Russia Shows Its Military Power By Sending Bombers Close To US Airspace

Russia Shows Its Military Power By Sending Bombers Close To US Airspace
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Russia is sending bombers close to the airspace of the United States to assert its global military power, according to political observers.

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During the fourth of July, the United States fighter jets intercepted Russian bombers off the coast of California. The Russian pilots raised a metaphorical finger and expressed their greetings.

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American fighter jets also intercepted two other Russian Tu-95 bombers were also spotted off the southern coast of Alaska during the same day.

According to the North American Aerospace Defense Command, the Russian pilots said, “Good morning American pilots. We are here to greet you on your Fourth of July Independence Day.”

President Vladimir Putin also expressed his best wishes to President Barack Obama during that day.

Russia wants to get the respect it deserves

Nick de Larrinaga, Europe Editor of IHS Jane’s Defense Weekly, commented that such activities are part of Putin’s efforts to re-assert Russia’s position on the international stage.

According to de Larrinaga, Putin has a perception that the respect accorded to Russia, and its political standing declined since the end of the Cold War. Putin wants to make sure that his country gets the respect it deserves.

Putin also wants to show that Russia is “still a global military power and a force to be reckoned with,” said de Larrinaga.

Russian bombers’ visit should be seen as “act of aggression”

United States Representative Adam Kinzinger considered Russia’s action of sending Tu-95 bombers as an “act of aggression.” Kinzinger is an Air Force veteran.

In an interview with CNN, Kinzinger said, “If you ever have any doubt whether the Cold War is back on, I mean these are the kind of maneuvers that show that it is. I think there has been a re-establishment, probably not to the intensity it was in the ’80s, but a re-establishment of, in essence, kind of Cold War principles, where, you know, at that time, it was all a show of force from both sides.”

Kinzinger also described Putin as a school bully. He said, “Sometimes a small kid in class is the biggest bully. And that’s who he is.”

According to Kinzinger, Putin is testing the West using such maneuvers to figure out how far he can go to provoke a response. He said it is important for the United States to “stand up now and make it very clear that we are not going to be bullied.”

Gen. Joseph Dunford told the Senate Armed Services Committee during his confirmation hearing that “Russia presents that greatest threat” to the national security of the United States.

“If you want to talk about a nation that could pose an existential threat to the United States, I would have to point to Russia.And if you look at their behavior, it’s nothing short of alarming,” said Gen. Dunford.

Russia is flying in international space that involves risks

Russia is flying in international airspace where it is allowed to do so, but some of its maneuvers involve certain risks, according to de Larrinaga. He noted some complaints that the transponders of Russian aircrafts were turned off particularly in Europe where airspace is congested. De Larrinaga said Russia is raising the possibility of a collision with civilian air traffic and military aircraft that would intercept its fighter jets.

“Anytime you have military aircraft of two different nations coming into proximity to each other when they are not communicating, it does raise the prospects of accidents happening,” said de Larrinaga.

He noted that Russia and other countries sending intercepting aircraft previously complained against each as they came dangerously close. A collision could happen even if the pilots are highly skilled.

During an interception over the Hainan Island in the South China Sea in 2001, a Chinse fighter het collided with the U.S. Navy surveillance aircraft. The Chinese pilot was killed while the damaged U.S. plane managed to make an emergency landing. China blamed the United States for that incident.

Russia military power is still behind the West

According to de Larrinaga, Russia is still behind the West when it comes to military equipment and capability. He noted that many of the Russian aircraft were aging. A Tu-95 recently crashed in Russia. The Russian government is pushing hard to modernize its Air Force.

Putin recently emphasized that one of the top priorities of Russia is the development and modernization of its military. Russia recently announced its plan to build hundreds of drones by 2025 and to add 40 intercontinental ballistic missiles. There were reports that Putin is using secret funds in building the country’s military.

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  1. Don’t listen much do you? The polls, like the election, were not “under the guns of Russian occupation forces”. And it does matter whether the US security council liked it or not. If we believe in democracy, which we do not, then it does not matter if 100 or 500 nations disapprove because the right of self determination belongs only to the people governed and they don’t need the permission of the UN, EU, US, Vatican, or you to exercise the right of self determination. That is what the “self” in self determination means.

  2. “There is no question that the referendum was fair and accurate”

    Under the guns of Russian occupation forces. In any case it doesn’t matter since Russia has been universally condemned as in the UN Security counsel in March of last year when 100 nations voted to condemn the illegal Russian aggression and annexation of the sovereign Ukrainian territory of Crimea.

  3. what’s you said is perfectly well, American don’t scare Russian bombers,they don’t well taking care of that urgly ,they must fly over Russia to kill their own people like they use to accident.

  4. If we believed one word of the “democracy and self determination” propaganda that we use as an excuse to attack everyone in the world, we would be cheering on the people of Crimea. In Crimea, the population used the ballot box instead of Molotov cocktails to effect political change. Isn’t that what we pretend to believe in – democracy and self determination?

    There is no question that the referendum was fair and accurate. Several polls done by well know polling companies have verified both that the results of the referendum accurately reflected the people of Crimea, and that 80% of the people in Crimea are still happy with their decision. The mythical “little green men with guns at the backs of voters” simply didn’t exist. The only problem with the referendum was that our side lost, and we only recognize votes we win and believe in self determination if the people self determine the way we tell them to. (before you make an ass out of yourself by parroting back all the phony accusations about the vote, look up the polls on the internet and get the facts.)

    The secession of Crimea met all the conditions that we pretend to believe in, so the fact that Russia accepted the results of the referendum and granted Crimea’s request for annexation was not evil aggression, only some one else supporting the values that we give lip service, but never really believe in.

    And, by the way, it was totally legal. After we stole Kosovo from Serbia with exactly the same process, we had the UN write the right to secede by referendum into international law. We just didn’t expect anyone we didn’t approve of to use the law.

    If you look at the timeline of events, beginning with NATO announcing the establishment of a major missile base on the Russian border and admitting all of the old Soviet Satellites into NATO, it becomes obvious that NATO started the new cold war, not Russia.

  5. The reason to keep the Russian planes away from the US is not fear of being bombed, but fear that one of their decrepit bombers will fall out of the sky over an American city. There is no reason to have a war with Putin; Russia is just not that significant.

  6. If you are a keen follower of events,it is better you don’t listen to American politicians international debates because they sound childishly egocentric, with childish reasons of selfish interest. You wonder if they want mature minds to digest or reason along with them.
    This America hawk saying Russia flying of jets near US space is act of aggression ,when every on knows that US is time without numbers flying all round Russia space and all over the world. What is he then trying to mean? that US is exceptional or simply he is demonstrating act of fear and cowardice for having jet fighters fly near his home land?
    I think this freedom of expression of theirs is washing away their sense of coordination and reasoning.

  7. if we get into a war with russia,we might as well kiss our butts good bye.either side will not win.putin is just trying to push us around,just too see,how far,he can go.ww#3 is’s just a matter of time.

  8. Article:”Putin wants to make sure that his country gets the respect it deserves.”

    Russia deserves zero respect. It’s a criminal country and deserves to remain the outcast that it is.

  9. Every day, we fly spy planes off the coast of Russia, picking up telephone and radio traffic. This year we have conducted military drills on their borders with Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova, Poland, the Baltic nations, and in the Red Sea, all designed to intimidate Russia. They are just politely reminding us that if we do shoot at them, they shoot back. Due to our constant provocations and threats against Russia, they have to say it more than once.

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