Does NATO Have What It Takes To Counter Russia?

Does NATO Have What It Takes To Counter Russia?

Eastern Europe is getting used to a new – like a blast from the past – reality. Just a few years ago, there was peace along the borders of Russia and Europe, but now tanks rumble and warplane engines roar there.

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Moscow constantly exhausts its neighbors with unexpected raids of its bombers and threatening maneuvers of its fighter jets, while NATO responds with massive military drills at the borders with Russia.

The annexation of Crimea and Russia’s aggression in eastern Ukraine cancelled all efforts in establishing a peaceful dialogues between NATO and the Kremlin. Russian President Vladimir Putin’s claims about Russia’s readiness to resort to nuclear forces during its annexation of Crimea as well as his recent announcement about adding 40 new intercontinental ballistic missiles to Russia’s nuclear arsenal made it clear: Moscow is arming itself, and NATO has to respond to that.

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The fact that Putin personally announced that as well as his accent on the ability of these missiles to “overcome even the most technically advanced anti-missile defense systems,” can only mean one thing: not only does he boost his approval rating, but also send a signal to the U.S.

That is a clear provocation, and the U.S. as well as NATO must treat it very seriously. It is not just some rhetoric, it is aggressive and provocative rhetoric. Russia is getting more advanced militarily and that fact alone should not be ignored by NATO. And while doing that, Russia aggravates the situation in an attempt to force NATO make a major military move against Russia and call the West ‘aggressors’. NATO, of course, would not benefit from being perceived that way in the world. But here is the dilemma: should NATO just stand aloof and let Putin do whatever he pleases?

The West has already responded to Putin’s actions with economic sanctions and the build up of its military presence in the region. U.S. military instructors train Ukrainian militaries, while the Pentagon announces about its plans to station 250 tanks and other armored vehicles in Poland, Romania and Bulgaria. The questions is: is that really enough? The U.S. and NATO must act more hard-bitten if the only thing Putin respects is power and military might.

NATO must direct its missile defense system toward Russia

NATO’s trump card would probably be directing its missile defense system toward all threats coming from Russia.

The European Phased Adaptive Approach (EPAA), which is the base of NATO’s missiles defenses, consists of Aegis missile defense ships in the Mediterranean, missile defense radars in Turkey as well as Aegis ashore sites in Poland and Romania, which are expected to be built in 2018.

However, it is important to note that the focus of the EPAA has been directed to Iran since the day it was designed in 2010. The only concern is that if NATO changes its focus from Iran to Russia, NATO’s southern flank would be exposed.

The EPAA has never been intended to be as a deterrence against Russia, it has always been against Iranian ballistic missile threats. If the developers knew that such situation would exist, they would come up with the idea to make it possible to direct the EPAA toward multiple directions. And while directing the EPAA toward Russia would calm NATO’s Eastern European allies, all potential threats from Iran must be evaluated.

Does NATO have what it takes to counter Russia?

Russia has repeatedly shown that it is ready to change borders by applying military force. NATO must not stay quiet about it. The Alliance must respond to such actions by deploying more heavy military equipment to Eastern Europe, stationing permanent American contingent in the region, and forming high readiness force. NATO might also deploy modern missiles Patriot-3 in order to counter Russia’s Iskanders.

However, it must be pointed out that any military moves by NATO or the U.S. will be viewed by Russia as a provocation. And Putin would also be prepared to respond to such moves with new military initiatives. Any escalation of the relations between NATO and Russia would pose a big threat to future agreements about reducing nuclear arsenals and the number of medium-range and short-range missiles. This kind of scenario means a global destabilization.

At the same time, the lack of a robust response from NATO toward Putin’s actions might be interpreted as weakness and lead to even more unpredictable consequences.

The Pentagon has recently published its national strategy that outlines how the U.S. forces would react to new threats and challenges. General Martin Dempsey, the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, published the document, in which Russia was characterized as a ‘revisionist country’ that violates international agreements and threatens sovereignty of its neighbors.

The report came when all military experts and analysts were discussing how the U.S. and NATO should respond to Putin’s actions that have been escalating the relations between Moscow and Washington for a year and a half.

