Plane Similar To Kim Jong-un’s Crashes In North Korea

Plane Similar To Kim Jong-un’s Crashes In North Korea
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South Korean media report that a small plane crashed near the North Korean port of Wonsan last week.

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The plane is reportedly similar to one used to transport North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, and the dictator has a villa near Wonsan, reports Mugdha Variyar for The International Business Times.

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South Korean official reports plane crash

The Yonhap news agency cites a South Korean official who states that a Cessna plane came down in North Korea on 15 July. The official claimed that the crash had been confirmed by “intelligence assets” from both South Korea and the United States.

The source says that Kim Jong-un was not on board the plane, and he was seen on North Korean television later that day. The dictator has since made another public appearance, voting in local assembly elections on July 19.

CNN reports that a remarkable 99.97% of voters turned out to participate, which is even more extraordinary given the fact that previous local elections in 2011 also reported the same exact turnout percentage.

Crash reports could not be confirmed

North Korean media did not carry any reports of the crash, neither was it confirmed by South Korea‘s National Intelligence Service. A spy official did specify that Kim Jong-un is known to use a Cessna 172 Skyhawk.

A video showing Kim Jong-un “flying” a small plane went viral earlier this year, and the North Korean leader previously told state media that his subjects had built the plane themselves.

“Our factory workers managed to build the aeroplane with their own hand and own technology… shows that party’s will always turn out as the practice – I must drive the plane built by our working class people,” said Kim.

However South Korea believes that Pyongyang builds the Cessna planes using imported components.

Reports of the plane crash are unverified and the South Korea presidential office, National Intelligence Service and Defense Ministry declined to comment.

Death of Kim Jong-un would cause massive uncertainty in North Korea

The death of Kim Jong-un would pose a real threat to the continuity of the family dynasty, and may even spark a complicated family battle for leadership between his two brothers and one sister.

Kim Jong-nam is currently in exile, which leaves Kim Jong-chol and sister Kim Yo-jung as viable successors. Kim Jong-un recently appointed his younger sister as head of the state propaganda service, reports TIME.

The report cites an official source who states: “It is said that Kim Jong Un has the utmost trust and confidence in his sister.”

However highly Kim Jong-un may regard his sister, state ideology means that any deviation from the direct family line is seen as a threat to legitimacy. Although opposition movements are thought to be minimal within North Korea, a disputed succession may provoke rifts in state apparatus which leads to the downfall of the Kim regime.

Despite well-documented economic struggles and a number of reported scares, the Kims have controlled North Korea for over six decades in what has become one of the world’s longest running dictatorships.

The end of the dynasty would be celebrated in many parts of the world, with North Korea existing as an international pariah for many years. Allegations of extensive human rights abuses led to the opening of a United Nations investigative office in South Korea, and few would mourn the end of a dangerous regime.

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  1. Nope don’t care about your opinion . Traveling the world are you ? R U hitching rides with Odrama on his ( I only have a year and a half left to see the world at taxpayers expense) tour ? I will say this for you. You are entitled to your opinion no matter how ridiculous it may be. And it’s my right to say that my freaky adversary. So I guess that we agree to disagree.

  2. World-wide, he is not respected.

    I would be careful seeing political compliance with honor.

    Read ”The Girl With Seven Names” by Hyeonseo Lee.
    Recognition or not it does not change the fact that the people are underfed.

  3. He isn’t despised like you think. He is honored, and he is thought of as a god. Those people would die for him. Every country thinks they are the greatest, and they dislike those that have opposing views. You are normal.

  4. Wow, so many questions. I am from here, Texas. Went to school here, University of Texas at San Antonio, UCLA, and University of Indiana at Bloomington. Everyone thinks their country is the best, and the other country needs to be crushed. What you are saying si what they believe in North Korea. Does that mean, we should kill them all because they believe that their country is the best. Should we kill everybody in every country because they have different views than us? Do you want get rid of the Constitution, freedom of the press, freedom of religion, freedom of thought, … They think differently than you, should we kill them?

