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Google Lists Narendra Modi Under Most Stupid Prime Ministers

Google search results often reveal entertaining tidbits, but sometimes the results are downright insulting. The search engine recentlylisted Narendra Modi as one of the most stupid Prime Ministers in the world. Modi is the current Prime Minister of India and the leader of the Bharatiya Janata Party.

Google apologized for last month’s faux pas involving Narendra Modi

Last month, a similar debacle occurred when an image search for top 10 criminals in India showed photos of Modi. Google apologized for the misunderstanding or confusion people may have felt over the list. A representative for the company released the following statement, “These results trouble us and are not reflective of the opinions of Google. Sometimes, the way images are described on the Internet can yield surprising results to specific queries. We apologize for any confusion or misunderstanding this has caused. We’re continually working to improve our algorithms to prevent unexpected results like this.”

Daily News and Analysis India’s Nirmalya Dutta added the aforementioned results were derived from a photo in a British-based news source and articles including Modi’s statements about politicians with shady backgrounds.

How Google search algorithms operate

There is no word if the search giant will apologize for the most recent faux pas, but the firm will most likely correct the issue. It really isn’t Google’s fault that the search engine featured Modi in some of the search results. The search engine works by using web crawlers to follow links from one page to another. It then sorts out the pages of content and tracks it all on an index. When the user searches, the algorithms search for clues and locate relevant content related to the words within the index using over 200 key factors including website quality, location, and content freshness.

Google’s list of most stupid Prime Ministers also featured images of Great Britain’s David Cameron, former Thailand PM Abhisit Vejjajiva and Australia’s Tony Abbott.

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  1. I am sure things didnt go well between Indian Prime Minister and Google Executive Board. May be he asked for way too much bribe from Google. India has a country of culture with Bribes.

  2. Reality of history of Hindi bites, it is not stupid. The conspiracy to impose the langauge of Islamic origin must first stop.

  3. Mr modi was talking too much before elections now he’s out of words.. He doesn’t reply when media ask questions and Gujarat people needs to understand that if he’s Gujarati doesn’t mean they own him he’s such a blabber mouth

  4. What is wrong with it? Isnt the Prime Minister stupid? Why cant the Prime Minister speak in Indian languages first of all, why does he always speak in the Muslim origin language Hindi (Hindu name or Urdu language which is Pakistani/Muslim origin language).

    The PM now has ensured only the Islamic origin language remains the only official language and Indian language are not official.

    THis PM also recently hosted Muslim leaders.

    BJP should stop converting India to Muslim country and should stop the also imposition of Muslim origin language Hindi.

  5. Raj oyu are too stupid to be even here. On one side you keep calling India as a nation for all religions on the other hand in your comments you just justified that muslim were slaughtered in Gujrat was justified. so you yourself divided the country. Making the division of India in 1947 very much justifiable. Those people in in India and Bangladesh don’t have to live in ur hole i guess.

    I guess how can you justify the murder of the Australian priest who was murdered and burned alive with his wife and two children and what about the Austrian priest whose body was tied with a rope and dragged into the streets by villagers??? you wanna comment on that???? you people have no qualified to be humans yet so don’t start this conversation with you imbecile. By the Im not Muslim.

  6. Nothing is coincidental, there is always a cause and effect relationship……. laws of Nature!
    And by the way, relating fall of Enron to India would be ridiculous. Relationship I was drawing between Google and Enron was intetional “misrepresentation of facts”.

  7. ENRON was a energy company providing services to India more than two decades ago. It was giant that time. Nonetheless, India had complaints against them. Coincidently, at the same year the giant company with trillion dollar value suddenly went down. Reason: due to their misrepresentation of revenues, fraud etc.
    The fall of ENRON was entirely coincidental and can’t be linked to India as assumed.

  8. I think you misunderstood or misinterpreting my comments; where do you see a threat to whom????
    Read what you want to, but don’t make up things if you can not understand the logic!

  9. And where were you when all these things happened?I know.You were with the
    Al Qaida,murdering INNOCENTS in Afghanistan.Right?Or were you with your
    FELLOW TERRORISTS trying to infiltrate into India?This is much more likely.

  10. No dodged my point!
    I was referring to your comments above “Google should learn from the fall of ENRON. Too much ego generally do you in; no matter how great and smart you think you are!”

  11. Nazir, yes truth hurt for you, that’s why you like believe lies . After all he was a tea wala, he is on the world stage all most every day. His visa was denied not too long ago, years later he came to US as a guest of honor to White House. President of the most powerful nation in the world gave him a state dinner. That is the truth you guys cannot handle.

  12. This is not only a great embarrassment for all Indians but unworthy of a world class institution like Google to brand Indian Prime Minister as “Stupid”. Mr. Narendra Modi has won the election by over whelming majority and as a Prime Minister he commands respect all over India. India has a very glorious past history and a world record in many fields like the world’s most ancient University “Nalanda” was in India (Bihar), the worlds most pioneer democratic Government was in “Vaishali” (Bihar). The Arabs came to India to learn Mathematics and then invented “Algebra”. India is world’s no 1 in classic Music and Dance, Art and Craft, building architecture and so on. So there is no need to tell Google about India and about Indians. Indians even today are shining like stars all over the world and serving people by the best of their intellect and wisdom. Indians are categorized as no 1 amongst world’s intellectuals. We Indians seek apology from Google for this highly insulting and humiliating remark about Indian Prime Minister.