The 2015 National Military Strategy, published by the Pentagon on July 2, talks about potential military capabilities of the Russian forces.

In the foreword to the report, Dempsey wrote that Russia has “repeatedly demonstrated that it does not respect the sovereignty of its neighbors and it is willing to use force to achieve its goals.”

What is interesting is that in the foreword to the 2011’s report published by the Pentagon there were no such notions. That is the reason why Dempsey concludes that the global state of security is currently at the most unpredictable situation during all 40 years of his service.

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Polina Tikhonova is a writer, journalist and a certified translator. Over the past 7 years, she has worked for a wide variety of top European, American, Russian, and Ukrainian media outlets. Polina holds a Master's Degree in English Philology from the University of Oxford and a Bachelor's Degree in Journalism from the Saint Petersburg State University. Her articles and news reports have been published by many newspapers, magazines, journals, blogs and online media sources across the globe. Polina is fluent in English, German, Ukrainian and Russian.
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  1. Wow, what a simple and not well thought out argument. You obviously have not read the entire argument. Russia/Soviet Union aren’t saints. Why did they invade Finland and kill 100,000 Finns unprovoked during WW2? Well at least they brought medicine with them. How about the Katyn Forest Massacre? Maybe they brought medicine with them. On the contrary, the US is one of the BIGGEST donors of financial aid, food aid and humanitarian help around the globe for YEARS.

  2. It is irrelevant what we are saying here because oil is heading down to $35-$30 at least for a couple of years. then it may go up.

  3. That is odd. The only organization able see all those thousands of of Russian troops is NATO – and they admit that they don’t show up on photographs. So far, Ukraine has captured 4 men who were once on active duty in Russia, a far cry from proving thousands of Russian soldiers are in Ukraine,

    We also have the problem that the OSCE roams the countryside of eastern Ukraine and puts out reports every day – and they’ve never seen a Russian army unit or piece of Russian equipment in all this time.

    Then there is the problem of German Intelligence. Last month they tried to verify Breedlove’s claims of massive Russian incursions into Ukraine by using their own satellites. The result was a report that appeared on the front page of German newspapers stating that all of NATO’s accusations were either grossly exaggerated or simply false. American media didn’t print the story because they knew we wouldn’t be interested in hearing it, but it made big headlines in Europe.

    Then there is the problem that the Chief of Staff of the Ukrainian army has said in interviews and on Ukrainian television that his men are not fighting the Russian army.

    The obvious truth is that Russia’s involvement is exactly what it says. It allows Russian soldiers to take leave and spend a few months volunteering in Ukraine, but does not send Russian army units or modern weapons into Ukraine.

    I must have missed that “legitimate referendum” against the old government. I thought referendums were conducted in voting booths. Unless Molotov cocktails, overturned cars, burning buildings and dead policemen count as votes these days, what happened in Kiev was a violent riot, not a “referendum”
    We now have incontrovertible proof that the referendum in Crimea was legitimate. Several non-Russian polling companies have since verified that the referendum results closely mirrored the public sentiment in Crimea. Recent polls show that 80% of the people of Crimea are still happy with their choice to leave Ukraine. If you had watched the election, you would know it anyway. Camera’s in every polling station provided constant live video feeds from inside and outside of every polling station. There were no soldiers, no pressure, just a lot of happy smiling people giving the finger to our stooges Kiev.

    We lost the referendum fair and square and we just can’t stand it.

  4. Referendum was “staged” – sure, Crimea with predominantly russian population would have preferred to stay in the N(azi Ukraine (where the living standards are a fraction of what they are in Russia) unless the referendum was “staged”. Tell me UnsoundMind – just when will the US return the 7 south-western states that it has taken by force from Mexico? And Puerto Rico to Spain? And Hawaii to its citizens yearning to breathe free? etc etc

  5. Sometime in the near future Nato will have to face the reality that Russia is a military super power and that every aspects of its forces are ready for the inescapable showdown. Why did the West allow things to reach to this point? For the answer I could only think about the greed of capitalism and the historical nature of man to crave War and rumours of War even in relative times of Peace.

