Russia Developing Airships With Ballistic Missile Defense Radars

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Russia is developing large airships that will be equipped with ballistic missile defense radars. Vladimir Mikheev, an executive at Russia’s Radio-Electronic Technologies Group (KRET), said the large body surface of airships makes them suitable for radar systems. Mikheev added that some of these airships would be used to create an anti-ballistic missile defense shield, reports Sputnik News.

Yet another feather in Russia’s military cap

KRET said these radars will be fully capable of detecting inter-continental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) and the flight trajectories of their re-entry vehicles. The company has signed deals with a number of Russian airship-making firms to develop on-board electronic systems. A subsidiary of state-owned Rostec, KRET is Russia’s biggest radio-electronic systems maker.

Russia is aggressively modernizing its military amid rising tensions with the West. Last month, Moscow showcased a “microwave gun” capable of destroying drones and missiles from a distance of up to six miles. President Vladimir Putin also announced on June 17 that Russia would add another 40 inter-continental ballistic missiles to its arsenal this year. These ICBMs will be capable of piercing through even the most advanced Western missile defense systems.

Russia’s super weapon can switch-off enemy satellites and weapons

Last week, Russia shocked the Western countries by announcing that it has developed a “super weapon” that can disable all the foreign military satellites and “switch off” enemy’s weapons. It simply disables the guidance systems of missiles and other high-precision arms. KRET, which developed this super weapon, said it can be mounted on ground-based, sea- as well as air-borne carriers.

KRET deputy chief Yuri Mayevsky said the system will target the enemy’s tactical, deck-based, long-range and strategic aircraft, electronic systems, and suppress the radio-electronic equipment of foreign military satellites. In February, Russia also tested a hypersonic missile that could travel at ten times faster than the speed of sound. According to Jane’s Intelligence, Moscow is planning to deploy up to 24 hypersonic missiles by 2025.

On Monday, Russia claimed that the United States was planning to deploy nuclear weapons in Europe to counter Moscow.

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46 Comments on "Russia Developing Airships With Ballistic Missile Defense Radars"

  1. Exactly…

  2. blagerthorp nonersense. This deceive you, hang up! You remind me of a sectarian preacher to his flock Ukrainian, for example, draw the path to Europe and all the benefits from the Association with her. However, you sold out for money Judas did not say, where are you leading your flock. In Europe it is the flock of sheep will never come! BUT, the result of your efforts is visible in Ukraine. A civil war! As for me. Your empty chatter me to anything! I preachers like you’re in a coffin seen!

  3. This deceive you, hang up! You remind me of a sectarian preacher to his flock Ukrainian, for example, draw the path to Europe and all the benefits from the Association with her. However, you sold out for money Judas did not say, where are you leading your flock. In Europe it is the flock of sheep will never come! BUT, the result of your efforts is visible in Ukraine. A civil war! As for me. Your empty chatter me to anything! I preachers like you’re in a coffin seen!

  4. Yeah right. Russia cannot even keep their Aircraft in the sky. There has been 6 crashes within the month due to old and overused equipment. Russian military is nothing but “painted over rust.”

  5. Hello Butthole! | Jul 14, 2015, 5:35 pm at 5:35 pm |

    I’ll just wait and see this airship falling from the sky.

  6. Nato expansion to eastward started barely 2 years after the end of the cold war!..and at that time Russia was never attacking anyone. rather they are widing down and withdrawing their forces stationed in former warsaw countries that are now independent including east germany. and there was nobody called Putin in Russia at that time your statement has nothing to do with reality!
    how could 23 years nato mindless and dangerous expansion, be define as a reaction to ukrainian civil conflict that is just over a year!!??

  7. The Orange
    revolutuion was a total failure. But for $5Billion of State Dept funds and
    Soros money there would have been no Maidan Fascist coup.The West has turned
    Ukraine into an existential crisis for Russia… fortunately the Europeans have
    no stomach for Total War to support these adventures hatched in Washington, DC

  8. I guess you never hear of the VA-111Shkval. Russia hasn’t made many of them recently because they thought to cold war was over. Now that we have convinced them that we will never let cold war end, they are back in production. They are being installed again on new subs and are included in Russian sub sales to other countries. It has a top speed of over 200 mph, using a supercavitating bubble of gas drawn from the rocket motors. We have nothing to match it.
    The Indian air force is flying the testbed T50 without its new engines and is not satisfied with its performance. Even with the new engines, Russia has not decided to produce them for their own use. They can’t find a mission for either their T50 or our F35 that can’t be done as well with existing planes.
    On the other hand, the F35 is a sad joke that no one but a defense contractor could be happy with. Its a fighter that can’t dogfight, a ground support plane that can’t linger over a battlefield and a massive waste of money.

