Philippines Rejects To Drop South China Sea Case Again

Philippines Rejects To Drop South China Sea Case Again
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Last week, the Philippines presented its arguments before the Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague to convince the tribunal that the court has jurisdiction over the South China Sea dispute. The Philippines is hoping that the tribunal will decide in its favor so that the dispute with China can be eventually handled by the international court. China has repeatedly voiced opposition to this as Beijing believes the matter should be handled bilaterally with Manila. Despite numerous requests from Beijing asking that the case be dropped, Manila refuses to back down.

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China’s pleas

On Monday, the tribunal concluded its week-long hearing with the delegation from the Philippines. The following day though, China called on the Philippines once again to drop its arbitration case. Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hua Chunying said in a statement, “China urges the Philippines to come back to the right track of resolving disputes through negotiation and consultation.” He added that China “will never accept the unilateral attempts to turn to a third party to solve the disputes.” This is not the first time Beijing has publicly condemned the tribunal or asked the Philippines to drop the case.

On the opening day of the tribunal, July 7, China’s ambassador to the Philippines, Zhao Jianhua, offered new bilateral talks to settle the dispute. The same day, Hua stated, “China has, on many occasions, expounded its position of neither accepting nor participating in the arbitral proceeding unilaterally initiated by the Philippines in breach of the agreement that has been repeatedly reaffirmed with China as well as the Philippines’ undertakings in the Declaration on the Conduct of Parties in the South China Sea.”

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The Declaration on the Conduct of Parties in the South China Sea (DOC) was signed in 2002 between China and ASEAN members. It discourages claimant nations from engaging in activities that will heighten tensions in the disputed region. China has insisted that by filing this case, the Philippines has violated the DOC. Manila has repeatedly stressed that any negotiation on the issue must involve the input of ASEAN member states, though China insists on bilateral talks. Zhao has stated though that the Philippines does not need to drop the case as a precondition for new bilateral talks.

China’s opposition to the tribunal dates to when the case was first filed. Though urged by the tribunal to take part, China has publicly refused, and when asked by the tribunal to submit counterarguments, China instead submitted a “position paper” declaring that the court has no jurisdiction over the dispute. Citing the opt-out clause of Article 298 of UNCLOS, China has argued that it is entitled to reject arbitration in this dispute. Despite China’s apprehension, Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs spokesman Charles Jose has stated, “We have asked China to participate and we continue to extend the invitation for them to explain their side.”

South China Sea: the case

The tribunal, which was held behind closed doors, resulted from the case first filed by the Philippines in January 2013 at a United Nations tribunal. Manila hopes that the tribunal will eventually decide that the court has jurisdiction over the dispute and intervene. While arguments made during the tribunal are not publicly available, the opening statement by Philippine Foreign Minister Albert del Rosario and the Philippines provides five key points against China’s claims in the South China Sea, which have been made public. Observers from several nations, including Vietnam, were allowed to attend the hearings. Vietnam is also engaged in the South China Sea dispute.

The tribunal is giving the Philippines a July 23 deadline to provide additional written submissions to bolster its case against China. Meanwhile, the tribunal has given China until August 17 to comment on the hearing despite its refusal to take part. The tribunal is requesting that China provide its stance on the issues of jurisdiction in the case. Based on past responses by China, it is doubtful that Beijing will offer anything but a rebuttal to the hearing, as it already has stated it will not recognize any arbitration by an international court.

Philippines works on island outpost

Meanwhile in Second Thomas Shoal, the Philippine military is working on reinforcing the rusting hull of the BRP Sierra Madre. The BRP Sierra Madre is a former U.S. landing ship from WWII that was beached on the shoal in 1999 to act as an outpost for the Philippine military. Located 105 nautical miles from Palawan, Second Thomas Shoal is within the Philippines’ 200 nautical mile EEZ and is only 134 nautical miles away from the Chinese-occupied Mischief Reef.

China has been engaged in island building at Mischief Reef, and recently an amphibious assault ship of the People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) was spotted there. Philippine Foreign Ministry spokesman Charles Jose said the work being done on the ship does not violate the 2002 code of conduct. In recent years, China has sought to prevent Philippine supply ships from reaching the Sierra Madre by using coastguard ships to effectively mount a blockade.

Where to now?

International opinion against China in the South China Sea dispute is mounting, and this is not just confined to the opinion of governments. Just today, Google Maps removed the Chinese name for the Scarborough Shoal from its maps in response to complaints from the Philippines. Beijing understands that world opinion is not in its favor, so it seeks to persuade Manila to drop the case and allow the dispute to be settled bilaterally.

Manila has made it clear that the only way it will allow the dispute to be settled is either through international arbitration or through the involvement of ASEAN members. Neither of these choices is palatable to Beijing. The tribunal is expected to make a decision within the next three months; if it is decided that the dispute is in the jurisdiction of the court, the case will enter the next phase. Then the ball is in China’s court if it wants to take part or not.

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Stephen Paul Brooker is a writer, political researcher, and political consultant. His specialty is in East Asia security issues and he has lectured at St. John's University on conflict theory and international relations. He holds a Master's Degree in International Relations and a graduate certificate in International Law and Diplomacy from St. John's University and a Bachelor's Degree in Government from Wagner College. Currently he is pursuing a Diploma in Economics from the University of London.
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  1. China really doesn’t care what anyone thinks, believes, etc, ect. China and N. Korea are a lot alike in that they want what they want when they want it.

  2. Folks the World over has proven a willingness to Kill anyone, anywhere with any weapon they choose and to hell with the Superpowers

  3. What international court they are bias, the Palestinian just wanted back what is rightfully theirs and Isreal / USA denied them. That’s why the Muslim world is so pissed off and go on a rampage.

  4. YOu are so right when you said “in the days when Mongolia was not part of China” . Yes! Those days was when China was part of Mongolia, and Kublai Khan was the ruler of all the Middle Kingdom. When in doubt check your own source. Oh suddenly my 1200 Philippine Scouts become 900 and yet they still held off 40,000 “inexperience” chinese regulars……, meaning they where still under training? And suddenly their commander was” foolish”? Shucks sorry we didn’t know they where all inexperience. If we knew that ahead of time we would have welcome them with balisong and kampilans, yo-yos and rattan sticks. I like to continue with this discussion, but this is getting to deep in the shithouse…….and I for one will never insult your character. (wink wink no wonder china is losing it).