  6. I sure agree with you Phil,
    the West and the LIBERALIST are so NAIVE that they continue to lie to themselves that the Russians can do the unthinkable and so they weakened themselves by disarming their own countries….

  7. The west FEARS that Russian planes will try to fly-over and hasn’t the capacity to shield itself from the flying debris as they fall apart.

  8. OK, I get it – the bad guys the Russians, are for the traditional values, Christianity and traditional European identity.
    The good guys are for the gay marriages, multi-culturalism, mass third world immigration, total surveillance police state (Big Brother on steroids), constant wars for falsified reasons or no reason and governments living on borrowed money and borrowed time

  9. Russia is not biffing up her arsenal because of Europe ! and Europe knows it.Russia is biffing up because of the threat the US poses.talking about invasions,the US has invaded and killed more people than Russia have.maybe Russia should have done what you are advocating that,NATO/US should do now then.Thank gracious Russia is no longer the sleeping Bear she used to be you morons better get used to that fact now.all those war machines the US is biffing up around Russia will be useless should the real war start.war is not Hollywood make believe u know

  10. US and NATO have lost the arms race. NATO has admitted that is has no means to knock out the newest russian Armata tank short of a tactical nuclear weapon. Badly outdated F16 and F15 have no chance against SU35, to say nothing about the SU50. Russian subs of “Varshavianka” class are considered to be the quietest in the world and the helpless US navy cannot detect them in the shallow Gulf of Mexico – these subs are designed to take out an entire carrier battle group with one salvo. Lastly see the futuristic out of this world (search images): Russia National Defense Control Center. They found no need to build it in some secret location under a mountain – it is in central Moscow – that tells us that they are completely confident that they will intercept anything US might throw at Moscow.
    My advice – order a large supply of white flags Lastly speaking of “greedy Putin” – just when will the US return the 7 south western states that it took by force from Mexico? and Puerto Rico to Spain? etc etc

  11. “Dempsey concludes that the global state of security is currently at the most unpredictable situation during all 40 years of his service.” That is the return that the US investment of $5Billion, as admitted by Victoria Nuland, into overthrowing the democratically elected Prez. Yanukovich has brought. Then there are thousands of killed in Donbass, loss of Crimea to the Ukraine and its drastic impoverishment – none of which would have happened if the US did not intervene in the Ukraine. That confirms a pattern; after millions have been killed and ISIS now in charge in Iraq was it worth spending $1TRILLION on US endeavor to overthrow its loyal vassal Saddam? Are hundreds of thousands of refugees flowing into Europe from the smashed by the US Lybia a desirable result?
    How come after the long US war in Afghanistan the heroin production there reached record levels – all of it flowing into Europe? US as inept as it is ought to revert to isolationism and mind its own domestic problems which are approaching the terminal conditions, especially the economy

  12. Seriously their spacecraft is a failure how much more this ICBM? Recently there are lots of failures on space launch including the failed satellite launch. I won’t consider this new threat just another psywar.

  13. Russias been modernizing its nuclear arsenal since 2001 with a stockpile of recently built 78 Topol-M (Single warhead), 130 Bulava (multiple warhead) and some 56 latest model design that is far better than both Bulava and Topol-M. Russia intends to insinuate intimidation tactics on its neighbors from raising its ICBM capabilities as the rest of the world sleeps in innocence unaware of Russia’s malice rigged in vicious greed! Do the math! Russia is like a ravaging insane dog biting and growling on whoever it sees and finds!

    And I totally agree with this article, take Russia’s threats seriously and deploy proper number of troops including heavy weapons on NATO members bordering Russia, add more SM-3IIA, Patriot PAC3 and THAAD as anti-ballistic missile defense shield under MEADS in case greedy Putin changes his mind and launches preemptive attack.

  14. Seluyange
    6 crashes in 3 weeks. That is not normal. US had 3 crashes in a matter of one week but Russia got the most in 3 weeks time including 3 rocket failures in the last 5 months and a collapsed barracks killing 23 conscripts. How do you measure that?

