Galaxy Note 5 Case Renders Confirm Its Design

Samsung Galaxy Note 81399156 / Pixabay

Leaks and renders of Samsung’s upcoming phablet Galaxy Note 5 have become increasingly common as its official launch approaches. Now Ulak, which makes accessories for smartphones, has come up with pre-launch case renders of the Galaxy Note 5. These leaks confirm previous reports from reliable tipster @OnLeaks and French website

Galaxy Note 5 to look similar to S6

Ulak has a history of launching cases for flagship Apple and Samsung products over a month before these phones’ official launch. The latest case renders show an S Pen stylus, speaker, headphone jack, and charger port at the bottom. The cutout for the camera is wider than it is in the previous Note phablet, indicating that the LED flash will sit on the side of the camera instead of below it.

In terms of design, the Galaxy Note 5 closely resembles the Galaxy S6. The next-gen Note will reportedly have an aluminum frame and glass back panel that will deprive users of a removable battery and a microSD slot. Samsung will increase the battery size in Galaxy Note 5 to 4,100mAh from 3,220mAh in Note 4 to make up for the non-removable battery.

Contrary to rumors of a USB Type-C port, the Galaxy Note 5 will feature the mainstream microUSB 2.0 port. GSM Arena says the Galaxy Note 5 will boast of an auto-ejectable stylus. Samsung was granted a new patent last month by the U.S. PTO for an auto-ejectable stylus. The technology relies on software, and uses magnets to achieve auto-ejection.

Galaxy Note 5 details leaked

Inside sources familiar with the matter told SamMobile that the Galaxy Note 5 would sport a 5.67-inch Super AMOLED display and a powerful Exynos 7422 processor. The new chipset combines CPU, GPU, RAM, storage, and memory on a single chip. Samsung is widely expected to unveil the Note 5 at the annual IFA event in September.

Earlier this week, the Korean electronics giant came up with a promotional campaign for the Galaxy Note 4, signalling that the next-gen phablet is about to arrive soon. Samsung is offering $200 rebate on the purchase of Note 4.

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9 Comments on "Galaxy Note 5 Case Renders Confirm Its Design"

  1. Its going to suck that the battery cant get taken out. As well as you loosing your memory card..thats what i love about my note 3. If i want a phone without a removable battery, i minus well go with a iphone..

  2. I can’t wait to buy the Note 5. If the battery is better and I carry those cases and include the battery inside then no loss. I only use that case with the battery on occasions that I know I won’t be able to charge for a while. I wish they made it 6 inches. I would prefer bigger.

  3. I actually think I could deal with the non removable battery and SD card, but if it’s built just like s6 I won’t be happy. I don’t like cases and that s6 is slippery as hell to hold. Its nice looking imo, but not great in the hand. I can guarantee the note 5 would be horrible in the hand without a case. I would like the SD card slot. I toss my card from my gopro in there and it provides quick access to the HD footage on the go but not a deal breaker.

  4. The non removable battery is not a big deal for me cause I change phones every two years not using a SD card now so not sure I care about that either. Not excited about glass back I do not use a case and phone is looks new. I am not looking forward to better build materials. Focus on less bloat ware and trimming down Touchwiz .

  5. I will no longer buy Samsung without an SD card or removable battery.

  6. I probably will upgrade from Note Edge because it still heats up to much especially during reboot. Lollipop has been better for my Note then the other Note 3s in the house there battery life is only about 3 hours and they heat up constantly throughout the day. We really need a lollipop update bad.

  7. I will stop buying Samsung if they don’t have the SD slot.

  8. Well… Note 4 for me.

  9. I have been Samsung for long time but i like to buy the Samsung note 5 i hope it has the SDcard option otherwise i keep my s4

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