  5. What country do you hail from? You sound like a 50 center Chinese as the new statesmen calls them “We have many ways. You can make a bad thing sound even worse, make an elaborate account, and make people think it’s nonsense when they see it.” This is evident from your Knowledge of History. Firstly Kubla Khan was Mongolian in the days when Mongolia was not part of China. He sent a punitive exhibition in the last year of his reign against The Javanese Kingdom of
    Singhasari but the invading Mongol forces were forced to withdraw by the Majapahit Dynasty after considerable losses of more than 3,000 troops. Earlier invasions by sea to japan had mixed results. The first in 1274 succeeded, capturing Okinawa and the pirates. The second was a rushed affair. Khan did not wait to build sea going vessels which wold have taken 5 years instead he rushed and built tem in 1 year. Even then they defeated the Japanese on the coast who rushed inland to their fortresses. Hayashida theorizes that, had Kublai used standard, well-constructed ocean-going ships His navy would have survived and he might have conquered Japan as intended.
    Us British between 1762 and 1764 defeated the Spanish and Filipinos and occupied Manila, The Philippines never actually beat their Spanish conquerors, they had to rely on the USA to do that. They could not beat the USA either 1899-1902 and eventually gave up all resistance and meekly accepted their rule. Next the Japanese came along and defeated the Philippines in 1942 after 4 short months of fighting. True guerrilla resistance occurred after but the Philippines was Japanese until rescued in 1944. As far as i am aware The western allies, of which the Philippines was one, never actually won the Korean war. In spite of superior military strength they failed and had to admit to a stalemate. At Yuldong 900 not 1200 Filipino Professional troops held off 40,000 inexperienced Chinese Volunteer Troops not destroying them but inflicting heavy casualties. However they still had to withdraw from their position.The bravery of the Filipinos there was undeniable but they were in a commanding position and the Chinese commander was foolish.. Again your knowledge of history lets you down. when has China invaded the Philippines? The Philippines has invaded Chinese territory (or Vietnamese or Malaysian depending one’s interpretation of history).
    They are still at it, they invaded North Borneo just recently. Anyway more history -. In 1956 Mr Cloma claimed freedomland after waiting for China to withdraw its troops in the area and ripping up the markers they left behind.
    He then declared to the world that he had sovereignty over the islands which brought immediate protests from several countries. Manila responded to Taipei and Saigon that it had no claims on the Spratlys . Taiwan then sent troops to the Islands to patrol the Spratly Islands and stationed on Itu Aba Island to prevent further such allegations In early July 1971, the Philippine government alleged that the Taiwanese troops on the Itu Aba Island “fired on a boat carrying a Philippine congressman”. After this the Philippine government announced on July 10 1971 that “it had sent a diplomatic note to Taipei asking that the Chinese garrison be withdrawn from
    Itu Aba and that it should belong to the Philippines, because the area was terra nullius at the time of its occupation and was “acquired according to the modes of acquisition recognized under international law, among which are occupation and effective administration” Meanwhile the Philippines sent its navy to occupy Thitu Island ..A James Gregor, “In the Shadow of Giants, the Major Powers and Security of Southeast Asia”, p91-92 Res Nullius simply means a thing not owned or abandoned by its owner. In the case of an island it does not have to be occupied. Clearly given the protests and the history prior to 1956 show it was not abandoned. Perhaps that is why in their UNCLOS claim the Philippines is not disputing sovereignty but claiming they are rocks and not islands. If that was the case they would then come under the EEZ of the Philippines. If they are islands then they would be entitled to their own EEZ. Claiming Sovereignty by invasion and subsequent occupation is against international law and the UN charter. Clearly any student of history recognises that the claim of the Philippines is flimsy at best. Who owns them is another matter but it is certainly not the Philippines. So when has China invaded the Philippines? Obviously I could be wrong but rather than argumentum ad hominem give me facts. the ones you have given were wrong as I have shown..

  6. China is getting scared from what i see it if they don’t find a way to rest this case peacefully their gonna have their hands full with the UN and the rest of the PH allies

  7. Apparently you and your commie chinese friends have been smoking some wackie tabacie. You are and have been hallucinating that China has island(s) in the West Philippine Sea. So you decided to dredges the corals and built platforms and infrastructures and you call it island. And “china has no intentions of invading the Philippines”? It already happen. Keep smoking. Let me give you a lesson in history. In the Korean conflict 1200 Philippine Scouts destroyed 40,000 commie chinese. That is a ratio of 33 to 1. Wow the Filipino kick there a2s? in 1293 Kublai Khan sent 1000 ships to destroy a kingdom in Indonesia, ops he loss? China has no stomach for sea warfare. Thats why they’re yellow.

  8. so Only Filipinos can comment on the Philippines, that means the American and British lawyers that Aquino hired at great expense to present his case to UNCLOS should withdraw, The question is do you dispute the new cybercrime law exists. Also for all I know and care he may be a Filipino LIVING in Caracas, unless he leaves to live elsewhere. You should , real, China has no intention of invading the Philippines , It is only interested in its legitimate possessions in the Spratly islands. It was the Philippines that invaded them Illegally, China took back the Paracels whether that was legal or not is debateable. The Philippines can only legitimately claim them if they are somehow
    adjudged tobe rocks, which is the basis of the Filipino claim.

  9. That is the law that you The Phillipnes love to espouse even though if anyone did try and use UNCLOS against the Philippines then hey have exempted themselves from anyone using those clauses when they signed up to UNCLOS. Hypocrites come to mind.

  10. The USA does not pretend to be the biggest bully. He is the Rock N Roller of the world. And nobody argues with the Rock N Roller. Da da da da.

  11. The Philippines had done this ages ago. The military airstrip built on the island in 1976 by the Philippine’s Air Force
    The island airstrip there is a perfect oblong land mass extending out of the side of Thitu island.Longer tthan the island itself. It is unpaved and is built believe of sand. It is certainly built on Sand on a reef.There are plans to expand it for tourism and also build a port way out onto the reef.As for Vietnam , it been doing it sllowly since 2009.
    “By comparison, Vietnam has reclaimed some 60 acres of land closer to home in th e South China Sea area since 2009, one official said”
    More later “”The photographs, shared with Reuters by Washington’s Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) ,show an expansion of the land area of Vietnamese-controlled Sand Cay and West London Reef in the Spratly archipelego and the addition of buildings.
    Strictly speaking, these photos show that China is right,” Rapp-Hooper said, “but we can safely say that the scope and scale of what China has undertaken is totally unprecedented and dwarfs Vietnam’s activities many times over.”
    Satellite images show Vietnam reclaiming land in the disputed South China Sea David Brunnstrom, Reuters May 8, 2015, 2:25 AM
    see also
    Pixel by pixel, Taiwan maps out claims to contested South China Sea By Ralph Jennings, Correspondent September 23, 2014…out-claims-to-contested-South-China-Sea-video
    Satellite photo shows Vietnam’s land reclamation in South China Sea Staff Reporter 2014-10-30 11:01 (GMT+8)
    Normally all this is done by first dredging and then building on top as the Japanese did on Okinotori though in the Phillpines case it appears they just dredged.
    You are right i should do my Homework

  12. Chinese thieves, liars, and cheaters: Get out of my islands. We are preparing to evict you by force.  Leave now or you will not like what we will do to you. Whack, kapow, bam!  No more Chinese thieves! Peace again, at last!

  13. The fact is China was the prime power and no one disputes their claims until the Western colonial powers started claiming these areas, and later Japan. As a victor nation in WW2, but at time was weak and internally divided, U.S. intentionally left the ambiguity in place so that U.S. has a legitimate reason to control the area in case of Red Communism expansion to SCS. Today even CCP is more capitalistic than others, U.S. views China as a rival and unwilling to let go of the U.S. led Pacific hegemony. This has to work out politically and cannot be left alone like what the U.S. said maintaining the status quo, because the status quo is not right.

  14. but that is not what Filipinos think , is it, Chinese Filipinos are called traitors and vilified. Mostly because of trash talk such as we have seen here and to which you contribute. firstly there is absolutely no evidence that China interferes or would interfere with international trade shipping in the South China Seas. the biggest percentage of that is to and from China, not the USA.. Secondly although the Philippine’s UNCLOS dispute is about EEZ and the determination of whether features are rocks, islands or low water features, the issue eventually (apart form the Scarborough Shoal depending on the Okinotorishima ruling). will come down to sovereignty as there is no conceivable argument that Itu Abu is not an island and therefore entitled to an EEZ which will impinge on the
    Filipino EEZ. Assuming it belongs to China/Taiwan it legitimises the building on Mischief reef. I do wish people here would temper their language and actually research the problem.

