Ex-Hertz CEO Mark Frissora May Face Clawback Of Pay

Ex-Hertz CEO Mark Frissora May Face Clawback Of Pay

According to a July 17th article from regulatory filing research firm footnoted*, it appears there is at least a chance that former Hertz CEO Mark Frissora will face an attempt to clawback some of his compensation based on new SEC rules.

This revelation is notable both in terms of the potential impact on Frissora’s finances, and in terms of the ramifications it may have on his new job as CEO of Caesar’s Entertainment.

Hertz filing hints ex-CEO Mark Frissora may face pay clawback

footnoted* has completed a thorough examination of the rental car industry leader’s delayed, but recently filed 10-K annual report for 2014, which included restated results for 2012 and 2013 and the firm’s first quarter 10-Q filing for 2015, and noted an important disclosure buried deep in the more than 400 page document.

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