How Cloud-Based Video Services Helps In Small Business?


Cloud-based video services make an impression on small businesses according to the Wall Street Journal. A recent study conducted by Intuit, the maker of TurboTax, found that “Eighty-five percent of small businesses are planning to increase their spending on software in the next five years.” Part of the appeal of the cloud is that in-house computers are no longer necessary.   Users of Bluejeans access video services a number of ways including from a mobile device while on the go or working from a remote location.

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The results include better mobility, reliability, and management of time and finances. Businesses watching the bottom line note the positive impact cloud-based video services have on lowering travel and transportation costs as well as the convenience of holding meetings any time management deems it necessary. One of the challenges cloud-based video service providers overcame was convincing small businesses to jump onboard without a dedicated technology team. Bluejeans seized the opportunity to squelch the misconception that the threat of security breaches threaten the usefulness of cloud applications by offering Firewall/NAT traversal and encrypted meetings to offer a safe place to hold meetings.

Better Collaboration

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With cloud-based programs, people access applications through an internet connection on a device they’re most comfortable with. That means they already own the equipment they need to be active participants in group discussions. According to American Express Open forum, “A growing percentage of small-and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) consider the ability to be productive remotely as critical to their operations.” A 2010 Microsoft survey stated that “66 percent (of SMBs) said they need to allow employees to work anywhere at any time.”

Cloud-based video conferencing with BlueJeans allows users to share rich, HD content. Users see quality slides and budget-tracking sheets in high definition up to 1080p. They’re also able to show product demos and trailers as well as record meetings to share at a later date with others. Sending links, questions, and other communications during video conferences doesn’t disrupt the flow during meetings thanks to group text chat.

Better Use of Financial Resources

Spending money on hardware that people seldom use, small businesses often opt for cloud-based video services instead. Subscribing to a service for a low monthly fee allows companies to better control their budgets. The Cloud also allows businesses to remove users and utilize less storage space during slower seasons and ramp up services when things pick up once again.

New York-based IDC, a market research firm, reports that “Overall, the global cloud-based enterprise application market-also known as Software as a Service, or SaaS-is expected to reach $50.8 billion by 2018, up from $22.3 billion in 2013, representing an annual growth rate of nearly 18% in five years.” Small and large businesses see value in cloud-based services particularly those with video because of how cost-effective they are.

Secure Backup of Data

The Cloud makes it possible for small businesses to keep data current and accessible. Having a secure place to back things up keeps operations running smoothly following an onsite system failure or natural disaster. Rather than lose valuable time trying to recover and retrieve lost information, companies continue on with their day-to-day activities without missing a beat. Unforeseen events have little impact on the flow of one’s schedule because retrieval is through the Cloud not a hard drive.

Greater Reliability and Customer Support

Bluejeans offers scalable cloud service meaning there is not hardware or software to buy, install or manage. With great reliability, small business employees go about their daily routine as they always do. They don’t need to receive support from an IT team but do have the option to contact customer support. Bluejeans’ standard service plan provides online, phone, and email support where its premium plan provides 24 x 7 support, technical consultations, and training.

Better Resource Management

To remain competitive as a small business, owners must do what they can to stretch their resources. Working in the Cloud helps companies maintain their “spot” in the industry by allowing them to focus on running their businesses and not the mundane minutiae that eats up time and money. Since the Cloud is accessible at any time, work hours are whatever the business deems necessary to grow and succeed.

In Closing

Cloud-based video services helps small businesses achieve more in less time. With no travel required and very little expense, companies have the ability to focus on the things that matter most and help them add to their success. Although many cloud-based video services exist, few offer the same flexibility of Bluejeans. Noted as one of the most reliable video conferencing companies around, it gives small businesses in every industry cloud-based services without the need for special software and hardware. Being able to bring-your-own-device to meetings cuts down on additional costs as well as timewasters such as connectivity issues.

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