  15. Of course you do. In the Philippines, be careful of what you retweet
    A new cybercrime law in the Philippines would give unfettered powers to the state to monitor internet users, take down websites and imprison citizens writes Purple S. Romero
    Published on: January 28, 2013 | Principle 10
    Libel and cybercrime laws in the Philippines
    Filipino journalist Marites Vitug speaks about her experience being charged with libel for her investigative journalism,
    freedom of the press in the Philippines and the new cybercrime law.

  16. Oh Alex,Alex it is so sad, you know a simple piece of research would expose your statements. You obviously missed out on schooling as I cannot believe any competent teacher would put forward his:=
    First of all, Spratlys was never ever in the history of Word War II. Japan never conquered any island in the Spratlys . read this During World War II Japan had occupied the Spratly Islands. From there Japan had launched its attacks against the countries in the region. If Japan had won the war, Japan would be a major actor in the contest over the South China Sea and would probably be lording it over the rest. But Japan lost.
    Read more:
    The two major bases were on Itu Aba and on Namyit Island in the Tizard Bank
    Kivimäki, Timo, ed. (2002). War Or Peace in the South China Sea? (Issue 45 of NIAS reports). Contributor: Nordic Institute of Asian Studies (illustrated ed.). NIAS Press. pp. 9–11. ISBN 8791114012. ISSN 0904-597X. Retrieved 10 March 2014.
    Kivimäki, Timo, ed. (2002). War Or Peace in the South China Sea? (Issue 45 of NIAS reports). Contributor: Nordic Institute of Asian Studies (illustrated ed.). NIAS Press. pp. 9–11. ISBN 8791114012. ISSN 0904-597X. Retrieved 10 March 2014.

  17. Fact there is no evidence apart from the word of the multi millionaire del Rosario that they did agree to pull out their ships. What they did do was to replace war ships with fishery inspection vessels . Even the sources you quoted state supposed this and supposed that. The reference in Wikipedia is unsourced. Why not after all this time. Later reports of the inquirer paint a totally different picture. Mr Del Rosario like all politicians is not new to lying remember the concrete marker debacle. China has had bilateral talks and agreements with other countries that it gulf of Tonkin. It also stuck to its agreement with the Philippines re joint exploration, it was idiotic Filipino nationalists who tore that one up. To be honest the only countries that play by the rules are the UK and its commonwealth partners. But then we do play cricket.

  18. Alex can you tell me which country has a global hunger Index of 5.5 regarded as moderate and which one has one of 13.2 (admittedly down from 1990 score of 19.9) but still regarded as serious.
    .answer the first is China , the second is the Philippines. The figures are shocking -“Access to food and clean water remains a huge challenge to the most at risk” “Number of undernourished Filipinos has grown by two million in two years, even as it drops in neighbouring countries….
    These hunger statistics and the high joblessness numbers [2.8 million unemployed and 8.5 million underemployed] give a gloomier picture than the upbeat first semester GDP growth of 6.1 per cent. At the very least, they support the view that the first half economic growth was shallow and hollow,”
    the Malaya Business Insight wrote in an editorial piece on Tuesday. -
    2008-11 STUNTING PREVALENCE NEVER LESS THAN 28%,8.8 million households or 41% ARE FOOD POOR 2013, more than 20% of Filipino children under age five experiencing malnutrition.
    The figures are a disgrace to any country let alone one that prides itself on being hospitable and part of the modern world. Have you not wondered why most Filipinos are so tiny. It is poverty and a lack of food.
    You can be angry at China but it is obvious you have not seen what hunger does to people in your country. You have let yourself down with your nasty comment. F
    For what, the Chinese harass Filipino and other nation’s boats but the Filipinos harass Chinese and other nation’s boats. The Chinese have taken possession of a south sea feature (The Scarborough Shoal) owned by another country by force and held it but the Philippines did precisely that with the Thitu islands and surrounds. They never belonged to the Philippines whether they belong to Vietnam, Taiwan/ China is another matter but one thing is certain they never were Filipino until they invaded them. The sad reality and fact is that Filipinos are starving now
    not the Chinese. I have yet to meet one Chinese who would wish to see another country starve. How sad to find a Filipino.

  19. mosahla need not try to boost he is a champion of anything. He is just another sick, failed, Aquino-Abe mind in dire need of Confucius wisdom. Shocking and damn!

  20. You are reading fiction stories written by chinese storytellers. First of all, Spratlys was never ever in the history of Word War II. Japan never conquered any island in the Spratlys. The main issue here is the territorial boundary of Vietnam, Philippines, Brunei, Malaysia, and China vis a vis the South China Sea based on the UNCLOS. China is claiming areas that are way beyond their jurisdiction per UNCLOS. What China is doing is totally illegal. What China is doing is trying to make their claim legal by supporting it with an invented nine-dash line, a bogus claim, which, China knows, is totally indefensible if it is presented as evidence in an international court.


  22. How about you tell me your address and I pay you a visit? You ultra retarded is the shame to this country. Even bring your grandson into this. You have nothing but full of poo in your brain. Not hard to see what your son or grandson would be, if you have any. Garbage can only produce garbage.

  23. Keep shouting slogans, because that is the only thing pinoys can do. Who are really shivering? Those who stole the islands and shoals from China. Just look at Yahoo News. There are continuous reports on these miserable people. Because the truth is simple: China can crush anyone there like a flee with just one finger if China wants to.

  24. You must feed your preschool grandson poo because you only know poo. Have you been to Manila or Angeles City? Shut the f. up if you have not. Or just watch the videos I and many others post on YouTube.

  25. but it was not until In fact in another article by the Philippine Daily Inquirer it states Philippines, China talking again 2:40 am | Sunday, May 13th, 2012 “China’s demands, Hong said, were that Chinese public service ships at Scarborough Shoal—called Panatag Shoal and Bajo de Masinloc by the ) we know that the man lies as was shown by the concrete marker dispute.( Remember also that it was the Philippines who started this, Chinese reports note a litany of harassment by the Filipinos. And the warship was the final straw. ibid.-“However, since the 1990s, Chinese fishermen have repeatedly been harassed by Philippine warships. According to the fishery department under the Ministry of Agriculture, four Chinese fishing boats were intercepted by the Philippine navy in the waters around the island from January to March in 1998 and 51 fishermen on board were detained; Your constitution puts too many restrictions on foreigners and foreign companies ( when I was there I could not Foreign business leaders also reiterated this as this article shows.
    . Foreign companies are prohibited by your constitution from owning public utility companies, probably explains why you have so many brown outs. -( or a list of restrictions see

  26. I do wish you would research or read a bit more. Firstly although the President wishes to be less
    dependent on any country not just China that is not the sole reason they are selling elsewhere.
    i quote “The lychee harvest is in full swing in Vietnam’s northern Hai Duong province, but local officials say fewer Chinese traders have come to buy the sweet and juicy fruit this summer due to concerns about anti-China sentiment.Fruits traditionally grown in the north and exported to China are reportedly piling up in markets in the south, with prices plunging in half as Vietnamese seek to curb their country’s dependence on the Chinese market”
    Trung Nguyen June 26, 2014 7:14 PM WASHINGTON—
    Moreover although Vietnam has received permission to export litchis to the US and Australian markets, but exports remain very modest.
    China was not the sole buyer of Vietnam’s lychees, though they did buy in bulk, take the best and export the rest to other countries. China will not be the ones to starve , other countries will queue up to take the place . Also as I pointed out in another post to you , the Philippines has set aside 1.5 million hectares for the production of agricultural goods exclusively for the Chinese Market. You are very free with the livelihoods of fellow Filipinos How many of the growers support you , how many manufacturers do, your own chamber of commerce certainly foes not. Your Jingoism does the Philippines a disservice.. There are enough Filipinos who go to bed hungry without silly gestures like yours. You may not go hungry but hundreds of thousands of Filipinos will.