  5. Did you vote for Obummer? Are you going to vote for Hillary? That is up to you. I knew you would criticize someone’s opinion. America is about freedom, freedom of press, freedom of religion, freedom of thought…

    Not sure why you think my voting has anything to do with my freedom of thoughts. Stop for a minute, and think about what you are saying. Do you always criticize people who think independently of your thoughts. Do you wonder why? Maybe, they have valid points, and maybe they have different life experiences than you. For me, I have traveled to about every country in the Caribbean. When one gets off a cruise ship, every port looks the same, Diamonds International, Tanzanite International, Piranha Joe, …
    Then if one doesn’t go on a cruise, one sees the same American companies in tourist locations, McDonalds, KFC, WalMart, … It is getting to be a Corporation conglomerate rather than sightseeing. I travel all over the world, and I am tired of all of the corporations that have ruined the ambience of other countries. I want to see other countries, not USA when I travel.
    They will turn Cuba into another bunch of the same stores that we see in every port. It will be disgusting. I like diversity.

  6. I do believe that if he died his sister Kim Yo-jung would take over, the first thing she would do it outlaw tiny asian penises, then order the kid napping of all the US soldiers on the DMZ to use for sexual purposes

  7. What is that movie called, Fatal Destination ? Where some kids that should be on a plane that crashes get off of it shortly before departing, then are haunted afterward till death catches up with them. De Ja Vue Baby …

  8. warmup for the real crash…….malware/hardware virus’ inserted wirelessly by mini drones /satellites to disrupt aviation hardware/controls

  9. 1.) Pudgy san is only the face for the public. You see that old guy behind him? He lloks like he could whip the snot outta that punk.
    2.) If they kill him off, there is another moron in the wings waiting to take his place

  10. I was hoping for the good news, i wish the little fat boy was on board when plane crash was happen!!!!pooooffff oh my!!! i was only dreaming!!!, i hope someday my dreams will come true….

  11. Because if he executes his barber everytime he will run out of barber applicants and may have to eventually cut his own hair, which Kim knows is a difficult task. So he keeps his barber no matter what.

  12. He looks like a special Ed class attendee who is getting a chocolate pudding cup for learning how to tie his shoelaces.
    And for him that’s a big deal because he’s never been able to see his feet over his fat girly stomach.

  13. OH NO! Where Kim Go Now!?! Maybe Kim follow Stevie Ray Vaughn, Lynyrd Skyryrd and Buddy Holly? Maybe Kim fake death and go live with Elvis on island!? Who know? You can know by play Where Kim Go Now for FREE!

  14. hope its not Kim’s, he best double agent we ever had! they had to figure it out sooner or later, everything he does helps us….

  15. Too bad he was not on that plane, my celebrations of his death will have to be delayed a while longer, He is on top of my list as one of the world’s biggest s—c”’um bag after all.

  16. A car similar to mine was crushed by a crane the other day. The strangest part is my car is still in my garage. Must be harmonic convergence …. again.

  17. If he died, I would like to see how their media tries to spin this to the people of North Korea! I wonder if they have a doppelganger of Kim to take his place if he should ever die.

  18. For just a second there, after reading the headline, I was giddy with excitement … then I read that he was seen later that day.


  19. If you don’t remember that was the Original Motto for an Airline: TTA
    Trans Texas Airlines finally got 1 route to Mexico and was thrilled that it changed its name to
    Texas International. There two Mottoes were TRY TRY AGAIN and TREE TOP AIRLINES.
    Later tiny little Texas Airlines bought Continental.

  20. Seems impossible for him to fly in anything less than a heavy-lift aircraft. Of course, his captive minions believe he wears a cape and doesn’t need an engine, anyway.

  21. It is possible to customize a plane with mid-air-self-destruction features and give to kim-jung un for his birthday. Dennis Rodman is a perfect candidate to deliver it to the dictator.

  22. I’ve no problem with any “Head of State” maintaining security around them. Heaven knows that it always seems to be the good ones who end up assassinated. My point was that ruthless dictators take their personal security to extreme measures. They’re usually up to their necks in blood. Those who can kill with impunity will maintain guards twelve ranks deep. Guarding him and at the same time watching each other.

  23. A green Honda Prelude just like mine crashed in New Mexico last week. I wonder if I’m dead?

    That was a brilliant article by the way, very informative.

  24. Go live under the regime of Kim Jong-Un for 10 years and then afterwards tell everyone how it is humane what he does to the people, but inhumane to wish for his extermination.

  25. In other news, I once saw a car similar to mine drive by with a strange guy in it. I at first thought someone had stole my car. Whew!

  26. If there ever is a passing on of the baton to his sister, that would be a greater situation than with Kim Jong-Un. She is not only beautiful, but very intelligent. I don’t think she would be one to bluff, and I believe she would be a far deadlier leader of North Korea.

