How To Get Windows 10 Right Now Without Waiting For Update


Windows 10 has been released today, as you might already know. The OS surely comes with some brand new features and looks like a worthy update. So if you have already reserved for the update to Windows 10, then now all you can do is to just wait for the update to arrive. But if you are the impatient one and want to update to Windows 10 right now without any waiting then here’s what you can do.

Update to Windows 10 without any waiting

Before proceeding forward, as always, we would advise you to backup your data first. You can consider installing a rollback tool, or you can also use Windows 10’s roll back feature, however, that option will expire after a month so if you want to roll back, then do it within the first month of installing the operating system.

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Head over to the Windows 10 download page, scroll down a bit and then click on “Download Tool Now.” Now you might wonder which version of Windows you would want to download? Well, most users would want to download the 64-bit version, but if you are currently running on 32-bit, then download this 32-bit version.

This tool can also be used to create installation media, for example on DVD or flash drive, but you can also use this tool to upgrading directly to Windows 10, without creating any external media.

Once the download is complete, run the tool and then choose the option “Upgrade this PC.” From there on, simply follow the on-screen process and let the download to complete, and then install. Your OS might reboot a few times so don’t worry. Note that downloading the complete OS will take time so you will need to have patience during this step.

So go ahead and use this method to get Windows 10 right now!