  27. what fantasy world do you live in, human rights is debateable what is not are the appalling conditions that Bangladeshis workers have to work in. Even the Chinese have belter health and safety conditions. worse still they have starvation wages and long ,long hours of work.

  28. so the amount of dredging done by Vietnam and the Philippines is acceptable Actually History does play a part in international law. As for the integrity of the law I suppose when Russia, the USA and Israel ignore it then it is ok, I suppose when the Philippines picks and chooses what it will sign when it ratifies Unclos that is ok . and when the Philippines unilaterally changes its baseline when other nations protest and object then hat is ok. or when the Filipino coastguard ram, sink ships , extort money and even murder someone that too is ok. I do wish people would stop being so hypocritical and one sided. No one comes out nice in this game except maybe Malaysia and brunei.

  29. @china wrongrrior. How I missed you my baztard betch. Last time you suck my Filipenis and you promised me to let you f*ck your swolen @ss. What happen now why you run away you afraid of my huge Filipenis?

  30. stop your story telling lies @ gordon the carton. Philippines has been good to china and to everybody for long time our culture said so we are hospitable, welcoming & forgiving people. What you chinese did you abused our good esteem to you. You are morethan 1000 miles away from your own shore and yet we welcome you to fish along in our backyard, for humanitarian sake we welcome you as long you don’t abuse and deplete our resources after all its for all of us. What you did you took everything, you abused our resources like you deed to yours and you claimed our backyard and want to take everything what is just being shared to you. You chase us out and drive us out from our own ground and when we negotiate to avoid unnecessary mis-confrontation, you shouted we loose. I’d like to say F*CKC YOU for that. We never loose we are just buying time while looking for strategy to fight you back where we will hurt you most. And thats by legally challenging you in international tribunal and embarrass your from the world community because of your unjust action. While we aligning ourselves to our allies we are gathering friends to fight along our cause. After all we are fighting an evil greed country whose ambition is to destroy our world.We didnt care about bananas hungry china you are just one shet country who deserved to be starved. Well infact we just didnt campaign to boycott china we will destroy the evil china when time is due.

  31. …blind to pursue what they need irrespective of the outcome… Almost sounds like you are talking about Vietnam War, Iraqi War and Afgan War.

  32. Who will believe that 1400 fillipinos soldier kill 7000 Chinese and only lost 24? Then why didn’t the Pinoy soldier continue to the rest of the 40000 troops. Gurkas, one of the best soldiers in the world never had such record. I am not supporting Chinese. I felt that you guys are very stupid. I can’t stop laughing at you guys.

  33. So you want the truth. The truth is that Fillipinos believe that they are superhuman. You may not be in the army or war before. How much ammunition can a soldier carries? The bullets are solid metal and are very heavy. Your troops will run out of ammos and overwhelm by the Chinese. Fillipino always believe in things which are not true. US granted you guys independent in the year 1946. But you guy celebrated 117th anniversary. I am laughing out loud and rolling on the floor.

  34. UNCLOS has not agreed a 200 mile EEZ for the Philippines It depends on whether the islands that China holds are islands and not rocks, (which would still entitle them to a 12 mile limit anyway). That is the crux of the Philippines argument to UNCLOS.. Given that itu abu or taiping island has its own water supply and up to 600 troops live there it would be interesting to see how they argue it is a rock. if it is an island then it is entitled to a 200 mile EEZ but as it conflicts with that of the Philippines then the EEZ of both would be halved. Not that it matters much for the oil and gas reserves lay elsewhere and not in that region. As for A Filipino telling a Chinese they should not waste their money and alleviate their poor, the pot calling the kettle black comes to mind.

  35. 1941??? You declared the SCS yours while the Japanese was stumping your face? How did the words come out of your mouth while the boots of theJapanese was holding down your face in the mud? And you declared to yourself? Apparently no one heard you, because the boots was obstructing your tongue, your jaw, your teeth, and the muscles that makes speaking possible. BTW we have maps dating back to the 1700 that all island west of the Philippines is ours. The UN has a copy. We FedEx your boss a copy. To bad we don’t have extras.

  36. I love Japan. I want Japan to bring all there companies they took out of china and bring them over to the RP. A yes we also accept Rich and Very Rich Chinese who wants to leave China and hide their wealth here in the RP. We have fresh air and clean water, and the food here are not lace with poisons. Because we keep our word. We do not do counterfeiting. China the biggest counterfeiter in the world.

  37. Oh I think you are just jealous because we have free speech here in the Philippines, and you cannot even criticize your own leaders because they will hang you on your huevos

  38. You have no idea what happen in the battle of Manila during WWII. So I think you better read up. Aquino might be terrible to you, but he made his point. To fight a big bear, throw the bee hive.

  39. China NEVER had any territory in the SCS. Except cartographers made mistake by calling it that. Ancient and modern chinese maps will tell you that. China had no interest for the SCS or West Philippine Sea. The Philippines on the other hand does not claim the SCS. The West Philippine Begins from the most mean point west 200 miles out towards the SCS. On the other side is Vietnams. In the south is IndoMalay side.

  40. What is complicated about a big bully pushing over a small third world country? Tibet? old Mongol proverb: “do not scorn a weak cub, he may become a brutal tiger”

  41. Chruda is a Chinese agent. China is now waggging its tail and begging the Philippines to back out from the hearing in the Hague. China, the coward, is now very nervous. We will prevail because the truth is on our side. The invented, fake, bogus nine-dash line will never hold in court!

  42. Now, read this: Vietnam is already selling their lychees to Australia ang America. China was once their biggest buyer, now, China is looking for other countries to buy their fruits and vegetables. Why? Simply because Vietnam realized that they better sell their lychees to countries that they can trust like Australia and Vietnam. When China was the sole buyer of Vietnam’s lychees, China did not come to buy the lychees when Vietnam filed a protest against China’e incursion in Vietnam’s territory in South China Sea and their lychees were left to rot in Vietnam. China did that to the bananas from the Philippines, they were left to rot in their container vans. We cannot trust China. It is now time for the Philippines to sell its agricultural products like bananas to other countries. Let China starve!!! Philippines, Vietnam, and other countries cannot be blackmailed by China that they are their biggest buyer and without China, these countries will suffer. We can find other countries to buy our products. Vietnam did it, Philippines will also do it. We will not die of hunger without China!!! This is the link, read this:

  43. I urge people to wiki Territorial Disputes in the South China Sea, mainly the Spratly and Paracel, and understand the historical complexity of the issue. To me the whole problem was arised from the U.S. intentional handling of the Spratly and Paracel at the end of WW2 that caused the whole problem. U.S. left a power vacuum in SCS and filled that with 7th fleet and U.S. allies, blocking China from retaking of the disputed territories from Japan.

  44. It is easy for someone to say that China “arbitrarily” taking over, while ignoring the historic complexity. I urge people to wiki Territorial Disputes in the South China Sea, mainly the Spratly and Paracel, and understand the historical complexity of the issue.

