Russia, China Wants Pakistan, India To Be ‘Good Friends’

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Russia and China as leading members of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) will play an important role in promoting friendly relations between India and Pakistan, according to Sputnik News.

Russia and China have a long history of warm relations with India and Pakistan, which recently joined the SCO. Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin recently described the decision of India and Pakistan to join the security group as evidence of the emergence of a “multi-polar” world.

India and Pakistan currently hold an “observer status” in the SCO. The other members of SCO include Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.

Russia, China are traditional friends of Pakistan, India

India is a traditional friend of Russia and Pakistan is a traditional friend of China. A source told Sputnik News that the presence of China and Russia at the SCO would encourage a friendly relationship between India and Pakistan. The organization would also promote peace and stability in the region.

India and Pakistan fought each other in three major wars since 1947. Their membership in the SCO is expected to reduce the tension between the two nuclear-armed countries.

Michael Fugleman, a senior program associate for South and Southeast Asia at the Wilson Centre in Washington believed, “India is particularly interested because it lacks direct access to Central Asia, and it sees SCO membership as a way to get a better foothold in the region. SCO membership could better position India to benefit from Central Asia’s gas riches.”

India will help advance peace and prosperity in the region

India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi emphasized that his country would help in advancing peace and prosperity in the region during his speech at the SCO summit.

“We will work with SCO to combat terrorism and extremism that is a rising threat to the entire region. A stable and peaceful Afghanistan is a future that the Afghan people richly deserve, but it will also advance peace, stability and prosperity in the region,” said Modi.

On the other hand, Pakistan’s Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif praised China’s One Belt, One Road initiative. According to him, “This blueprint of grand regional connectivity entails massive infrastructure and energy resource development, with unparalleled economic dividends for our future societies.”

Nawaz added, “The development of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor is linked with the prosperity of our neighbourhood. Among others, the Corridor envisions construction of roads, railways, and important energy projects.”

India and Pakistan agreed to improve relations

“All issues, including Kashmir, were discussed: both [sides] agreed on a roadmap to improve relations,” according to a source. Modi expected to visit Pakistan next year.

India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi raised his concerns about terrorism particularly the Mumbai terrorist attack during his meeting with Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in Ufa, Russia.

Modi and Nawaz agreed that their national security advisers should hold a meeting soon to discuss the issue.

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Marie received her Bachelors Degree in Mass Communication from New Era University. She is a former news writer and program producer for Nation Broadcasting Corporation (NBC-DZAR 1026), a nationwide AM radio station. She was also involved in events management. Marie was also a former Young Ambassador of Goodwill during the 26th Ship for Southeast Asian Youth Program (SSEAYP). She loves to read, travel and take photographs. She considers gardening a therapy.

31 Comments on "Russia, China Wants Pakistan, India To Be ‘Good Friends’"

  1. Rajeshwar Singh | Jul 31, 2015, 2:04 pm at 2:04 pm |


  2. I do not understand.. India and Pakistan both control parts of disputed Kashmir region while Pakistan also controls Gilgit agency. India has made it very clear that it will not allow an economic corridor to be formed linking China with a port in Pakistan. These two nations are so full of hate for each other. I do not see a cordial relationship unless they are monitored by their close allies (Russia and China).. like looking over a second grader

  3. There is no country call the US before the start of Qing dynasty. This country established less than 300 years, by mass killing the Indians. And they invaded Texas, new Mexico, and California, and steal the country from Mexico. Then they invade Hawaii and sent a huge amount of Europe rejects there before calling for a referendum.

  4. it’s ur intellectual tht needs to get corrected first before u poke on others by continuing the same rhetoric of claims tht u people has created ur own histories.

  5. u r the real drunkard who dreams to see an islamic kashmir in near future, The muslims in kashmir became majority bcoz of ur paki sponsored terrorists and separatists mass ethnic cleansing of minorities tht took place in 1990’s……wht kind of animals and butchers u people are? plz f*** off.

  6. Sorry Sam you don’t talk sane change your name!

  7. You are a super stupid!

  8. Bloke, by the proof of what you just said, you are a blithering idiot. You really think you can “end” Islam by simply banning it????