  15. don44
    Hey moron, reporters doesn’t have to be in two other places at the same time. They have people that gather information and details on the field as they do other reportings, then and only then after bits and information are shed that the reporter or writer puts up his/her own article! Dummy!

  16. The alleged author, PolinaTikhonova, may not be a real person. USA Today, Haaretz, and al-jazerra used a fictitious named journalist who was in 3 places in two days on two continents in war zones earlier this year. No way that is possible. CIA/ US gov’t propaganda dissemination was their goal.

    NATO is pushing against Russian borders- that is a fact. If the US and Value Walk get the war they are pitching, no one will suirvive. Are the US publications beating war drums advocating our national suicide? How evil and psychotic.

  17. to Joe007007 and teaching rrest of the world how to live peace???

    Where is America there always trouble!!

    simple example when the Soviet Union was in Afghanistan, they developed medicine and training!

    While the US ; Drugs & Terrorism(((((( why???

  18. I agree that there will be no winners in any confrontation between NATO and Russia. This will be an all outright nuclear war and we shall be looser since man kind will just be wiped out. So who ever is promoting this kind of confrontation, just know that you may not live to witness the winners and losers.

  19. To win a war with your enemy, you always have to assume that he is stronger than you and then you prepare very well for him. So don’t assume that Russia is weak. They could surprise you.

  20. An accident is an accident. We have seen many NATO military aircrafts crash but it is not over publicized the way it is for Russia. There are lots of technological hiccoughs in the West but they are not over publicized negatively like it is done for Russia. Anyway I am forgetting one fact that this is a propaganda war.

  21. “Doesn’t count”, you sound like a petulant child. The condemnation from every SINGLE NATO-member country is a shining example of exactly why it “counts”. No, I was not talking about Crimea I’m talking about the literal thousands of Russian-service men currently in Ukraine, men we have confirmed are in the country because we’ve captured them. Whether or not Putin confirms anything I irrelevant, Russians are in Ukraine at war with its Government.

    The U.S. Has lost nothing at all. This whole thing is a game to us.

  22. Improve the world. Add “Unheard” to your user name and actions. Your childish insults belong on the play ground, not in a serious forum. I am certain, however, that you can find some 10 year olds that are impressed with such nonsense if you hang around the slide set.

  23. No they didn’t. For one thing, “Intending” doesn’t count and for another, they didn’t invade. I assume that you are talking about Crimea because there is absolutely no evidence that Russia has ever invaded Ukraine or ever intends to. If they wanted to invade Ukraine, they would be in Kiev by the weekend. They won’t be there because they don’t want to be.
    They went into Crimea at the invitation of a population that had held a referendum and rejected the stooge we installed in Kiev. The only thing wrong with the referendum was that we lost it, and we are very bad losers.
    I doubt that Denmark or Finland will hold a referendum and invite the Russians to take over, so we have no worry about that happening in the EU.
    By the way, does your mother know how you talk? It must be hard to eat with a mouth that filthy.

  24. I’m not sure what do you mean? :”No mere border clash, this undeclared war raged from May to September
    1939 embroiling over 100,000 troops and 1,000 tanks and aircraft. Some
    30,000-50,000 men were killed and wounded. In the climactic battle,
    August 20-31, 1939, the Japanese were crushed. Over 75 percent of Japan’s ground forces at the front were killed in combat.” Are you talking about that conflict where Russians easily defeated Japanese and you struggled several years with the same army?

  25. No it doesn’t make sense. It was primarily a naval battle but had multiple land offenses. You already admitted your ignorance to the Pacific war and its significance. Does Russia brag about losing 20 million people to a “friend” in WW2? No its probably embarrassed by it. Does Russia brag about its military tactics in the war against Afghanistan? No its probably embarrassed by it. Does Russia brag about its war against the Japanese in 1939 (The same Japanese the US beat) no, its probably embarrassed by it. The bottom line is we beat the Japanese in WW2 and you NEEDED us to to beat them…You’re welcome.

