Meet Jeff Ubben

I’d like to introduce you to Jeff Ubben, the Valeant Pharmaceuticals of hedge fund managers. Wait…nevermind, you get the point. This is a short post, but packed with must-know, must-read info. First is a look at Jeff Ubben’s ValueAct 13D performance. This is part of the activist performance database we’re pumping. You can read more about it a recent blog post on our happenings.


Ubben has killed it. His average 13D is up 23.5% annualized. All his closed 13D campaigns have returned 20% annually but one. C.R. Bard didn’t work out. His Valeant position is a big standout with a 58% CAGR, but there’s plenty of other winners, including Verisign, Rockwell Collins and Gardner Denver – all with 50% CAGRs. Open 13D campaign wise, 21st Century Fox and Allison Transmissions are the two most interesting ones to me.

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 Jeff Ubben
Jeff Ubben

Goodreads on Ubben-

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  • @jay_21_ thoughts on Ubben: “Listened to a few Ubben interviews 2 good concepts: 1) ensure equity rep is on BoD 2) don’t buy at a control premium but exit at one.”
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