Man Sues University of Michigan Over Right To Bear Arms

Man Sues University of Michigan Over Right To Bear Arms
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Josh Wade is suing the University of Michigan in order to be able to carry a gun on the Ann Arbor campus.

The firearm advocate claims that the University’s ban of firearms on its property is against state law, which prohibits local units of government from imposing regulations on guns. Wade claims that he wants the University of Michigan to abide by state law, according to Fox News.

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State law allows open carry, University does not

Wade, who is a resident of Ann Arbor, has been banned from openly carrying his handgun on campus, although open carry is legal in the state of Michigan. “I carry for defense of myself and my family, it’s really that simple,” he said.

Under state law, those with concealed carry permits are allowed to take their firearms into so-called pistol-free zones, like campuses, if their weapon is visible.

Wade is challenging the ability of the University to impose firearms regulations, but spokesman Rick Fitzgerald says that “the university will rigorously defend its right to regulate weapons on campus to ensure students and faculty can feel free to explore challenging topics without fear of violence.”

Debate rumbles on in Michigan

One of the reasons that Wade wants the ban to be lifted is to protect female students. The University recently released a study which reveals that 20% of females on campus has been a victim of rape.

“Why does the university want to disarm them? Why do they want to make these women helpless? It just doesn’t make any sense to me,” said Wade.

The case is not the first of its kind. Several others have been filed against school districts in Michigan for banning Open Carry. A number of recent incidents have seen firearms advocates attend churches, schools and government complexes carrying their weapons in protest.

One rifle-carrying man caused Lamphere High School to be locked down twice in a week. Shawn Nixon then also turned up outside the county jail complex armed with his rifle. Although a debate on state gun laws is necessary, causing distress to schoolchildren does not seem like the best way to incite one.

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