iPhone 6S To Be Small iPhone 6 Update

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It seems that the iPhone 6s will be a relatively small upgrade of the iPhone 6 when it is released later this year. This is according to the latest information seeping out about this critical forthcoming hardware release. Apple has already made big preparations for the release of the iPhone 6s, with the corporation planning for sales of 90 million devices by the end of the calendar year. This would represent a record even for the already prolific apple, but it seems that consumers won’t be getting a revolutionary version of the iPhone series next time out.

iPhone 6s critical to Apple

A successful iPhone 6s is critical to the future of Apple, despite the outstanding financial position that the iconic brand enjoys at the moment. Although other product lines have been introduced by the California-based company, the iPhone remains the most popular Apple product by a considerable distance. However, with China an increasingly important marketplace for Apple, and evidence that Apple now sells more iPhones in China than the United States, it is essential for Apple to keep its momentum up. Since decline in the Chinese economy could harm Apple in the foreseeable future, an outstanding iPhone 6s release will help negate this potential issue.

In its most recent earnings report, 70 percent of Apple’s income is generated by the iPhone series, and it is thus understandable that Apple does not want to kill its golden goose. The iPhone brand is protected very jealously and carefully, and Apple thus has tended to be conservative with the iPhone range in recent years. It is difficult to argue with this policy and ethos considering that Apple’s year-on-year sales of the iPhone series has increased by 40 percent recently.

And according to the Wall Street Journal, when Apple replaces the iPhone 6 with the forthcoming iPhone 6s, the new device will be a “slight update” to its existing design. The Wall Street Journal is basing this on a report by Capital Advisors that suggests that Apple will be cautious in recommending any design changes for the next generation iPhone.

Apple growth dismissed

Capital Advisors Managing Director Channing Smith actually poured a little scorn on the long-term prospects of Apple, suggesting that growth in sales of the smartphone could slow down in the coming years. Smith indicated that the Chinese marketplace is indeed incredibly important to Apple, and that market share in saturated and developed markets will inevitably slow in the coming years.

Smith concluded that Apple is still in an extremely strong financial and manufacturing position, but that the potential upside of the company has certainly diminished in recent years.

This might seem surprising to Apple aficionados, or those who follow the mobile marketplace carefully, as Apple has experienced an incredibly abundant 2014. It is currently comfortably outselling Samsung, and has no obvious rivals at the apex of the consumer electronics niche. However, declines tend to blight businesses when they reach a certain age, and it is difficult to imagine how Apple could scale the height of business success much further than it has already.

S&P Capital IQ analyst Angelo Zino has even suggested that the iPhone 6s may regress in sales from the iPhone 6. This is based on the opinion that the iPhone 6 benefited from people holding back from purchasing a smartphone ahead of the next generation device. With the iPhone 6s openly acknowledged by Apple to be an upgrade of the iPhone 6 rather than a truly next generation device, it could be that demand for the iPhone 6s is less than Apple was ideally hoping for.

Apple has declined to comment on the opinions of the analyst community, and it probably feels that it has no compelling need to do so. The company is still in rude health, and the iPhone series remains an iconic brand. Apple is usually conservative about sale estimates, and expects to shift more units of the iPhone 6s than its previous handset. Bu the opinions of Zino and Smith are certainly valid and credible.

New iPhone 6s features

With Apple set to announce the iPhone 6s in September, there are several new predicted features for the smartphone. The first of these is for the corporation to implement the Force Touch technology that it introduced with the Apple Watch. This will enable a wide variety of functions to be operated on the iPhone simply by pressing down with differing degrees of strength.

A new A9 chip, an updated camera and the inclusion of iOS 9 are also certain in the iPhone 6s. It is also predicted that Apple could upgrade the resolution of the iPhone 6s display, possibly producing his first ever full HD smartphone-sized device.

Opinions may differ on the future of the iPhone series, but previous precedent suggest that it will still be a dramatic and well-received launch when Apple announces the device in September.

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9 Comments on "iPhone 6S To Be Small iPhone 6 Update"

  1. It will come with the A10 chip.

  2. “…And according to the Wall Street Journal, when Apple replaces the iPhone 6 with the forthcoming iPhone 6s, the new device will be a “slight update” to its existing design…”

    It all depends on many of these so-called tech journalists considered to be major update. I’ve always find it strange that many people only consider a “major” update is when Apple provide a new case design for the iPhone regardless of how many monumental changes are made to the internal components. For instance, many of these same tech journalists also considered that going from iPhone 5 to iPhone 5s was a “slight update” as well.

    The iPhone 5s introduced the new fingerprint biometric sensor, the first 64 bit processor for a mobile device and added an integrated motion processor. It also introduced the first 64 bit mobile OS. Yet, none of these update was considered significant by these people. Apple’s new 64 bit processor was so surprise and shocking to the rest of the mobile industry at time that it completely took Samsung, Qualcomm and Google by surprise. Still, until Apple changes the outer casing, none of these matters and are considered “slight updates”. It’s hard to fathom the mind of these “tech” journalists.

  3. Only roughly 30 percent of iPhone users have updated. It follows the same pattern as always. Certain group of users always update to the next number and a certain group wait for the s version. IT departments typically do the same, wait for the two year cycle. Regardless of the amazing sales the majority of iPhone users have not upgraded. That’s not even the true growth potential, the growth is in converting android users in the U.S. and China. So you still got 70% of iPhone users left paying the same as the did for the last phone they owned and android users. Plus our multinational company is upgrading from iPhone 4s to the 6 this year.

  4. In a recent trip to Japan and Asia countries, I’ve seen many iPhone 5S still circulating, for having said that means, people are not fully upgraded to iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus yet. Therefore iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus still have plenty to grow.

  5. i think apple iPhone 7 come in chipset A9

  6. In American most people that wanted an Iphone have it. In China most people that could afford an Iphone have it. iphone 6 was the bigger screen everybody was asking they will not by upgrading to 6S. Iwatch is a flop, where is the growth?

  7. True very true I stand corrected in that regard. However I do feel that the next phone will not have the letter “i” in it since it’s only natural that after so many numerical names to any product that it becomes a little redundant. But if you ask for my opinion, I rather it be called the iPhone 7.

  8. Steve Jobs came up with Apple TV… not iTV

  9. Here is my prediction for 2016. Before I get to that however, I can honestly feel that the iPhone 6s will be our last iPhone since as I understand was designed by the late Steve Jobs thus the iPhone having the number 6 in its name. So, for 2016 the next iPhone will be Tim Cook’s actual first baby. If you noticed Tim is slowly getting rid of the letter “i” In the apple products. This is leading me to believe that we will not be getting an iPhone 7 next year since most likely they will just name it the “Apple Phone”.

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