  45. I am force to denigrate people like Marley, junray, Lenguyen who obviously are super noble and perfect human species, and above God! If I CHOSE to, I can use 101 extremist and thoughtless terms to describe people like them and many Filipino in this forum, starting with Chinese hater, racist, chauvinists, stupid, greedy, terrorist, murderous, subhuman, beggar, ….. Tell me which country, which race does not have less civil citizens, their stupid brothers and sisters idiots perhaps. Must they take on the entire China and her people just because of their little grievances in their little world (like a toddler throwing tantrum because he could not get a ‘lollipop’)?

  46. Thank you, @Marley. but you have to understand I am a friend of the good Muslims like Mr. Tahib Islam…what I do not like are the Islamic extremists like ISIS or the notorious Islamic terrorists based in Southern Philippines….I have family ties to many good please do not misconstrue my meaning here…I do a lot of business with Bangladesh…they are just super…Since Mr. Tahib hates cheap Chinese goods (and so do I)…I want to present Bangladesh as a real alternative…I would be so thrilled if we go to a Wal-Mart…all of the shelves there are filled with imports from Bangladesh…and perhaps Egypt….I will buy 100 iPhones if they are made in Bangladesh…

  47. Marley what name is that, the only Marley I know are floor tiles (Marley Tiles) and dog (Marley and me). you claim to live in the USA but your complete lack of knowledge of the English language, your inability to express yourself cohesively indicates. Your jabbering is also reminiscent of a 50 fen commentator . As you may know rather than side with China there tack is to oppose it to get sympathy. Nice try Ma Li. You don’t fool me.

  48. Yeah. They could also melt Vietnam, Japan and India since they also have territorial disputes with them. Oh wait they can’t.. welcome to the modern world china.

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    i advice you to start joining the cub scout, may be you will something you have not learn from the cookie brainwashing.

  51. look who is talking, chinese population of 1.5 billion mongoloid ONLY got ONE winner in the international beauty pageant. to compare to Philippines 100 million population has already bag as much 2-3 dozen winner in the international beauty pageant.
    your declaration lies that you were in the US MILITARY. you are not even make it in the US pre school, your looking more triple dumb stupid fostering as AMERICAN.
    chinese stupidness is beyond explainable.

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    lets begin w/ your name??? GORDON!! what nice chinese name sound like GOLDONG TZETUNG?????. the commie chinese emphasize nationalism in daily basis since the commie regime take over china, yet they instructed you to use western names to confuse the netizen that bashers are from western countries. yah right we western people are as DUMB STUPID to belief it.
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    keep your illusion high coz that won’t happen, we AMERICAN is a proud, brave and civilized willing to die for the cause of our freedom and existence.
    as a chinese i wonder how did you acquire an american name???? where you not hiding to the netizen that you are a CHINESE???? are shame of being a chinese??? are you trying to prove to the world that CHINESE HAS NO PRIDE TO THEMSELVES???????

  54. jack,
    again like a good student of MAO MAO TZETUNG who talk tough and good to massacred the weak peasant chinese. you should be shame of yourself, opps sorry to said that i should have known better “you’re shameless”. now you want to portrait the boogie man as the victim, what logic of delusional, pathetic, brainless individual like you. stop sniping xi dickping dung and drinking his urine may be you still be save from insanity.

  55. Forget about respect because they ( CHICOM ) do not know how to respect. They are blind to pursue what they need irrespective of the outcome. Their leaders have once and for all resolved to neutralize/conquer all of South China sea in line with their expansionist program and toward their national interest goal. What Filipinos need is to show their resolve and strength to contain/fight Chinese expansionism based on the contention that they are the rightful claimant.

  56. it hurt to know and it is more hurtful to accept the truth??? yet the truth will always prevail. tahib as muslim believer is an easy target of insult from a people who doesn’t want hear the truth.

  57. lol… I am asking Ansong2, who I assume is a Pinoy, what is he going to about it when he said “do this and there will be peace”…. as if he has something to brag about…. lol.

  58. Once China takes over the Philippines all the Filipino-Chinese will switch sides… actually, they have already. These people are not stupid.

  59. and what china going to do??? well like always show her bullish attitude towards the smaller weaker opponent. when well the chinese learn to pick a fight w/her own size, china has territorial dispute to RUSSIA yet china could not even have the BALLS to say or raise the issue. thats how chinese scared to russia or to the USA, so china is picking USA weak allied.
    gaga, i grew up w/in chinese neighbor hood and i knew you are coward specimen, the only time chinese act tough is when you have the number. so stop playing like your tough enough to look for a fight.

  60. sighhhh…. pinoys are so good with juvenile, senseless comments…. thats about all people who have nothing to brag about can do… oh, my bad.. you do have lots to brag about…. lets see… where do I start…… oh, but do we really want to air your dirty laundry….

  61. Read this: Scarborough Shoal belongs to the Philippines, it is our right to defend it. Read this (source: Philippine Daily Inquirer:Del Rosario told reporters on Friday that China had agreed to withdraw all its vessels from Scarborough Shoal. “We are waiting for them to comply with their commitment,” he said.

    The government was still awaiting word on the Chinese withdrawal Sunday, according to deputy presidential spokesperson Abigail Valte.

    Speaking on state-run dzRB radio, Valte referred to Del Rosario’s statement to the press on Friday about a commitment from China to order all Chinese vessels out of the shoal. “That is what we are waiting for,” Valte said.

    Read more:

    Follow us: @inquirerdotnet on Twitter | inquirerdotnet on Facebook

    Yes, boycotting China products is possible. As I have said, we need to look for other countries that would buy Philippine products. Why not? If we have to sell our products to other countries, then we have to sell it to other countries. That is the reason why we are inviting other countries to invest in the Philippines.

    Now, Pag-Asa Island is within Philippine Territory, it is ours. It is Thitu Island to you, not to us.

    Let’s see if the tribunal at the Hague will be convinced that the made-up nine dash line will be accepted. Would the tribunal be fooled by China’s invented nine-dash line? Let’s see.

  62. gaga,
    you are chinese american w/ your loyalty to your motherf@c!ng country china.
    look like your corrupt practice, as well your consistent cheating, lying and stealing are very much known around the world, pretending to be saint is another lying yet as chinese you are accustom to it. for once in for all i would like to see, hear ONE chinese to come forward say I AM HONEST CHINESE.
    the USA have provided CHINA more than any country in the world, beside from the $1+billion a yr HUMANITARIAN AIDS, US also give china a yearly direct financial hundred millions. not count the yearly billions worth food assistant for almost 2-3 decade during your famous MANMADE FAMINE created by your HERO/GOD MAO MAO TZETUNG, together w/ his twin brother BLOW JOE STALIN were both tag as greatest murderer of their own people.

  63. aqua,
    you sound like your smart enough, well trained as slave of commie regime, why don’t you explain, educate the international community WHAT IS THE DEFINATION OF YOUR 9,10,12,36? DASH LINE. since your comrade master could not provide definition, not to mention your own chinese scholar have no idea or question the validity, legality of it.

  64. aqua,
    china/chinese deserved to be humiliated, insulted until the whole chinese population learn to act like a civilize human being. this has been seen all over the world were chinese have been, your comrade master needs to include good manners and personal hygiene in your brainwashing.
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  65. And then will be forgive and embrace again by the Taiwanese like the Philippines is their lifesaver again. They did the same thing to Japanese, whom have killed, tortured, and massacred them during WW11. In the meantime, treating their north counterparts like their mother killer. Taiwanese is nothing but a clown of his master-US.

  66. Asked any Taiwanese if they are Chinese. The first thing they’ll say is I’m not Chinese and please don’t call me Chinese. If you’re Chinese you have no choice. You’re focked! lol

  67. True that most Filipinos have Chinese blood. And majority of them are the crooked and corrupt politicians. Because is in their Chinese blood to be that way.