  9. You sure do babble a lot. The only point made was that you cannot dismiss Russian weapons claims because they have a proven history of producing world class and sometimes world beating weapons at far less cost then the US. It is a clear statement of fact.

    If you want to babble about trolls and economies please find someone interested in a pointless conversation.

  10. America and Britainhad better be afraid, very afraid.
    Pray he does not get really pissed off.
    he so-called “West” is DOOMED if all this cannot destroy Vladimir Putin. I fear the force in him has grown stronger.

  11. Independent Thinking | Jul 14, 2015, 12:19 pm at 12:19 pm |

    But Us travel all from their country (miles way) to Russian boarder , is some thing behind this?

  12. Propaganda by a bankrupt country — totally not believable. HA HA HA

  13. blagerthorp nonersense | Jul 14, 2015, 12:01 pm at 12:01 pm |

    Yes expanding NATO to Russian borders, 100% Russia’s fault for destabilizing its neighbors and attacking them, Georgia and Ukraine, causing fear in its other neighbors, Lithuania and the other Baltic members. NATO was considered an unneeded relic in many circles in the USA until Putin attacks Ukraine and starts flying nuclear bombers around the borders of all NATO members every day. Russia has been developing hypersonic missiles and you say that USA unilaterally withdraws from ABM treaty? Oh yes, instead of withdrawing from treaties Russia just breaks its word and goes against treaties it signs, like in Ukraine where it sends thousands of soldiers to fight against the government of Ukraine while they are bound by treaty to defend Ukraine. No it is the madman who admires Stalin, Putin, who is responsible for the expansion of NATO and its continuing existence. Stop attacking your neighbors for 25 years or so and NATO will fall away as a useless relic of a bygone era instead. Mikhail Gorbachev knew that the USSR could not win an arms race with the USA as it could not economically compete and if Putin had a brain in his head he would know this is still the case. The wise man waits and the wise man knows that you bring more to the table with sweet things than with threats of violence.

  14. blagerthorp nonersense | Jul 14, 2015, 11:52 am at 11:52 am |

    I was personally talking with my wife about the possibility of creating a modular armored vehicle body with interchangeable weapon suites like the Armata in 2012 and if I can conceptualize it then I am sure the weapons industry in the USA has done so already. I would imagine they are waiting for modern laser weapons to be miniaturized enough to be mounted on this type of tank chase and it will operate without stalling in a simple parade. saying, “but the T50 has tested out as well as our failing F35” is not a reason to stop dismissing these stories as propaganda as it is performing as well as a FAILURE… Even if the T50 does perform as well or somewhat better than the F35 it will still lose to the F22’s that are already in the air and deployed which out perform the F35 easily. The Russian economy is in shambles and nobody is buying the attempts of the Russian government’s trolls to make their bluster sound credible.

  15. blagerthorp nonersense | Jul 14, 2015, 11:41 am at 11:41 am |

    We can build rockets too but decided to buy from Russia because it was cheap. Same reason you employ day laborers instead of legitimate contractors. It is OK, we will build our own again and stop giving to the charity cause that is Russia.

  16. blagerthorp nonersense | Jul 14, 2015, 11:40 am at 11:40 am |

    Should not ignore them simply because of their nuclear weapons. But their bluster is mostly out of fear and anger, like a puffer fish trying to scare away a predator.

  17. blagerthorp nonersense | Jul 14, 2015, 11:38 am at 11:38 am |

    In 1990’s- 2000’s there was a discussion going on in the USA of whether we should keep NATO around or not. Russia was not big enemy any more as cold war was over. Putin decided that it was good idea to go around bullying his neighbors, taking lands from Georgia and now sponsoring terrorists in eastern Ukraine, Putin now looks to glorify Joseph Stalin and is willing to destroy the economy of his countrymen in order to further his military goals. Today countries like Lithuania who fear Russia and in that fear have joined NATO have had their fears affirmed by Putin as he supports would be rebels in their lands making the need for NATO to exist clear. Putin and you Russians lack all reason and logic as it was clear that if given another 5-10 years NATO would have dissolved and it would no longer have been a thorn in Russia’s side. Instead Putin has given NATO another 50 years of relevance with his aggressiveness and treachery.

  18. blagerthorp nonersense | Jul 14, 2015, 10:27 am at 10:27 am |

    Keep making claims while we keep deploying laser weapons. Your denial of reality will surely keep you safe.

  19. Uhh, their track record on those isn’t so hot lately either.

  20. Super blimps! What ever happened to the semi trailer that transformed into a super helicopter that can destroy American aircraft by the hundreds?

