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Google Rolls Out Second Android M Dev Preview

Google just rolled out the second preview of Android M, making it just one step closer to official release. The update comes with lots of minor fixes and a handful of platform changes. Android M was first unveiled in May with a permission model that enables apps to ask for specific permissions from users. This model is different from others that ask for blanket access once they are installed.

Android M’s second preview

The changes within Android M primarily involve permission modifications. Other permission changes were made to accounts, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth.

One of the major changes involving the interface includes a new memory overview screen that is located in the settings. The feature brings up a snapshot of overall usage instead of the old app breakdown. There is also a useful tool for app developers to find out if their app’s permission request was previously rejected by users.Because it is still in developer mode, some of the changes with Android M won’t work until the final release.

Since Google’s update is still in preview status, there are still issues it needs to resolve before the scheduled release. The update’s list of problems includes the inability to share videos on the YouTube app and problems with Android for Work.

Android rolls out the previews

Android M’s developer preview is currently available for the Nexus 5, Nexus 6, Nexus 9 tablet and Nexus Player. It is also available on some Sony devices, including Xperia smartphones and tablets. The Nexus devices receive the update before Sony, however, the latter’s involvement with developer previews may give it the advantage of being the first to receive the final release. Google has yet to officially announce the devices which will receive the first updates.

No official release date for Android M has been announced yet, but many people expect a September release.