  68. gaga4, those island or reefs are inside the 200 miles zone of the Philippines. Yes, those reefs and islands has been there for centuries and that’s the way the Philippines wants it to be for another centuries. You and your China came and totally destroyed the ecosystems of those reefs in a matter of a year that took million of years to create. China has no respect for the environment and our planet. Just like the China’s citizens has no respect or manners.

  69. We know pinoys love Americans. I had a pinoy girl licking my a55 when I was in manila. Pinoys boys would also do anything for very little money. But I am not into boys. But we don’t miss there at all after we left. Their government asked us to leave anyway. We would rather station in Japan or Korea. Girls are much much nicer there.

  70. China is the modern day Nazi and Xi is the modern Hitler! So you want the Philippines to appease China by giving them their territory! Like the the Czech appease Nazi Germany. And than what? China would want something else because the other country just gave up. And you’re trying to say China is peace loving country. If they were, they wouldn’t be stealing other countries territory. And China and the whole world knows they are in the wrong. It’s as simple as that!

  71. Chinese Should just leave this dispute Island. First of all This will just create more and more problem with China and the neighboring countries. I don’t Understand why the Chinese keep pushing, because of what there ancestor are claiming. Let me tell guys, I respect your ancestor and I don’t even leave around that side of the world. Your ancestor know it’s wrong. This is like the terrorist Muslim thinking that if they kill, it’s good for them… Stop and listen specially on your backyard. You don’t want you neighboring countries to be your enemy period. Respect and people will be respectful and supported….

  72. In 1976,then China’s paramount leader Deng Xiaoping told the UN General Assembly: “A
    superpower is an imperialist country which everywhere subjects other countries
    to its aggression, interference, control, subversion or plunder and strives for
    world hegemony…. If one day China should change her color and turn into a
    superpower, if she too would play the tyrant in the world, and everywhere
    subject others to her bullying, aggression and exploitation, the people of the
    world should identify her as social imperialist, expose it, oppose it and work
    with the Chinese people to overthrow it.”..i think the world should be reminded of this..

  73. brent, like a true disciples of MAO MAO you are very good in spewing lies, yes there was event a chinese poachers get caught poaching endanger species in side the 200miles eco zone of the Philippines w/c legally mandated by UNCLOS that each country is entitle. would you think china will allow anyone to come to her 200miles eco zone to poach endanger species and get away???? how many Vietnamese fisherman did the chinese have massacred, ramping ,firing water canon to both Philippines and Vietnam small wooden boat.
    brent, shame on you to point a finger to Philippines when you have done the worst inhuman thing to mankind.

  74. Aquino is representing a country that is Absolutely out of the line in the international community.
    No sane people let alone the leader of Philippines can liken China and her entire population to Hitler just because he had a grudge against China. He not only insulted China, but also the Jews, the German, and all peace loving citizens of the world. On the other hand, Aquino appears to be a collaborator of Hitler because he has no courage to tell the unrepentant Abe a Japanese Fascist and ‘son of Hitler’. Although Obama also has many grudges against China, one thing for sure, he (or for that matter, all other leaders of the world) will never dare to equate China to Hitler, because accusation like that could even lead to WAR. Aquino is a terribly failed leader.

  75. The Case of the Philippines is not about sovereignty but on the exclusivity to use the EEZ. There is no sovereignty involve because its not a fight about land but of the sea. Artificially made island is no island at all, thus no sovereign involve in the case

  76. Clear enough Chinese people is against Red Chinese laws, What would happen to China if all Chinese will not follow Red Chinese laws?

  77. A salaam alaikum, Tahib. I am kinda like you…I do not like the Chinese
    either…Products made in Bangladesh are far better! Human rights in Islamic countries are so much better protected!…..However, I still think it may be better for
    China to grab more territories from the Philippines….Because I think the
    Chinese are far more superior than the Manila government to crack down on the
    Islamic terrorists…They do a very good job in crushing those Eastern Tuhib…I am
    sorry, I mean Eastern Turkic terrorists…The Manila government has been
    doing a terrible job in fighting the Islamic
    terrorists in Southern Philippines….So I do not know what to say…other than Insha’Allah….
    khuda hafiz! happy kwanzaa!

  78. LOL, When China was weak and America was strong in Vietnam and Subic Bay, Philippines’ coast guards were and still are the legallized pirates of the SCS. For last 20 years, about 1000 of fishermen were victims of F coastguards or armed forces.

    Fisherboats were dragged to Philippines and ransacked. Fishermen were then charged in the court and fined US$80,000 to $100,000. When this so called penality was paid to the F court, receipts issues issued only showed $20,000 each. 80% went into the F legal pirates’ pockets. In 2013, a small Taiwanese fishing boat was chased for about 1 hour by a F coast guard ship. 8 Coastguards fired more than 300 rounds of heavy machine gun shots at the fishing boat, killing its captain. The lawless Aquino3 denied 3 times – Taiwanese fiberglass fishing boat ramming F coastguard ship (4 X its size and made of Steel), Coat guards acting on Self Defense and Taiwanese fishing boat fished in Ph water. But, all evidence proved that Aquino was the most stupid liar. Aquino3 had no choice but to send his special envoy to Taiwan to apologize and compensate but the 8 F barbarian coastguards were set free. LOL

  79. You can handle yourself?Most American lives on credit, and on average american only have 500 dollar cash. You want more costly goods? And trade, by the way , involves two or more party. If the other party can’t afford your goods, then you generate no income..
    You’re answer showed how self-centered you are.

  80. American history is written by Hollywood so to speak.
    Red Indians were described as salvages and Whites had every right to kill them and rob of their land.
    This is American history.

    Red Indians were moved from one reservation to another as soon as oil was discovered and laws changed by Whiteman’s Congress, as Red Indians said, the White came and they would take without asking …yes till today in Asia Pacific with the same kind of lies of Obama.

  81. In layman’s term, the basis of Philippines’ claim is dead straight forward; those islets should belong to Philippines since 1982 because they lie next to their door steps. It is indeed very convincing and has since gained populist support and sympathy from around the globe, thanks to the publicity and smear campaign of Aquino with his Hitler-liken-theory and the stunt put up by the CNN spy plane. However, according to all experts of International Law including Obama, any challenge to China’s territorial right in South China Sea must first and foremost be answerable to the nine dash line that was declared in 1941. The ensuing arbitration will invariably pronounce the challenge null and void.

  82. tell me again who sent their gunboat in first and threatened Chinese fishermen immediately after Obama’s speech on containing China, when before Chinese and Filipino fishermen had been fishing together with no problems.
    Also where did you get that there was an agreement that they would pull out their boats, Aquino backed down when he realised that China meant business and he sent in a coast guard vessel instead. in fact China has negotiated many agreements which they comply with.Why do you single China out did the free world condemn and boycott the USA when it refused to accept the ICJ ruling on Nicaragua .Did the free world condemn The Philippines for destroying the ecology on Thitu island when it built an airstrip on the reefs, an island that it took by invasion? Does the free world complain about the USA claiming Bajo Nuevo Bank or Navassa Island? No, so let us stop the Hypocrisy and look at facts.
    As for boycotting China you do realise that if that happens then the 70% of Filipino exports would have to go elsewhere, that 200,000 Filipinos could be sent back from China, Hong Kong and Macau and the money they earn lost. 200,000 banana growers would also lose their jobs and the millions of pesos invested in the Philippines by China lost forever.

