Google Reports Two Driverless Car Accidents, Blames Humans

Google Reports Two Driverless Car Accidents, Blames Humans
google_car by sam_churchill on 2012-05-21 08:33:10

Google driverless cars met with two accidents on the streets of Mountain View California in June. However, Google maintains that the accidents, like the previous ones, are due to other human driver’s faults.

Two Google cars met accidents in June

Google, in a report on Wednesday, said in both the accidents, which took place on June 4 and June 18, Google’s driverless car was in autonomous mode and stopped when the other vehicle hit it at low-speed. The Internet firm said that no one was injured. In one case Google’s Lexus was hit by an SUV, which was traveling around five miles an hour, and in the other case, there was no damage as the speed of the driverless vehicle was even slower.

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For years, Google was only reporting about its driverless vehicle accidents to the California Department of Motor Vehicles after deciding to keep it a secret from the public. However, after pressure from activist organizations such as Consumer Watchdog’s Privacy Project, the company had no option but to publish all the accident data. Furthermore, the company created a website for driverless vehicles project updates.

Fault of human drivers again

According to Google, this is the th