Ken Griffin Slams Banks For Trying To Control Fixed Income Markets

Ken Griffin Slams Banks For Trying To Control Fixed Income Markets

Banks are not a bond investor’s best friend. At least according to Ken Grifffin, the founder and CEO of hedge fund Citadel LLC, banks are clearly acting selfishly and only in their own interest as they lobby regulators and politicians to put up barriers to new market-makers in the fixed income sector. In an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal, Griffin argues that banks  “have enjoyed a privileged position as intermediaries between buyers and sellers in the fixed-income markets” for some time.

He also says that it is not at all surprising that banks claim that their privileged position must be kept to guarantee liquidity during volatile periods. This, however, Ken Griffin says, is a complete myth propagated by banks to “preserve their competitive moat around what has been a very lucrative business.”

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Ken Griffin on bond market liquidity

As Citadel’s Ken Griffin points out, a debate over the role banks sh