  83. Having a chinese blood is not equal to being chinese citizen. We know we are a filipino. People from Taiwan have chinese blood/origin, yet they hate to being called chinese. It’s not right to equate ethnicity to nationality or citizenship.

  84. You’re world view is poor. First of all, it is everyone’s best interest to protect that area. Many of the World’s trade ship pass in that nine dash line area, even more numerous than that of the Suez canal. Imagine if an “International Area” be in control of a single country. You’ll be paying rent every time you cross it. Cost of goods around the world will be significantly “not cheaper”. Of course, you American will be the most affected since your country is a trader (exporter and importer of goods).

  85. The US and the rest of the world should stop falling for the fake and corrupt practices of the Philippines. These islands have been sitting there for centuries and not a peep from the Philippine government. Now that another country is doing something with it they want it all of sudden. And now they want to drag everyone in to their Uranus. This seems to be their game time and time again – begging the US when they get in trouble. As an American I for one DO NOT want any of my tax dollars spent on any conflict especially supporting a corrupt, parasitic country.

  86. How funny that Pinoys like to criticize the Chinese. Half of the ppl in the Philippines are Chinese – including their leader…. stop playing games trying to get the world’s sympathy. We know your M.O.

  87. China of course. “heightened the tension” you say. They ram small boats, pouch endangered species, established aidz, destroyed reefs to build island, disrupt freedom of navigation.

    None of these were an issue when Chinese rats was out of the picture.

  88. What??where did you learn that! From what horrible university or faculty of history did u learn this??Tsk.tsk. Please, I beg, you need to re-enroll your History and Political Science subjects..You have been taught wrongfully..

  89. The nine dash lines were imagined by Gen Chiang Kai-shek, an enemy of Comunist China. So how can the Chinese leaders lay claim to it? In the first place it is not even their own imagination. Fake, Imaginary lines. What a JOKE

  90. The nine dash lines were imagined by Gen Chiang Kai-shek, an enemy of Comunist China. So how can the Chinese leaders lay claim to it? In the first place it is not even their own imagination.

  91. You are wrong! The Philippines wants to benefit from the resources of its 200-mile EEZ, an area agreed upon at UNCLOS and signed by China and the Philippines. The Philippines only want China to stop claiming what is not hers. China: Use your money to feed your 157 million people who live on less than $1.25 a day. Do this and there will be peace!

  92. I just hope that the world can see the true color of China. Imagine the dispute is not limited to the sovereignty of the Philippines but also the integrity of the international law. If this will be disregarded by a fellow member then what is it for? Also imagine the scale of the dredging that China made at that area, the magnitude of the marine ecosystem it destroyed just to satisfy its greed. They made up the most ridiculous claim based on history that doesn’t coincide with the norm of the international law. Would you be dealing with a country with full of lies and greed, think twice no think many times.

  93. China announced the Dash Lines right after WWII and received no renunciation from other WWII victors including USA. Philippine was a UN member at that time and didn’t protest either. So the islands, shoals, reefs, rocks within the Lines belong to China and China has the sovereign right to do whatever is appropriate on them. For Philippine to protest now has no legal basis.

  94. “as it already has stated it will not recognize any arbitration by an international court.”

    Clear enough they never are against international laws and the UN. What would happen to the world if all nations will not follow international laws and will not respect the UN?

  95. –an ironic verbal diarrhea of @disqus_kGsvC58W8u:disqus…You want to appear technical but your analysis does not have even an iota of technicality.

  96. Tabib, happy Idulfitry, may Allah forgive your sins, brother. Shall we send what you write to your brothers in Aghanistan, Iraq, Saudi, Lebanon and other Moslem countries? Happy helping infidels, brother! They bomb your fellowmen, while we always remain neutral.

  97. First, the Arbitration will not bind China because China has optionally excluded itself from compulsory arbitration under UNCLOS. This includes ‘disputes concerning law enforcement activities in regard to the exercise of sovereign rights or jurisdiction …’ (UNCLOS Article 298) that relate to fisheries or marine scientific research in the exclusive economic zone (EEZ) or on the continental shelf of the littoral state.
    China administers 6 islands land/geological features in the Spratlys. Given sovereignty over these features and their legal status as either rocks or islands is in dispute — and UNCLOS is not competent to advise on land sovereignty determinations — Beijing is within its rights to claim they generate full or partial maritime zones. In the interim, it can treat waters adjacent to the land features it administers in the Spratlys — regardless of its proximity to the Philippine archipelagic baseline — as its EEZ. China is also entitled to enforce domestic maritime law over marine scientific research activities, including drilling on the continental shelf (UNCLOS Article 246), in these adjacent waters. Given this context, the ITLOS arbitral panel will almost-certainly refuse to issue a decision and even probably an advisory opinion.
    Second, despite what the Philippines argues, all good faith avenues to peaceful dispute resolution, including provisional arrangements of a practical nature (UNCLOS Articles 74 and 83), are still on going for future negotiation.
    However, there is little chance that Philippine is going to win this case without the UN violate their own jurisdiction.It will be disappoinment and political embarassment for the Philippine, sadly.

  98. Made in China is cheap labor and low quality but the worlds business people collaborates with China because they pay less and earn millions on the products that they make. Behind this cheap prices are Chinese people who works like slaves and even prisoners. The world made China rich because all you see are “Made in China”. One use then throw, to sum it up, we waste so much money everyday.Recently, they make businesses around the world, saying we give people jobs, however, the rules remain Chinese, so the difference is none.
    And worst, they destroy the value of decent human labor and nature because they dont care, they care for their money, that is all that matters. If we allow China to come near our shores, they will take all that is meaningful to life. The South China Sea will soon be empty of marine species …. because they have no regards to any life, may it be HUMANS or ANIMALS and marine species .. because they only care for their eccentric needs and money. One day the world will be suprised because China will be our neighbors, as they try to GRAB everything they want, as they invent their own rights on other shores.

  99. The court pretend equal and fairness , and make fake invite China to participate . The key issue is these small islands , Which belongs to ” Republic of China ”, Now called Taiwan, After 1949, it belongs PRC. China is too soft , too nice. China is victim here . If China act like other world power always do, there will be no dispute, all these small islands will be cleaned up. These thief coward nation, such as Philipino , who steal these islands , not long ago , since 1960, or 1970 , will be kicked out. China is capable and should build make much much more navy ship , instead waste money to loan money or exempt debt to every nation. Stupid. China treat your own people better.

  100. China gov’t is greedy that is why they are doing this land grabbing to us knowing that we can’t fight back. They will stop only when other countries join and told them to stop or face war.

  101. they drill whenever and wherever they want,Is there any good coming out of bilateral talks? the answer is NO .Communist is like Isis can’t be trusted.

  102. This DOC’s purpose states: It discourages claimant nations from engaging in activities that will heighten tensions in the disputed region.

    Now who was the first to engage in activities that has heightened tensions in the disputed region?

  103. The arrogant of communist minded leaders or nations like China and Russia is astonishing. They have no respect of international laws because that is how they behave and rule their countries in the first place…they do whatever they want.

    They want to be big dogs on international scene, but their actions are less of it.
    Just look how much each of them has contributed to UN funds? 2% to 5%, their actions do not match with their rhetoric. Now look at US, Japan, UK and France.

  104. i think the author is correct by saying “arguments made during the tribunal are not publicly available” in fact they have done it “behind closed doors”.. though, summary of the for public consumption..