  9. Shiraz Merchant | Jul 15, 2015, 1:18 am at 1:18 am |

    Viswam – I think you have on too many peg and writing like a drunk. Go read the history and you will know the truth. People of Kashmir are 99% Muslims and do not want to live under Indian occupation. India cannot rule they without maintaining the army of 500000 soldiers in Kashmir. What kind of democracy is this? Please don’t drink and write.

  10. Shiraz Merchant | Jul 15, 2015, 1:08 am at 1:08 am |

    Dharmbhal – I see that you want good relation between India and Pakistan. You are forgetting that Mr. Nehru, who promised to people of Kashmir to allow them an election to join India or Pakistan, he went back on his promise and no Indian leader want to fulfill the promise, because they know that people of Kashmir will not want to join India. India is ruling Kashmir with the army of 500,000 soldiers who can kill any kashmiri as a seperatist and will go unpunished under the Indian law. If India wants to have good relation with Pakistan, then the Indian leadership needs to start talking with Pakistan to resolve all issues including Kashmir. There will be obstacle on both the sides of divide, but those should be ignored to resolve the issue peacefully. That is how, both will come out as winners. I see your pain about the territories in Chinese hand from 1962 war. I think that you and rest of the Indian should feel the pain of kashmiris that are crused under Indian army rule. You cannot have it both ways.

  11. Dreaming is good but day dreaming is bad. You are day dreaming. Please refrain from day dreaming.

  12. This is time for a united Pakistan! Free Balochistan and Free Sindh means upholding the banner of Feudalism, Illeteracy in Balochistan and Sindh! Separatists movements in these two provinces is funded by India! Pakistani Government has strong evidence!

  13. The region of Arunachal Pradesh was split between Tibet and Bhutan with the border areas near Myanmar under small indigenous groups prior to the British taking over, so dismissing things as ‘false maoist history’ is nothing but intellectual chauvinism.

  14. Well, after reading most of y’all comments. I concluded hate, false propaganda, false hopes, and insanity.

    Seriously, when they say this century belongs to Asia. They meant that.

    Pakistan has a history of using proxies. But I do see a fundamental policy change on it as well. Their recent military campaign has cleared most of the tribal region. And their role as playing host for Afghan and Taliban also shows that they want to put stop on this war in Afghanistan.

    But it doesn’t mean Pakistan will let that happen on any cost. They will make sure they India can’t have a foothold in Afghanistan. This is why Pakistan brought china and US but put India on the side which didnt settle well for India.

    Now, India can’t beat Pakistan when it comes to geographical importance. Pakistan is too valuable because it’s a gateway to gulf, central asia, china, and even to russia. Which dreams to get access to warm water ports. India on the other hand has south which is mostly SAARC countries. India offers big market but Pakistan offers bigger market because of the China Pakistan corridor. It’s business at the end of the day. India needs Pakistan to access wealth of central asia.

    This writer doesn’t know much. But recently, Russia refused to favor India on Lakhvi issue. And recently, take off the decades old ban of selling military equipment to Islamabad.

    China has a lot to do with this. Because, I think China is the closest ally Russia has. Since, India has turned to US for most of her military requirements.

    India has no choice but to be part of this bloc. Otherwise India will be stuck only with SAARC.

    Now Kashmir, if both countries can let go of their occupied Kashmir and than administer her togther. That will solve 80% of their problem .both have lived together for centuries. They can still do it. But you need true leadership.

  15. There is no such landmark tht served ur chinese feudal lords as dalai lama has dismissed tht Arunachal Pradesh (or in ur words south tibet) was never the part of Tibet. U people are nothing but bullies who comes from mainland making noises like cats and building false claims plus building a notion like “Your lands are ours but ours are not urs”.

  16. hah ur so called akbar, long before him india was united as largest nation under king ashoka who was one of the greatest and most prosperous empire ruled under him peacefully where every people recieved equal wealth in this land , as for ur ruler’s like jahangir, a drunkard who selled the lands to britishers instead to the poor people for building factories later fortresses and then huge colonies which later became to be known as british rajya lead to more rise in poors and beggars plus famines, this was ur great mughals rulers final departing gift to india and rest of it’s regions……. U just keep on blabbering on K issues……nothing is gonna take away for free deal in this future, and neither there will a day tht india will accept kashmir to porkies and separatist militants who are truly responsible for mass ethnic cleansing of minorities like the kashmiri pandits, buddhists, sikhs who has resided in kashmir for 5000yrs long before ur islamic plunders and looters came to conquer and occupy this lands for ur thirst for gold. Just keep dreaming on miracles.

