Russia Launches Spy Ship To “Track All Elements” Of U.S. Missile Defense

Russia Launches Spy Ship To “Track All Elements” Of U.S. Missile Defense
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Russia is aggressively modernizing its military by replacing the Soviet-era equipment with the latest hardware as its relations with the West continue to deteriorate. On Sunday, Moscow inducted a high-tech spy ship in the Northern Fleet of its navy in the presence of President Vladimir Putin.

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Russia rattled by the U.S. missile defenses

Russian navy spokesman Vladimir Matveev said the new spy ship was designed to gather intelligence and conduct electronic warfare. He said it would “track all elements of the U.S. missile defense system,” reports IHS Jane’s 360. The ship is named Admiral Yury Ivanov, and is the first under Project 18280 spy ships designed for the Russian Navy.

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The second vessel in the same class, Ivan Khurs, will be launched next year, said United Shipbuilding Corporation. Admiral Yury Ivanov is light on armaments, but heavy on advanced electronic equipment and sensors. It is specifically equipped to track the U.S. anti-missile defenses being outfitted on American warships.

U.S. missile defenses have rattled Russia in recent months. Moscow considers these defenses as an existential threat to its nuclear deterrence. Last month, Russia announced that it would add 40 new inter-continental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) to its arsenal that will be capable of penetrating even the most advanced U.S. missile defenses.

The spy ship has advanced electronic warfare capabilities

Russia’s new ICBMs will be equipped with multiple nuclear warheads and countermeasures designed to confuse and evade American defenses in the event of a nuclear war. Russian media claims the latest spy ship can blast the air with electronic noise to jam communications, confuse enemy sensors, and make it almost impossible for the enemy to locate Russian forces.

What’s more, the spy ship also listens to the radio and other signals emitted by enemy forces, and gathers intelligence on foreign military’s electronic warfare capabilities. Celebrating the Navy Day on July 26, Russia said it would strengthen its naval forces in the Atlantic and Arctic as a response to increased NATO activities near its borders.

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    The US is strong enough to destroy Russia and China combined at the same time if need be.
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  9. I just don’t know how this ship will handle US anti-ballistic missile defense brought in by 14 Burke Class destroyers and 2 Ticonderoga Class cruisers. With only 2 of this “spy” ships to cover thousands of miles? How far can their systems go? The latest test of SM-3IIA was a joint venture with Japan. SM-3IIA have a range of 1,500 miles, more than what this spy ship can handle. And US early warning system is far efficient that Russia’s notwithstanding Russia’s ailing ballistic missile satellites that are bound to fall out of the sky soon! lol Of course, Russia is very worried with SM-3IIA’s ability to kill ballistic missiles from early mid-flights and was intended to intercept Topol-M and Bulavas.

  10. Wow, a solvent way to patch up Russia’s falling satellites missile monitoring system that left the country vulnerable to any Western ballistic missile attacks! lol And the solution? An old ship converted for radar detection station? Cheap shots I should say, but Russia won’t care if its from the 60s or not. lol

  11. If one uses common sense on all articles published about Russia’s and China’s miliary innovations it’s all about how to defend themselves against USA’s weaponries so straight from the shoulder and indubitably contending, both countries are inferior. Their recent acts as the bone of contention, explicated the fact that USA is way ahead and both countries are merely trying in vain to cope up and such naked realityaffirms the overview of some analysts that in case WW3 starts today both communist countries are no match to USA correlative to the saying “you’re just starting while I’m going home>”

  12. what the russian and chinese doesn’t know US have all the capabilities in any type of war, we, US can easily switch from high tech to manually, EMS is under US studies for so long already, we have all the defensive and offensive way to counter any foreign threat. Please US is not naive, continuous research in all aspect on defense has been going for centuries, so don’t under estimate what we can do.

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  18. Russia is shaking in her boots, she does not know where US trident submarines are…..Russia, I’ll give you a hint, they are parked somewhere in Russian ports !

  19. Russia is concerned about US “defensive” hardware, all the while conducting offensive military action in a sovereign neighboring nation.

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