Jeff Gundlach: Economy Can’t Corroborate Fed Rate Hike Hopes

Speaking at CNBC’s Delivering Alpha conference, Doubleline Capital founder Jeff Gundlach sees a Federal Reserve that wants to raise interest rates this year but can’t.

Jeff Gundlach: Economy Can’t Corroborate Fed Rate Hike Hopes

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Economy looks better because real GDP falling with inflation: Gundlach

CNBC's Kate Kelly reports highlights from Jeffrey Gundlach, Doubleline Capital CEO, and his statements on the Fed and rate hikes at CNBC's 2015 Delivering Alpha conference in New York.

Seth Klarman: Investors Can No Longer Rely On Mean Reversion

Volatility"For most of the last century," Seth Klarman noted in his second-quarter letter to Baupost's investors, "a reasonable approach to assessing a company's future prospects was to expect mean reversion." He went on to explain that fluctuations in business performance were largely cyclical, and investors could profit from this buying low and selling high. Also Read More

China far too volatile to invest in: Gundlach

Jeff Gundlach, DoubleLine Capital CEO, reacts to statements made by Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen and weighs in on how the Greece crisis is affecting markets.

Gundlach: We're long India stock market

We're going to be long there for years, says DoubleLine Capital's Jeffrey Gundlach, revealing his play on India. Also Gundlach shares his thoughts on opportunities in Japan.

Gundlach: Don't see liquidity problem in bonds

DoubleLine Capital's Jeffrey Gundlach, weighing in on liquidity worries in the bond market.

Gundlach: Apple's cheap but we're out of it

DoubleLine Capital's Jeffrey Gundlach, says Apple's big size troubles him and he wonders how the company is going to compound its growth.

Gundlach: I bought Annaly a couple weeks ago

DoubleLine Capital's Jeffrey Gundlach, says Annaly is really cheap despite book value concerns.

Gundlach: I'm a value guy at heart

Bond king Jeffrey Gundlach of DoubleLine Capital, shares his thoughts on where he is finding value, including taking his short position off against Delta Air Lines.

Have a feeling there will be a crisis here...:Gundlach

Jeff Gundlach, DoubleLine Capital CEO, reacts to uncertainty in Puerto Rico