  17. A day would come when India would really mean, what it says. It tricked and took the Kashmir issue to UN to buy time. Once that was granted, it went back on each and Avery promise it made.
    That time is gone, because don’t forget Akbar made you one country, prior to that you were like wild animals.
    And yes once Kashmir issue is solved, may be the impossible can happen. And we become friends. Who knows, miracles do happen.

  18. If Russia and China get their wish and Pakistan and India start working together then it would accomplish a lot more then just adding 2 new countries….first Korea and Japan would be isolated in the Northeast, Southeast asia countries like Vietnam and the Philippeans would be isolated…Iran would be next to join as it would be surrounded by 3 members…that would lead to Turkey and the Ukraine….and don’t forget the Saudi’s.
    All we will have in the middle east is Israel whom we just turned our backs on…the EU would eventually follow as the asian pull would be greater then the American pull.

  19. Go read some history book. There is two landmark, one has long been established than the other which is the one China have been stressed for. The second landmark India has been emphasized is illegal because it was established by imperial brithish without China acknowledgement.

  20. Oops. Not a good news for US since they like conflicts. Always want confrontation, vis-a-vis within and outside their country.

  21. Russia shall vacate Ukraine and China shall vacate socalled South Tibet.
    Yes we want harmony and peace.
    India and Pakistan can never have mutual trust as very basis of Pakistan existance is that they cannot live with non-Muslims.

    China, a strategic friend of Pakistan, is banning Islamic Ramadan. Pakistan should learn from it. Is religion of barbarians more sacred than our own people wellbeing and future?

    Pakistan is a shame on people of Indian origin (Pakistani included). They are bent upon to degrade and destroy their own race for a Barbarian Indoctrination of Pedophile Muhammad. God Bless them with wisdom! I recomemned them start thinking with open mind and come home with any boundaries to your mother-land.

    Best way to achieve peace in Middle-East and world is to ban Islam.

    Islam is not a religion; it is an evil promoting cult and shall not be recognized under “Freedom of Religion” in US constitution.


    America shall put for public voting in 2016 Presidential Election for banning Islam in United States. This should be the prime issue for our future Freedom of Speech, protecting our daily freedoms like keeping airports, work and social places safe, keeping our schools free from Mohammed’s preaching, and above all keeping our geographic integrity. We shall only vote for those candidates who commit to protect America from this barbarian cult (It is not a religion). We do not want United States to become future ill-fated Indian subcontinent because of Islam. For social, political and geographic integrity of the United States, It will be a patriotic act to ban Islam.

    Watch for the news, in near future, I will file a Presidential Petition to put for referendum in 2016 Presidential election to Ban Islam in United States. Please sign the petition and spread the word around. Talk to your congressman and senator about this.

    Islam is not a religion. Islam is a socio-political cult institution. Many Islamic countries, including Saudi Arabia, the custodian of Islam, use its binding documents, namely, Quran, Sharia and Hadiths to govern their countries.

    Islam is not a religion; it is an evil promoting cult and shall not be recognized under “Freedom of Religion” in US constitution.

    The United States Constitution First Amendment, comprises of four parts “Congress shall make no law (1)respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; (2) or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; (3) or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and (4) to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”.

    But First amendment does not define the definition of “religion”. Does it mean that if someone’s religion promotes religious containment by killing, it is accepted under the “free exercise”? I challenge the liberal interpretation of this clause of the First Amendment! No civilized nation will permit a proven murderous socio-political cult institution a “free exercise” and hence Islam is not covered under or accepted in the First Amendment. Islam bans all four attributes of First Amendment.

