GoPro To Unveil Video-Editing App Later This Summer

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GoPro plans to expand reach to casual users with a new video-editing app for mobile phones. The company’s president Tony Bates recently announced his company’s plans to investors. The app is currently in the testing phase, but may launch as soon as the end of this summer.

It has been a long time coming for GoPro to launch an easy-to-use software. Many users found the current video editing software difficult to use, claiming it was clumsy to operate and took too much time to create videos.

GoPro wants to make video sharing easier

The new app will make it easy to edit and cut video footage right on a smartphone or tablet. It is also part of a bigger plan to start a cloud service instantly generating highlight reels. According to Bates, the service is also in the midst of developing. Not only does the service allow users to view videos from GoPro and other cameras. There are zero editing features in the service yet, but that may change in the future.

The expansion does not stop there. The camera maker unveiled Hero+LCD, an entry level camera with on-camera editing feature so users to instantly edit and share videos.

GoPro brings premium content to businesses

GoPro also unveiled a portal for licensing premium content. According to the GoPro blog, “The portal is unique in that it offers high production value content, all accessible from one source. It also eliminates the pain points creative professionals have when sourcing content by helping them clear copyrights and likeness rights, easy access to creators’ content and organized, efficient, time-saving tools to search, download and preview content to license for use in advertising, news and other media and entertainment.”

GoPro’s financial earnings are up with a 72% rise to $420 million during the second quarter.

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