  105. “established 500 years before Americans killed the Red Indians and robbed of their called USA”

    get your fact straight.. zhueng fue… 9-dash line was just created sometime in 1947… and even till now..china has yet to submit or even clarify the exact location of its claim…

  106. The author incorrectly states that “arguments made during the tribunal are not publicly available.” In fact, the Tribunal summarized the arguments of both sides in a July 13th press release. The author also states that China does not insist “the Philippines…drop the case as a precondition for new bilateral talks.” I’m not sure if that is correct either. If it is, it’s the first time I’ve heard it.

    China desperately wants to avoid the embarrassment of a ruling by the Tribunal invalidating its highly questionable “nine dash line” map claim.

  107. China should study the history of the Philippines first before deciding to invade the Philippines backyard. Big mistake! The Filipinos are just sick and tired of being invaded by a foreigner and swear to themselves that whatever happens in the past will never ever happen again. The Philippines that is a democratic country won’t allow herself to be rape again by any foreign invader, even a fat dragon won’t prevail!

  108. This news media is trying to jack up this law suit than what it is worth. 20 nations upon signing up UNCLOS already stated that their territories existing long before UNCLOS cannot be arbitrated by UNCLOS> let alone USA is not even signatory of UNCLOS
    Rosario led 35 high ranking officers from most cabinets to try to pressure the UNCLOS. But, only 2 persons were allowed to give deliberation. The rest are having good time on the poor F or poor Americans’ tax $$$. LOL This will not change Chinese determination to defend its territory.

  109. China could care less if Obama’s Handout beggar Philippines and its law suit plot of Fascist Obama in his attempt to pressure China to give up its territory – established 500 years before Americans killed the Red Indians and robbed of their called USA.
    Korea war should be an indication of how Chinese people fought.
    After WW2, USA sacrificed America’s moral value by releasing all convicted Class A Fascist War Criminals.
    Today, Obama’s China containment policy will end up with Japan kicking Americans out of Japan while China will keep its economy development.

  110. Before FILING ARBITRATION,Philippines EXERTED all avenues both BILATERAL and BACKDOOR negotiation with Communist China but China just INSISTED that ” IT HAS UNDISPUTABLE SOVEREIGN RIGHTS in South china sea”,This ARROGANT statement MAKES any TALKS with China UNNECESSARY—NOW Communist china want Philippines to DITCH the CASE and TALK to them—Communist CHINA is FOOLING ITSELF—

  111. Chruda – Actually, that’s not true. Check out all the businesses in Manila. Many are American. The filipinos love the Americans….and we love them back. There is a great partnership between the two countries. Not sure where you get your info from.

  112. China invaded the Philippines silently. They control everything, they control the economy, politics. Its a fact! Wake up Filipinos!!!

  113. Philippines is the victim on this conflict, they just try to resolve this issue legally, China have invaded and grab the reefs which previously controlled by the Philippines within their 200mile EEZ, The previous administration of the Philippines have done nothing but bilateral negotiations with China, that resulted aggravation to their territory and suspicion of bribery to few officials. The arbitration case is the best actions that have done by the Philippines regarding on this issue.

  114. China must be stop!It is acting like thief annexing Russiaït’s backward communist brother”.We can manipulate stocks& Chinese markets,to punished thief China,while boycotting Made in China” is now gaining strength&confidence…We can rattle China’s cage öf wealth!They just lost 3T…remember that..Greetings from the global economic oligarch(EU&America).



  117. “China has gone to the court and told they did not have jurisdiction over the issue”, Really? Do you know why? Because to China, no court has any ” jurisdiction” to its bully actions, because China knows that they will get slam by any court with the guilty verdict? Because they know that they ARE guilty! You ignorant fool!

  118. @ chruda ching chong. Hey doughnut face! Nobody here wants to reason with a stupid thug like you. Don’t let me see your ugly Chinese face with teeny-weeny eyes here again or I’m gonna smash your face flat. What a stupid Chinese pea brain you are.

  119. @chupa chruda You’re comment is that of a kindergarten child if not of an abnormal mentally challenged . When did Philippine violate the DOC? State the fact china is grabbing backyard of its neighbors. Stop twisting the fact the world has enough of your shetty lies chinatae.

  120. @chupa chruda You’re comment is that of a kindergarten child if not of an abnormal mentally challenged mongoloid chinese . When did Philippine violate the DOC? State the fact china is grabbing backyard of its neighbors. Stop twisting the fact the world has enough of your

  121. You showed all the intelligence of a doorknob with your comment. But then, what can somebody expect from someone who was a member of the US (United Siberian) army?

  122. The problem with China with regards to the South China sea dispute is that they always do the opposite of what they say. They’ll tell the whole world that they want the issue to be resolve by peaceful means while they continue their harassment of other claimants and continue their buildup in the contested area. That’s why nobody wants to negotiate with them.

    It’s a big TRUST issue.

  123. No, Americans would never want you pinoys. They regard you as low intelligence, lazy, low morale, and lowest in Asia. They even don’t like to screw your virgin girls that are presented to them in order to attract American troops to station in Philippines. They say the girls are too dark, ugly and very low beings. I was in the US military I know better.

  124. “China urges the Philippines to come back to the right track of resolving disputes through negotiation and consultation.”. Negotiation and consultation ? Really? So China can continue to bully its neighbors? If you don’t think you were guilty, why are you afraid to go to court? This shows to the world that you know you ARE guilty!

  125. I don’t know about that, they ridicule americans as if americans are ill-mannered, uncultured people, while they look up to europeans (from my observation). and maybe philippines should be a US state, this way, filipinos will pay american taxes and let american corporations take over.

  126. China is begging the Philippines to drop the case filed. LOL china is building a manufactured Islands with their FAKE and BOGUS claim…..SHAME on their leaders……

  127. Pinoys are lifting another rock to drop on their own feet. By violating the DOC they signed and by rejecting peaceful bilateral negotiation. This gives China enough reason to take back all the islands and reefs by force when the time comes.

  128. right now all over the philippines so many new store been open by chinese business man they dont even speak local languages or english but how come they had a business ? is that legally licensed business how do the can just start a business like that ? sooner or later the filipinos will never realized that philippines will be invaded by the chinese or they might declare a sub province of china , just look any crime comitted by chinese had never been heard to the public meaning they just hide it politically , , , watch out spratly claim is just a start then next is manila then visayas and and mindanao . . . for you to believe just visit julo sulo most of the big houses in there are having dragons at the edge of the roof top meaning chinese ows it and that is mindanao, , , , , and right now out of 20 billioners in the philippines are chinese . . . you better believe it men . . .

  129. believe it or not, 80% or more Filipinos are pro American and we love to be American and they want to be the Philippines as one of there state..

  130. Imagine that, claiming to be right in all aspects yet fearing a court hearing? That means, in lay mans speak, that China has a weak case and won’t show up in court. They know that they would lose for sure.

  131. china wants a bilateral negotiation because they knew most of those who held position in the philippine governments are chinese so they know that there’s no much negotiation to happen if they solve the disputes bilateraly

  132. Don’t back down from the big dog, if you gave it an inch, it comes a yard to you. Don’t back down. Philippines go till the court decides. We support you.

  133. Dang ! I loved these Filipino. No gut no glory… Hey Viet Nam, where are you on this issue? Are you bow down to your Mao? Where are all ASEAN nations ? Silent is not good. Greed China-man will eat you all alive. Better united sue China in international courts… This is your chance.

  134. So really China is open to settling this through negotiation? Then why haven’t they done so in the last decade while this issue got bigger and bigger? Instead China has blown off the Philippines and won’t negotiate and instead says its their way or else.

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