  21. while scores of their 1950’s, 1960’s and 1970’s military aircraft keep falling apart in the sky
    We should simply ignore Russia….2nd world country with an economy smaller than California

  22. Next week the US and UK will issue an announcement that they have co developed a new super super super weapon that can pinpoint and destroy Russian Trolls who write fantasy articles and then comment on them thru the web.

  23. You must be wishful thinking again. How many time I told you to stop talking about things as thou they exist

  24. I have such weapon and am not sharing to neither Russia nor to China. I now have a device that can mannipulate weathers, ocean waters and air in the atmostphere. Weaponizing nature is the safest way to avoid long term harm of radiation. Weaponized nature is far more powerful than all nukes combined

  25. What’s good of that said ship if I could blast it with my lasers???

  26. Yes, and the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter “LOL!” jet/flying mistake.

  27. The war addicts ,bankers and hagemoniacs that hijacked today USA is to be blame for this latest arm race. they unilatraly withdraw from the greatest arms threaty – (ABM – threaty) that formed the bedrock of arms reduction since end of the cold war..and to add fuel to the fire..they expand Nato to russia boarders, bringen in thousands of their infantry to russia boarder in what appear as preparation to unilateral withdrawal of another threaty (MAD) mutual assured destruction. The withdrawal of ABM threaty has technically made nonsence of (MAD).
    and they are doing all these..expecting nothing to happen??. expecting the order side to fold their alms or simply surrender!?

  28. As all was well in 1991-2004! You could say, was friendly countries. I was just amazed at how good it was! Even when the US has led his protege Yushchenko to the Presidency, Russian Fuckers clapped ears! Silent! BUT! Drunk American cowboy, pulled down to show his power, to put Russia on its knees. Those Yankee assholes decided that Russia is weak and can’t! Americans, great financiers, managers, engineers, but on the part of human mentality, stupid! Stupid like jerk Senator Mac Cain!

  29. Yet it builds rockets that fly you to space

  30. Valuewalk is a major propaganda tool for the Russians. We keep reading about the scores of new weapons and technologies the Russians are working on. With their finances, let’s see them bring them into reality.

  31. This from a country that can’t even built a decent automobile.

  32. Bollocks. The Indian Air Force who is partnering with the Russians on the Pak-FA (SU-50) say its a piece of crap.

    The F-35 however has passed 124 our of 124 so far of its critical flight tests including the Fighter version, Vertical Take off Version of the Marines and the Carrier landing version.

    I suspect you are a Russian Troll masquerading as a supposedly thoughtful western sounding poster.

    200mph torpedo? Do you know anything about Hydrodynamics at all or did you pull that mythical torpedo out of your ass? This is the real state of Russian Torpedo’s today:

    “It was reported on 20 May 2013 that the Russian Navy did not have enough torpedoes for training or testing purposes. An unnamed source in the Navy said that “Our manufacturers make obsolete torpedoes that were developed back in the 1980s and we don’t even have enough of them for testing when building or refitting ships and submarines. The torpedoes that we have in storage are out of their service lives and can’t be used.” He added that the problem is that torpedo development is out of step with the type and number of warships that Russia is now building, he added. “

  33. Yep lets add this one to the bullshit file along with the Supercarrier, Pak-FA Fighter and the Armata Tank

  34. Our only hope at this point is to out tech both Russia and China. Has to be more than secret, has to be a different type of propulsion, has to be a space ship(s) with capabilities in and out of atmosphere…having weapons that are unseen to this point in time. Such as controlled lightening concept. Ability to totally supress most if not all enemy firepower. Will have to be such that it would absolutely dominate any opposition. Once obtained, it should NOT be given to ANY other country.

  35. During World War Two. and the Brits in the Fifties! Russia doesn’t in innovate, it COPIES!! ALL of the Russian Bombers were line by line copies of the B-29! Just like their Obama, a box full of LIES!

  36. We often dismiss Russia’s military claims as pure propaganda, but the T50 has tested out as well as our failing F35, their new tank is more advanced than anything we have, and Russian submarines carry supercavitation torpedoes that can run over 200 miles an hour under water, It’s not good to dismiss their claims too soon.

  37. Russian lie about the weapon. pootin bulship

  38. wee wee on ur mama hehe

  39. I want to says that if all this “innovative” effort would have gone to peaceful purposes either in US or Russia the citizens of either country and the world would have actually a great deal of hope for life of prosperity and co-operation without constant reminder of war … am sick of it …

  40. Alexandra Levitskaya | Jul 13, 2015, 10:41 pm at 10:41 pm |

    In your dreams, pal!

  41. Dirigible have been around forever. If that is your question or comment.

  42. Hey uh Otto Von Bismark wants his zepplins back there comrade

  43. didnt the US come up with this like a couple years ago?

  44. US wee wee

  45. Think we got better to counter putin

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