    In US Supreme Court Building, Sculpted in a frieze, the Muhammad statue carries a sword and the Quran and stands in the company of more than a dozen other “lawgivers of history.” They range from Moses to Confucius to Napoleon to John Marshall, some of whom appear in an accompanying frieze along the south side of the room. Promoting law with sword is not a religion; it is a cult, like that of beginning cult of Branch Dravidians and its Leader David Koresh in Waco, Texas.

    For how many more Islamic terrorist acts, like nine-eleven World Trade Center Towers, beheadings and other barbarian activities, the world is willing to see? Let us not wait for more time to eradicate this evil on the earth! No amount of cartoons, debates and protest processions will solve the issue alone, world needs to take a political action to eradicate this evil. Real Islam is a Radical Islam and Islam imposes its views on others.

    US congress and its Supreme Court, Canada, Australia and European Union shall declare that Islam is not a religion; it is a barbarian human containment scheme, only works one-way. If world and United Nations did not ban Islam, then in future the countries cited here will face the same fate what Indian Subcontinent is facing now.

    Banning Islam in the United States will be beginning of unraveling this evil institution. This act will start changing the MINDSET of the people in world and that is strongest weapon to bring a change in the society.

    We do not have to follow a cult/religion for peaceful living. Discard cults/religions and follow Humanity or Karma philosophy. Consider Good Karma as religion if someone has to have practice a faith.

    Last fourteen hundreds years of mankind history has proved that Islam is not peaceful; it is a barbarian containment vicious cult, which restricts human freedom and free speech, bars escape of anyone entrapped in its web by birth or by conversion with fear of blasphemy and apostasy and by proven barbarian acts. Islam reduced the woman stature not to equal but a complete slave to man. Islam is a cancer in human society and it is the right time for the rational thinkers to free the mentally enslaved.

    Islam bans freedom of speech (spoken, written and pictorial expressions). Islam bans freedom of thinking by death punishment for blasphemy and apostate laws. Islam dictates taking innocent infidels (who do not believe in Islam and its prophet) children and women as slaves and sell them in open market as commodities and beheading infidel men and rewards the murderer jihadies with virgins in heaven. Islam instills intolerance towards others and Muslims in majority cannot live with others in peace and harmony and neither among themselves.

    Islam is a cult of containment by fear and barbarian practices, which keeps its people ignorant. If anyone changes his/her religion or speaks against it or speaks about Mohammad’s life style or draws pictures of Mohammad, the punishment is death in Islamic countries. Freedom of Speech to express vicious enslavement of human mind by Islamic laws and of the life style of its Prophet Mohammad is considered a blasphemy and Fatwas are issued with death sentence. How the people will reform or be well-informed if information/knowledge to them is forbidden to change their MINDSET?

    Muslims cannot live with other non-Muslims and they cannot live among themselves in harmony. They cannot figure out which sect of Islam cult is true and Mohammad and Allah are not helping them in this matter. They are all waiting for the judgment day for true justice. They are destroying each other’s mosques and butchering innocent people mercilessly. They kill the animals mercilessly.

    Islam has destroyed major temples and arts of other religions under Hadith as carrying out Islamic Religious Iconoclasm. Lately, the Buddhas of Bamiyan in Afghanistan, the two 6th century monumental statues of standing Buddha carved into the side of a cliff in the Bamiyan valley in the Hazarajat region of central Afghanistan were dynamited and destroyed in March 2001 by the Taliban, on orders from leader Mullah Mohammed Omar, after the Taliban government declared that they were idols. Islam promotes destroying the World Heritage. Only barbarians can do such acts.

    The so called Al-Qaida, ISIS and its acronym Daesh or Dawaish, Radical Islam, Taliban, Boko Haram, Islamic Extremists, Islamic Militants, Islamic Terrorists and jihadists thinking is same as those labeled as Moderate Islam or Regular Islam. Every Muslim thinks the same way, though majority is not as aggressive in taking the evil action but every Muslim supports the evil actions. It is a myth that extremists are taking a normal peaceful Islam to perverted/hijacked form as claimed by some world leaders; the real Islam is that way, it will not change as Quran, Sharia and Hadiths will not change.

    People entrapped in Islam are like an army, who is drilled five times a day, in homes or mosques, in a very rigid orchestrated way that Quran was revealed to Mohammad and he is the Prophet and everyone has to obey it and defend it.