  26. HAHA are you talking about Sergey Brin who left Russia at age 6? Yeah Im sure he got his skills from Russia and not Stanford University, he was quoted as saying “I’ve known for a long time that my father wasn’t able to pursue the career he wanted in Russia” You’re like a broken record. Russia didnt do ANYTHING until Hitler betrayed you. America didn’t do anything until Japan attacked Pearl Harbor. You’re trying to say Russia is better than America but you helped START WW2. Don’t you understand?

  27. Not about books but look into facts, numbers, events and make a conclusion. I told you – fighting Japan with total 6 mln soldiers for two years probably is very bad campaign vs fighting nazis – the best Army in a world at that time. Make sense?

  28. Not me living in my brainwashed world…the entire world is except Russia. Be proud, Russian history books are the only truth telling books in the world…and they benefit Russian pride…excellent.

  29. In a Google one of the owners is Russian :-) In 1945 Japan’s army of 1 mln people was defeated in 5 days and for US it took more than 2 years to defeat 6 mln Japanese army. Also just read some other facts: “Tsuyoshi Hasegawa’s research has led him to conclude that the atomic bombings were not the principal reason for Japan’s capitulation. He argues that Japan’s leaders were impacted more by the swift and devastating Soviet victories on the mainland in the week following Joseph Stalin’s August 8 declaration of war because the Japanese strategy to protect the home islands was designed to fend off a US invasion from the South, and left virtually no spare troops to counter a Soviet threat from the North.”

  30. Again, wasn’t Russia defeated by Japan, Afghanistan and even the Berlin airlift operations….go ahead and Google that. By the way, Google is an American company/invention. You’re welcome. Oh and the computer an American invention, you’re welcome.

  31. You are absolutely wrong with your approach. For example Rome was established country by 1000 years and yet it was defeated by barbarians. Whatever you said is absolute misunderstanding of history etc. Also US is established country but lost in Afghanistan, Cuba etc that are not really established countries..

  32. Just compare number of troops and scale of Pacific war and Europe war – that will give you understanding. You live in your world – yeah we kicked off British(3-5 thousands troops) and we proud of it. But 1 mln Napoleon Army was defeated by winter. You live in you brain wash world.

  33. I guess you dont understand English. Napoleon fought an established country. The British (an established country) took on the US ( a very new and unestablished country) and we still kicked them out…Thats what were proud of. Is Russia proud of losing in Afghanistan?

  34. No one cares about Pacific? This is the highlight of your arragance/ignorance! It was Germany, Italy, Japan vs everyone else. Russians LOVE to think they won the war. Even though numerous nations came to their aid. Go on living in your fantasy world. In the mean time, enjoy your developed Russia who never diversified her economy, is famous for propaganda and is isolated from the entire world…except North Korea and Iran.

  35. Well – whole world in a past used to say that the Earth is a flat surface and burned Galileo. Einstein was one vs whole world – so what? Whole world is wrong sometimes. I’m saying nobody really cares about Pacific except your country and mostly due to shamed defeat at Pearl harbor.

  36. True, Im tired of repeating the same thing, such as….Russia signed a pact with Germany to split Poland between the two of them. How do you feel about that? WW2 was enabled by Russia. You’re welcome for the Allied help that saved Russia from Germany. And the Russian winter.

  37. HAhaha, the Russians invaded between the two nukes we dropped. Go back to school. By the way, the whole world minus Russia, North Korea and Iran teaches that the Pacific was won by the US at Midway.:)))

  38. Do not be confused with your books :-) They are not historical but just published by your nation to make you proud of nothing. Look at numbers – Japan had only 6 mln soldiers total in a whole Pacific war and you guys fought it for so many years till 1945. In September 1945 in Manchuria Japan had a bit more than 1 mln and was completely defeated in 5 days by Russians. Who cares about Pacific war on those small islands vs European war?

  39. Actually, you should read some history books. The battle of Midway was the turning point for the war in the Pacific, not the nuke. Just remember one thing from this argument. WW2 wouldnt have been as devastating for Russia if they weren’t such “rabbits” when it came to agreeing with Hitler in the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact. Their greed and fear took them over. And 20 million Russian lives paid for it. Not to mention millions of Allied lives as well.

