down’ generation. With NG added to the power sources all regions are supplied with what ever power they need. The last level is solar and wind. Solar, by the way, is only available when the the the solar panels are on the side of the Earth facing the sun. The sun may have been around billions of years but we have this little problem of the rotating Earth. Solar panels are only economical when they are heavily subsidized. Take away the solar welfare and solar is not even close to any of the other energy generation forms. Wind varies based on weather patterns. Both solar and wind are used to reduce the amount of NG used. Ideally, we would replace all our coal plants with NG and leverage very large wind installations (which are competitive).

  25. So, you claim to produce 50Kw to 60Kw per day to charge your car? (not including inverter and charger losses). And you must drive at night!

  26. Wow, that is some serious double speak. I’m charging from CO2 based emmissions but I’m not contributing to CO2 emissions. You should be a politician!

  27. So the extended range will come from thin air? How else do you store electricity, and be able to recharge. Silly comment.

  28. There are two different power markets you are talking about here. First would be the powering of the plant and initial charging of batteries; as for this it will be 100% self efficient as if you did your research you would know as they plan on using a combination of solar and wind power. The second market would be the public power market and yes unfortunately coal and natural gas will continue to be part of our lives for quite a while. Although there are two things about this that you leave out. First power production even if purely ng or coal is still more efficient and has less impact on the environment per mpg equivalent than our current source Gasoline. Not even taking into account that a portion of the power does infact come from renewables which further reduces environmental impact. Secondly if you were familiar with how natural gas plants and more specifically coal plants work you would know that the burn rate which equals the environmental output does not vary much due to the current local power market demand. the systems are not like turning up a gas stove which results in more flames. its more like a 1/0 system on/off with only a little amount of variance. while they can turn it back a small amount at night the majority of power is being wasted. therefore by plugging in your car at night in most cases you are reducing the current amount of wasted energy at night, not producing more pollutants. Finally Solar is feasible, and in a large majority of places solar energy is cheaper than other sources. the reason why they are challenging sources that pollute more than solar is because it will result in expediting the process of solar being more efficient in the markets it still isn’t by instead of just waiting on solar prices to continue to drop as they still will, is to also raise the costs involved in the other sources which will help convince the public/private markets to convert to alternative sources even faster.

  29. Range extension is still a problem, because it requires two power sources, and hence many more things to go wrong. The beauty of electric vehicles is in the simplicity and efficiency. However, automotive parts manufactures hate it… for obvious reasons.

  30. Solar is the best option, by far. The Sun is always available, with a more or less constant output, for another few billion years. Storage batteries (now being manufactured by Tesla) are the best way of storing solar power. The jobs and revenue potential for solar power is astronomical…literally. Fossil fuels must be phased out, and as quickly as possible.

  31. I have seen artists’ impressions of the finished Gigafactory, and the entire roof is covered with solar panels. They are also planning on constructing a wind farm on a nearby ridge top to supply auxiliary power to the factory. Go Tesla! Go USA!

  32. Actually, coal has been a declining portion of the US electric generation mix since 2005, down from 50% to less than 40%. Natural gas seems to have peaked around 30%, while renewables have grown to over 15% in the same decade. Those are clear trends.

    Depending on your favorite study’s assumptions, electric vehicles are between almost as good as gas to far, far better in terms of reducing air pollution, depending on where you live in the country – the western grid and the Texas grid are far cleaner than the east.

    A really good summary of current research is http://www.citylab.com/weather/2015/07/4-key-problems-with-measuring-ev-pollution-vs-gas-cars/398093/. Highly recommended.

    My Leaf charges from a 100% wind energy plan on the Texas grid. Last month I paid $0.0497 per kWh. Just curious: How much did you pay for your coal-generated power? ;-)

  33. Well.. it depends. They might be solar. They might have a dam nearby. Might be natural gas. might be coal.

    In any case, even if coal, it is charging at night, when the power company is burning fuel anyway to keep the plants hot for the AM shift. This is why you get uber cheap rates.

    so you are basically charging the car free of C02. the C02 is generated anyway, so there is no *new CO2″ produces to charge the batteries.

  34. Solar power bids now at $.05 kWh (with nuclear power its $.12kWh). Solar has achieved something nuclear never could, depreciating costs with increasing efficiency and advances. Nuclear power also isn’t green when you factor in the astronomical environmental destruction and loss of human life from nuclear accidents. Its so bad the nuclear industry is BEGGING the EPA to give nuclear power plants carbon credits so they don’t shut down. The nuclear industry is in terminal decline. 6% of nuclear plants shutting down in the next year. Do the math.

  35. Curious to see if the entire roof is covered in solar panels. I assume it will be. This is a huge boom to that area. Good time to move out there and get a job, even with UPS or FedEx. They’re building facilities almost right alongside the Gigafactory.

  36. I am not talking about the building’s needs. I am talking about people charging their electric cars. They hook them up to the grid and where is the grid power supply coming from?

  37. After a while, you understand that Elon Musk may say something like, this is the Gigafactory…….he leaves out that this is a small portion of it. He thinks in universe scale not human scale. Wonder what is Really behind Space X and Tesla, that he isn’t saying yet…….

  38. The problem is that electricity to charge all those batteries still comes from burning fossil fuel with no viable alternatives other than nuclear power plants. Unfortunately, nuclear energy comes with its own huge set of issues, such as safety, security and nuclear waste disposal. Solar isn’t anywhere ready for prime time. The technology is simply not efficient enough as demonstrated by multiple failed companies like Solyndra, recklessly backed by the current administration. They are also using EPA to crush coal industry but thankfully the courts recently stepped in and slapped some sense into them.

    Overall, we’ll continue burning coal and natural gas for a long, long time.

  39. Neat. Now build 10 million cars to replace the gas guzzlers. Use solar power. user nuculear power, but not coal. Nasty coal, makes me wanna puke.

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