  27. What planet did you fall from. He is a ruthless murderer, A dictator. How does your brain work to think the country is better off if left in power. Put him down like the rabid dog that he is. He is a piece of crap. You probably didn’t graduate high school. Because if you had a brain you would think differentely.

  28. It wrong to believe having personal security is only for “dictators” like some of you eish to refer to Kim Jong Un. I have not heard of any Head of State compromising his security for the sake of not being refered to as a dictator. You need to have been to Nairobi just two days ago to see how non-dictators like Obama disregard security because they are not dictators. Nairobi came to a stand still to pave way for heavily amoured beast cars, choppers, cruises, drones, etc.
    It is un humane for any one to wish a fellow human dead! We thank God the wishes of the witches were not lived to.

  29. I just watched the documentary Dennis Rodman’s Big Bang in Pyonyang yesterday. What a train wreck that whole thing was, totally embarrassing for America.

  30. I’m surprised that Kim Jong-Un would ever fly in a plane. In a plane your too vulnerable. Stalin flew in a plane once in his life and was said to have been white knuckled all the way. Communist dictators usually travel in armored trains in groups of three and no one knows which car he’s riding in and the track surveyed in advance and observed. Kim’s father died on his train.

  31. An opposing view is one thing – oppressing 25 million people into starvation is something else entirely.
    THAT’S why he is despised.

  32. I am glad he isn’t dead. It is always great to have an opposing view. I know the haters will come out since I have an opposing view. It keeps our economy stronger. Remember when Red China and Russia were behind the iron curtain and isolationist. Remember when nothing was made in China. Look at all of the problems Russia and China are starting to cause, now that they have access to the world economy and technology. Mafia type gangsters coming out of Russia and China breaking into our computer systems were non existant before those two country had technology. So much more but those are just some of the reasons why I hope their World leader, president, dictator, emperor, king or whatever he wants to be called is still alive.

  33. Aw gee sparky….you have any problem with the facts? I’m guessing you are not a Conservative. More the Liberal Left Leaning Democrat type that likes to live in the future and dreams what “may be”. If we collect more taxes we can do this with it…if that guy was on the plane, we’ll have chicken for dinner…Quit dreaming…Facts are a better way to go through life.

  34. “CNN reports that a remarkable 99.97% of voters turned out to participate, which is even more extraordinary given the fact that previous local elections in 2011 also reported the same exact turnout percentage”……. They better show up and vote the way they are supposed to. The .03% who didn’t vote have already been executed.

  35. Have you NOT known of DECEPTIVE Headlines? How else will these papers, news services, and otherds get you even look at them


  36. I wish the funny looking fat boy does not die, but will be captured alive, then have him live in prison with 1 plain small bowl of rice, little salt plus 1 small piece of kimchi everyday, let him taste regular N. Korean’s daily diet

  37. The point is to fuel speculation that either a) Lil’ Kim was on the plane and a double is being used for now while the people in charge figure out how to break the news. Or b) that a faction within N Korea (Lil’ Kim has been gleefully killing off a large number of senior officials over the last year or so) sabotaged the plane but “the dear leader” was not on board. If it’s “B” then we can expect to hear about another round of purges in the near future.

  38. What an absolutely pointless “news” article. The headline and first four sentences strongly imply, or at least speculate, that Kim Jong-un may have been on board and killed in the plane crash. The article even cites South Korean and U.S. “intelligence assets” as confirming the crash. Then the next two sentences completely negate the entire point of the article “The source says that Kim Jong-un was not on board the plane, and he was seen on North Korean television later that day. The dictator has since made another public appearance, voting in local assembly elections on July 19.” So what is the point of this so-called “news” report?

  39. Syria was until a few years ago a peaceful place, with no war and destruction. Not that long ago Iraq was a peaceful place without the sectarian blood letting you hear about on a day to day basis. My sources on the ground in North Korea tell me it’s still a relatively peaceful place, most of the horror stories are propaganda created by enemies of the regime.

    Remove the so called dictators and chaos ensues. Iraq has seen hundreds of thousands killed, its the same in Syria. Let the people rule their lands as they know the nuances of keeping the peace. As soon as the US gets involved the countries decent into lunacy…

  40. This release is nothing but Propaganda unleashed by a South Korean Agency. So transparent. No news is not good news. I had hope that for 30 seconds or so North Korea had managed to produce a Stauffenberg! Better to fire the originators of this non story and dig up some REAL facts!

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