Moldova: Pondering Unification With Romania?

Moldova: Pondering Unification With Romania?
Victory Day

Moldova: Pondering Unification With Romania? by EurasiaNet

Hard times in Moldova are prompting some Moldovans to warm to the idea of unification with neighboring Romania.

On July 5, thousands of Moldovans, carrying Romanian flags, marched in the Moldovan capital, Chi?in?u, voicing a preference that Moldova, a predominantly ethnic Romanian country that signed an integration agreement with the EU last year, give up on independence and join Romania, which is already a member of the EU and NATO.

“We tried to change the political elite, from communist to democratic, we tried to ‘move away’ from the East and get closer to the West, but, nonetheless, the degree of citizens’ dissatisfaction has reached its peak,” commented 25-year-old Elena Podoleanu, a demonstrator from Chi?in?u. “Corruption, bureaucracy, the political class’ lack of a spine will never allow Moldova to be a developed country as is the case with the Baltic states.” (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, three tiny former Soviet republics, now are EU and NATO members.)

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