  40. British was busy fighting Napoleon as well – that’s only reason you kicked them out and by the way it was very small military unit. I’m not really sure what you are proud of? ok – 4000 British kicked off 7640 Americans and burned White house. It’s like ratio 1:2. Shame on you guys.

  41. Well – do you know what does it mean a propaganda machine? If you were told like that it does not mean that. :-) For instance you guys fought Japanese for couple years and nothing helped you but nukes as act of weakness. All is about strength an skills and power.

  42. They are humans like you and who gave you a right to decide who should live or who should die? That’s why you shot down all of them, gave a blanket with diseases and spoiled with alcohol?

  43. Remember you’re comparing a brand new country 1776 to Russia who’s been in place for centuries. The US was barely established and we still kicked out the British from america.

  44. I wonder what the Russian death figures would be if it weren’t for the Russian winter? Probably much higher than 20 million. Or 26 million if you count Stalin. Everyone knows the Russian winter was the real winner for you guys.

  45. How about how Russians raped and pilaged all there lands extending their boundaries for hundreds of years? The Indians were all fighting each other separately the entire time we were expanding.

  46. Let me remind you 1 fact – Stalingrad battle that broke a backbone to Hitler, identified the winner and allowed US to join battle that was determine to win by Russia.

  47. Again – compare 3-5 thousands British running way whole your Army vs Napoleon 1 million Army. I can just imagine what would happen with your weak country if Napoleon would arrive there. :-) Whole defeat and all slaves. I do not remember any US military general famous like Napoleon.

  48. Also you forgot about “The Texas annexation was the 1845 incorporation of the Republic of Texas into the United States of America”? How about killing almost all native Americans?

  49. Ohh yeah US did not bomb sovereign countries like Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq – still occupied last two killing thousands and thousand innocent people. tell me how many people got killed in Crimea vs let’s say Iraq? Ohh by the way where is a chemical weapon that triggered a war in Iraq by huge unacceptable US lie? Still looking for that? haha – lairs and Hippocrates thinking that whatever you say is only true? But facts tell opposite…

  50. True that NATO can’t attack Russia but the other way is true too. The EU alone has 1.6 million soldiers, 3 million home guard soldiers and a combined defense spending at $200 billion which is 3 times that of Russia’s budget. Add US forces in Europe. There would be no winners in a conflict like that.

  51. I guess were going in circles here. The US had NO REASON to fight until Pearl Harbor attack. Afterwards the US joined and fought where it could, primarily the Pacific. Did Russia fight extensively in the Pacific? No, they only fought when attacked by their “friends” and the Russian winter is FAMOUS for helping defeat Napolean and Hitler. Its funny coming from a Russian who just annexed a sovereign countries territory.

  52. You’re absolutely right! That is not a proud moment in our history. BUT, we teach it in school as a horrible act as well as imprisoning Japanese citizens during WW2. Does Russia teach about the Katyn Forest Massacre? Or the Gualags that Stalin used to imprison his own people? Or the millions of people he killed? Or the Iron Curtain?

  53. Russia fought Hitler and won the war after Stalingrad battle on it own waiting for rabbits US guys to join the war as they were really afraid of that and used to gave right and left all European countries.

  54. See – you need approval from you mom on every single step – probably you are retard but I pay for internet myself. In Vietnam you did not loose single war but lost a battle and ran way as coyote with a tale between legs. That’s a fact.

  55. The US didnt join the European theatre of war until Pearl Harbor attack. The US fought in the PAcific against the Japanese and in Europe against the Germans. Please remind me how brave Russia was to fight Hitler after signing the cowardly pact with him in Russian winter with Allied help.

  56. Well – you should be proud of US that was sitting in a bush as a rabbit and gave up whole Europe including France, Poland etc and waiting for winner in WWII. It was clear in 1943 who is winner and just join them in a battle with Hitler :-)) Also let me remind how brave US nation was in “The Burning of Washington in 1814 was an attack during the War of 1812 between British forces and those of the United States of America.” Few thousands British used to pursue whole US army at the time when Russia was fighting and defeated 1 million Napoleon army. Tell me any US general who can even be close in comparison with Napoleon?

