Intel Working To Fix Battery Bug In Windows 10


Intel is working to resolve a small bug that impacts the battery life of devices running Windows 10. The timing of the news is crucial as it comes just days before the release of the much-awaited Windows 10 OS.

Not much impact of the bug, Intel

A report from PC World reveals that Intel is working to resolve a minor bug in an upcoming patch, which will enhance device battery life. Its been noted that  battery performance is not impacted by more than 10% with the bug, but Intel still plans to resolve the issue before the Windows 10 launch.

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As Windows 10 is a new OS, it will require new drivers and performance boosters to ensure devices run smoothly on the new OS, says the report. To make this happen, Intel is working with Microsoft to better battery-related drivers on the new OS “across all Intel platforms.”

Confirming the bug, Intel told PC World in an email, “While we are working on technical optimizations, we have seen very minor hits to battery life but even the upper end of what we have seen is below 10 percent.” The chip maker expects battery performance on the Windows 10 systems to be “nearly the same” as on the Windows 8.1 after the update and the release of the drivers for Windows 10.

Cortana to impact battery performance?

Citing PC makers, PC World says the Cortana digital assistant, which is built into Windows 10, may impact the battery life of a PC, but there is no evidence about the amount of impact.

Updates to the drivers and bug fixes are vital in enhancing the performance of a device. Though Microsoft will be providing support for the new OS, related partners such as Intel play an equally important role by coming up with driver updates.

For the time being, it will be hard to determine the exact battery performance of Windows 10 devices, but we will not have to wait for long as the Windows launch in now just days away. Microsoft’s latest OS, Windows 10, will make its debut on July 29. Battery performance is a concern for the chip maker ahead of Microsoft’s big release, but the Intel plans to fix the battery bug on time.