iPhone 6S And iPhone 7 Will Not Have 16GB Models [REPORT]

iPhone 6S And iPhone 7 Will Not Have 16GB Models [REPORT]
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As the release date of the iPhone 6s draws nearer, a raft of new rumors about the iconic Apple smartphone are coming to light. The latest leaks suggest that Apple will dump the 16 GB storage version when it releases the next iPhone model in September. Reports indicate that Apple will instead ensure that the base model of the iPhone 6s will be fitted with 32 GB of internal storage.

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There are numerous possible motivations for this decision. Apple has been particularly active in the music marketplace recently, and will clearly envisage the iPhone as a major part of this ethos. Upgrading this aspect of the iPhone 6s to 32 GB would send out a clear message to consumers that it can be a serious storage device as well as a bargain basement smartphone.

Additionally, there have been several murmurings that suggest that Apple will upgrade the screen resolution of the iPhone 6s to possibly even quad HD. This would mean that storage would be placed at a premium should users wish to save quad HD material on their particular iPhone units. So Apple could view the introduction of a larger 32 GB version of the iPhone as a logical move considering this increase in screen resolution.

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Apple could also be concerned that users utilizing limited internal storage will not be able to satisfactorily update to the latest version of its mobile operating system. iOS 9 is naturally expected to form a major part of the iPhone 6s when it is released, and Apple will want to ensure that it runs as slickly as possible after some users complained of sluggishness with the iPhone 6.

So whispers from close to the Apple supply chain in East Asia suggest that both the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus will ship in 32 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB configurations. Sources based within the notorious Taiwan-based manufacturing partner Foxconn have stated that the packaging for the new iPhone 6s does not include a 16 GB model of the smartphone.

Improved casing

Reports from Taiwan have also indicated that Apple has been working on producing a stronger and more durable case for the iPhone 6s in an effort to avoid somebody similar embarrassing headlines that it experienced in 2014. Bendgate was not a particularly pleasant experience for Apple, and it is one that the corporation will unquestionably hope to avoid this time round.

Force Touch

It is also been widely reported that Apple will include Force Touch technology in the iPhone 6s. This debuted with relative success in the Apple Watch smartwatch, and has also been migrated to be highly popular range of MacBook laptops. Force Touch enables devices to distinguish between a light tap and a harder press on the display, and it was probably the most lauded aspect of the reason Apple Watch release.

However, with the iPhone 6s being a significantly more complex device than the Apple Watch series, it is thought that Apple could instigate a huge amount of functionality with Force Touch in its flagship smartphone. This subtle feature is utilized on the Apple Watch series in order to hide menu items, but it could be used in a much more nuanced and complex fashion in the iPhone series.

A name that will be familiar to all avid fans of Apple products, industry analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, of KGI Securities, suggests that Force Touch will be a huge selling point of the forthcoming iPhone series. He believes that the iPhone 6s will benefit hugely from the inclusion of Force Touch, and that this will enable the user experience to be enriched via increased input methods and the support of handwritten signatures. This latter feature will be particularly beneficial for the expansion of the commercial market, something that Apple is targeting in the immediate future.

Pink model

Another interesting aspect of the iPhone 6s is that it will offer users a new pink color option. Reports have indicated that Apple has been considering this variant of the iPhone for sometime, and it is thought that this version of the smartphone could appeal to female consumers in particular. Apple currently offers three choices of color within the hugely successful iPhone range, namely Silver, Gold and Space Grey. But the vast number of strap and face options that the consumer electronics giant proffered to consumers with Apple Watch range has evidently provided Apple with inspiration.

Although the Cupertino-based company was previously rumored to be developing a rose gold version of the iPhone 6s handset, similar to the color of the Apple Watch, murmurings on this front have died down. It now seems more likely that we will see the aforementioned pink version of the iPhone 6s materialize when it is released in September, and that the rose gold version was possibly a red herring.

iPhone 6S Camera

Another aspect of the iPhone 6s that is expected to be significantly improved over previous iterations of the handset is the camera included in the device. This has been an intense source of rumors over the last few months, with many interesting suspicions surrounding the iPhone 6s release.

It has been suggested by some sources that Apple could consider including a DSLR professional standard snapper in the iPhone 6s when it releases later this year. And a unique periscope design was also linked with the smartphone. However, as the time ticks away towards the release of the iPhone 6s, it looks increasingly likely that Apple will hold back such revolutionary features for the next generation iPhone 7 released in 2016.

A more likely expectation for the iPhone 6s is that Apple will bump up the megapixel rating in the device’s camera to 12-megapixels. This is not something that Apple does lightly nor frequently, so if the corporation does decide on a 50 percent increase on the megapixel rating inherent in the iPhone 6, this would represent a significant step forward for the handset.

With a September 25 release date having already been leaked, we can look forward to finding out the final design parameters of the iPhone 6s in less than a couple of months.

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