  13. It all started after elected. E.g Trying to fix the world before fixing the home; Forcing Hindi on Majority non-Hindi Speaking citizens; permitting a High School to select IIT directors ; allowing HM to insult bread earning English etc etc

  14. Modi is the current Prime Minister of India and the leader of the Bharatiya Janata Party. India is a democracy and Modi was democratically elected by majority Indians. He represents 1.3 billion Indians If some news media calls him stupid, that shows
    their stupidity and their disrespect for Indians. Some one should explain to me why he is considered stupid. Are Indians not smart ?

  15. why threatening ? Somebody is making a fool of himself and google………
    Calling lion a pussy cat does not change anything; it shows the observer is a damn fool!

  16. But where there’s a set criteria to judge and the results are based on objective evidences with everything is presented in a transparent manner then we can say that it is un-biased ..

  17. BJP is not a terrorist organization. Hindus are not terrorists . But not all Hindus are Gandhis to please the Muslims all the time. Modi was cleared of any wrongdoings by India’s Supreme court. But you are not going to believe or trust the Indian supreme court either. There is no other national party in India like the BJP The congress Party is almost extinct. The BJP and Modi will be there for a long time to come. Rest of the world has to accept the reality.

  18. He belongs to a terroritst organization. He was directly responsible for atleast 2 riots and killing of atleast 5000 muslims in Gujrat. Sorry you chose a buffoon

  19. America’s favorite word is “Sorry” as if to say that sorry makes it better, or goes away, before you pen something or say something one should keep in mind that they never have to apologize for statements said.
    Personally I feel if you said it, you meant it, and saying sorry is absolutely not acceptable . Before one calls a country’s head stupid, look into your own as if all US Presidents have been brilliant?????? Hah!!!!!!!

  20. I cannot understand the hatred some western media, google etc towards Prime Minister Modi. after all he was elected by majority Indians of the world’s biggest democracy. Are they stupid? This is insulting to all Indians. If they had elected Rahul Gandhi , these media would have been happier? Why is Modi stupid? Why is this animosity towards him? What did he do to these western media to insult him that much? There is no other credible opposition party in India today. The Congress Party is extinct. All the regional parties are useless and corrupt. The BJP and Modi will be reelected again. The western media has to learn with reality.

  21. Having more degrees than a thermometer does not make one intelligent.

    There a wide and wild difference between education and intelligence.

    But then, with you having three slots and only one ball, you wouldn’t ever understand.

    If it wasn’t for Indians’ nepotism – both societal and religious -,you’d all be bathing in the Ganges.

    Besides, of 1.2 billion people, odds are one or two can think!

  22. Hehehe. Yes, Indian math is passed as Arabian numbers! So you are a megastar engineer? Supervising hoards of Indian engineers? Indian engineers have sent a probe to Mars at low cost. Majority of grad students in US engineering schools are from India.

  23. Agreed. In fact, most Indians are stupid. I work with loads of Indian engineers. Most couldn’t build a birdhouse. A few can’t write their names.

  24. ” also featured images of Great Britain’s David Cameron, former Thailand PM Abhisit Vejjajiva and Australia’s Tony Abbott”

    Oh i see. it also featured them but you have to make an issue of modi only and not included the other ones in your headline. search engine just is an AI. This article writer is clearly spreading hate.

    PS. Search for Best Prime Minister, Most Honest Minister etc.

  25. just search prime minister and you will get results for dead ones like margaret thatcher, indra, nehru etc and non prime ministers ones like manmohan singh. proves nothing.

  26. Try searching Stupid Presidents- It will show images of Bush and Obama. It doesn’t means they are stupid. It is the result of search of word President.

  27. What is the use of GOOGLE’S APOLOGIES after the event?Google’s Chairman and his entire staff need to issue an apology by way of an advertisement which should be published in all the COUNTRIES of the world in their respective most circulated
    Newspapers and Magazines.

  28. Whether you are Prime Minister or a private citizen, someone somewhere, will think your beliefs, policies or values are stupid. A Prime Minister to be proud of is one who does not let such ‘stupidity’ bother him or her. Remember, barking dogs seldom bite.

  29. The people who wrote Mr. Modi with negative words may themslves be below that. My experience has shown that in the class room evaluations.



  32. I have checked similar ideas for searches. For example, “loud big mouth drug addicted hypocritical talk show host” used to be 9 for 10 Rush Limbaugh. Havent tried it lately.

  33. what ever goes up, has to come down. With these kinds of goof ups, google;s credibility will be at stake and more and more nations will start putting restrictions on google and will start supporting Yahoo, Bing an others who are competing with Google.in a way, it is good, monopoly, absolute monopoly of one business any where is bad.

  34. Haha please you know nothing. Google had the single best day in the stock market, EVER. It added 60 BILLION to its net worth. It will overtake Crapple very soon too. “there is no excuse to blame search engines; they do exactly how you program them. ” I am convinced you are disabled now. Search engines work via ALGORITHMS. They are NOT manually controlled. If you think so you are being foolish.

  35. Google is full of Indians working in various key positions…………….somebody may be doing it on purpose. Never the less, there is no excuse to blame search engines; they do exactly how you program them.
    In any case, I don’t think it degrades Modi in the eyes of the World. However. it certainly makes Google look less than professional organisation if not chldish. Google should learn from the fall of ENRON. Too much ego generally do you in; no matter how great and smart you think you are!

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