  57. Haha, I see you retracted your Vietnam argument. As for N. Korea…Its a cease-fire i.e. no one won. Now go ask your mom for 10 more minutes of internet.

  58. The US lost military in N Korea – go to school and learn a history. It was a front against US-British front where you guys can’t do anything military. Again read and learn history as you are uneducated person

  59. We don’t need to attack Russia, their bombers and fighter jets are crashing and falling off the skies by themselves. And theur Tsar nukes will detonate on Russian soils by themselves

  60. Didnt Russia sign the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact with Germany not to interfere and to split up Poland before WW2? A sign of weakness on their part right? Actually pretty pathetic and evil if you think about it.

  61. Did you count nuke warheads? Russia can wipe out all NATO countries in 20 mins max as a bunch or one by one. Wake up and take it seriously.

  62. Hey domination hero – let me remind you Vietnam and N Korea war with shamed defeat. Dominating just because fighting somebody that can’t reply back?

  63. NATO does not have what it takes to defeat a troop of boy scouts. I call the them the gay parade. all gutless cowards ,that give gifts to woman for sex and that goes for the blue helmet EU,read about it..

  64. NATO certainly doesn’t have what it takes to attack Russia. But the notion that Russia is going to be blitzkrieging across Europe is based on a 25 century old fable, more commonly known today as, The Story of Chicken Little.

  65. Sure they do. An unarmed border guard with a visa desk can stop them. Despite all the self serving hysteria coming out of NATO, Russia has never attacked or threatened any NATO nation and there is no conceivable reason why they would want to.

  66. nato was set up for peace and aligned aginst what was the ussr. Peace as you call it has remained in place with all nato members since 1945. can you try and justify your comment on where and who was involved in all wars in europe since 1945. Any uprising or war has been against the imposed goverments backed by Russia and all wars (civil ) were uprisings. suppose conflicts take on the same east / west or communist anti – pro divide. Civil wars in europe have all been after the fall of the berlin wall in 1989. countries have realigned themselves towards nato or russia therafter, Russia is half the problem if your concerned with ukraine, issue in russia and the baltic state proclaimed independance issue currently being delth with by russian courts. A lame and selective view of europe. New europe came about after the fall of ussr, yet the ability for the former eastern blocks to intergrate into a modern western europe has shown europe as a sucess. Russia by default because of the word and actions of putin who wants to make russia great again ( return to ussr) is the destablising force. Eastern europe wars ovrer the last 10 – 15 years have invoved Russia. Russia is the problem or am I wrong.

  67. Russia thinks they can take NATO on, dude what kind of dope are you on, we outclass Russia in almost every military classification. you are the one in dreamland dude.

  68. LoL Of course it doesn’t. How is NATO going to stop Russia, when most of its member states would fight each other, once blood is in the water?

    Russia isn’t even the problem. It’s the fact that Europeans can’t go 100 years without trying to kill each other.

  69. No they do not have what it will take. Only because they allow Russia and china to strike first. Some have been allowed to look into the future and the west is defeated. It ends up that Russia and china go at it in France were they make an agreement to allow Russia to lead the armies of the whole world into the middle east to a well known valley there. But don’t believe me I’m just crazy.

  70. We have all seen this movie before. It has been playing out in Syria. It is playing out in Iraq. It is playing out in Afghanistan. It is being played out in Libya. And the name of the game is: Iraq is unpredictable, she threatens her neighbors, NOW WHAT! Our government is run by a bunch of deranged psychopaths who never should have extended NATO east of Berlin.

  71. To Romeo: Your history is not correct.: Russia has lost 2 wars over the past 150 years, The Crimean War against England, France, and the Ottoman Empire in the 1850s (Remember the “Charge of the Light Brigade”) and Russia lost the Russo-Japanese war in 1905. In the 1905 war almost the entire Russian Fleet was destroyed.