    President Barak Obama and Other majority European leaders are ignorant as for the social behaviors of different religion based communities are concerned. Muslim will never assimilate in FREE SPEECH progressive communities because of false ignorant teaching of Muhammad, Quran, Sharia and Hadiths. Can Saudi Arabia allow communities of other religions to build their house of worship there?

    Do you ever realize, what is the difference between Saudi Arabia regime, approved by West, and ISIS?

    Saudi Arabia, with Quran their constitution, is an evil empire preserving and spreading the disease of Islam. It must be abolished by all means. Unfortunately, United States for its short-sighted foreign policy and vision supports this evil empire of Islam, a barbarian cult. What is happening in Saudi Arabia is shaping the destiny of 1.2 billion ignorant entrapped humans in falsehood. We, the rest of the world must take stand to ban Islam by education through FREEDOM OF SPEECH and by taking political actions.

    Saudi Arabia, the custodian of Islam, has to sell oil no matter what. They do not recognize other religions. The world does not have to recognize Islam as religion. The civilized world still can do business with these Islamic countries as we do now while trying to free their Mindset from evil containment.

    This barbarian punishment of 10 years in jail and 1,000 lashes to Raif Badawi for speaking his mind “FREEDOM OF SPEECH” by Saudi Arabia’s Supreme Court is an insult to all civilized world.

  22. Russia wants India and Pakistan to join in an anti-Western alliance. I say, be careful what you wish for.

  23. America, UK continue to be imperialist colonialist warmongers to profit from sale of weapons.
    Obama’s visit to S Africa was met with the huge protesters (not even reported by US news media) – explicitly telling him what America is – an imperialist warmongers and war criminal. .

  24. India-Packistan has no reason not to be good neighbors given these two are one race with different religions divided by Imperial colonialist UK when they left its EAST INDIA COMPANY. Yes, this moralless and soulless English milked India for a couple of centuries and then left to make sure that they have chance to return by dividing their people.

  25. On the other hand, the US want India and Pakistan, or any other neighboring countries for that matter to be enemies of each other.

  26. On the other hand, the US want India and Pakistan, or nay other neighboring countries to be enemies of each other.

  27. It is always a good idea to have friendly relations with everybody especially the neighbors. What Russia and China are doing is running parallel to this concept. However, one ought not to forget the basics of developing friendly relationship which needs a sincere willingness, determination and eagerness to achieve that goal. India has been striving to accomplish this objective since 1947, but due to lack of sincere initiatives from Pakistan always derailed the train from the track. What happened in Ufa, Russia sounds historical, but this writer has some apprehension. Both Russia and China, especially China wants to see improvement of relationship between India and Pakistan to establish peace in the region. How about improving relationship between India and China? China has been occupying thousands and thousands of miles Indian territory since 1962 which is a major stumbling block. This unauthorized occupation of land is an apple of discord between India and China. This insatiated territorial ambition of China does not end here, it is still asking India to get out of Arunachal Pradesh also because China treats that territory of India as the southern part of Tibet which again is an unauthorized occupation of China. Is China willing to go back to the pre-1962 territorial line and stop unacceptable claim on Arunachal Pradesh? If China is really and sincerely interested in seeing peace and tranquility in the region, this is an opportune time to show some big heart gesture and go back to its original borders and resist from its ambition of territorial expansion. If not, then I think it is a ploy to see India caving in under the pressure of China and Russia. These are the chess games, India has to be very very careful in playing its pawns.

  28. Its time for a Free Balochistan and Free Sindh.

  29. Will not happen! It is very simple and that is China’s unfettered access to Pakistan to cause problems for India and you think India will keep it quite? While the West may have issues with Putin, India does not! But, the West, Europe, South and Southeast Asia, Japan and including India all have issue with China, who thinks the whole Asia belongs to it! And Pakistan is playing cat’s paw on China’s behalf by ceding some of India’s territory to China. So peace will be never at hand as long as China plays spoilsport period.

  30. Russia and China have a completely different approach than “balance of power”, paranoid approach of the West. That created wars and destructions. No, Russia and China will not play India against Pakistan or vice versa.

  31. Thanks to Russia and China for making the world a better place.

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