  72. And why is that, “I’m so delusional”? Is it because, I do not agree with the Washington’s misleading propaganda that paid trolls as you are, keep spewing it out every single day? Of curse Russia does not have any active duty troops in Ukraine and never had any, as they do not need Donbass region. Speaking of Crimea, for centuries they were a part of Russia, not Ukraine. Back in 1954, when Russia and Ukraine were parts of the USSR, former Soviet president Nikita Khrushev, the same one that took off his shew in the UN and was knocking with it on podium and telling to the U.S “We will bury you”, transferred Crimea to Ukraine. U.S. annexed Texas and California from Mexico, as well as Hawaii from Japan. But Russia did not impose any sanctions on the the U.S. nor threatened the U.S. in any way whatsoever as the U.S. along with NATO do to Russia.

  73. Russia and the US have been cooperating in space with the ISS. Too bad they can’t learn to cooperate on our own planet, acting like ISIS instead.

  74. Why don’t you read a little history Mr. Sloan? The US lost in 2 proxy wars (Korea and Vietnam) after WWII, and I don’t think that Iraq was such a big success, considering that ISIS is gobbling up the entire territory, and enjoying the American hardware that they’ve acquired in the process. You think that causing Russia to launch over 8500 nuclear warheads, rendering our entire planet to be uninhabitable is somehow courageous and righteous? Life will suck for anyone who is left afterwards… if anyone is left at all.

  75. Paul, if they could only think that way!
    Unfortunately they can’t!
    They are too stupid and greedy for more power but fail to realize they could have all the power in the world if they only promoted peace and prosperity.

    Very nice choice of words Paul

  76. Romeo, you are being delusional if you think NATO or the US cant hold its own against the Ruskies!
    Russia really don’t want a fight with us or NATO either!
    Look at it this way, if Russia was so sure about itself they would have never denied that it had its own troops withing Crimea and Ukraine in the beginning!

  77. “any military moves by NATO or the U.S. will be viewed by Russia as a provocation”…

    But Russia annexing Crimea or sending “separatists” into Ukraine wasn’t eastern provocation?
    Oh, ok

  78. Lying and deceiving, paid Washington’s shill, you stinker, would not know if Russia’s nuclear threats are empty or not, until they drop a nuke right on your lying and deceiving head.

  79. Neither the U.S. nor NATO, had and has balls o counter Russia. Russia will wipe their behind with NATO as with the toilet paper. U.S. in its short history never, ever won even a single war. On the contrary, Russia in their long history, never lost any war

  80. Whilst not calling for a non-military response the current widespread Russian aggression, I posit that more than ever before, planet earth needs men of wisdom who would build a think-tank to fashion out ways to defuse the escalating tensions and restore real peace and order on the the only known habitable object in the milky wave galaxy and indeed, the universe. More wisdom and not more military might – our survival depends to a large extent on it.

  81. Thanks to Putin’s empty threats of nuclear war and his useless flights of those primitive war planes into other nations’ air spaces, NATO has had lots of time to plan and strategize towards a real hot war with Putin’s Russia. In fact, NATO has now surrounded Russia with the most powerful war machines ever assembled against any nation in the past.
    Since Putin and the Russian people know, without a doubt, that Nuclear weapons are weapons for committing suicide and NOT weapons for winning wars, they know without a doubt the overwhelming armada of killer weapons that are waiting for Russians right on Russia’s borders. How stupid can a leader be to put his nation and its people in such a huge danger of total destruction?

  82. Thanks to Putin’s empty threats of nuclear war and his useless flights of those primitive war planes into other nations’ air spaces, NATO has had lots of time to plan and strategize towards a real hot war with Putin’s Russia. In fact, NATO has now surrounded Russia with the most powerful war machines ever assembled against any nation in the past. Since Mr. Putin
    and the Russian people know, without a doubt, that Nuclear weapons are weapons for committing suicide and NOT weapons for winning wars, they know without a doubt the overwhelming armada of killer weapons that are waiting for Russians right on Russia’s borders. How stupid can a leader be to put his nation and its people in such a huge danger of total destruction?

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