3 ways to get a European passport

3 ways to get a European passport

3 ways to get a European passport

Zug, Switzerland
July 23, 2015

I’ll admit that I lucked out.

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write 1603127795RV Capital Co-Investor Letter for the first half ended June 2022. Q2 2022 hedge fund letters, conferences and more Dear Co-Investors,

Nearly 15 years ago, I discovered that I was entitled to a European passport because of my Italian ancestry.

Back then I hadn’t yet realized all the power and benefit of having a second passport. But it sure seemed like a good idea.

The way I figured, another passport just meant having more options. I knew enough to understand that, with an Italian passport, I could live and work anywhere in the European Union. And that struck me as a major benefit.

It took a long time– probably an entire year just to assemble the paperwork for the European passport. It was a nice project, actually, because it gave me a great reason to spend time with my mother chasing around documents together.

Then there were the multiple appearances at the consulate. The Byzantine bureaucratic hurdles.

I remember at one point I paid them a small fee- it was probably just fifty euros or so. I had paid them the equivalent in dollars.

But the process took so long that the dollar lost value against the euro, so months later they sent me a letter asking me to send more money!

I’ll never forget the day, though, when the Fedex envelope finally arrived.

Inside was my very first second passport. It was incredible. And one of the things that got me started on this journey.

Suddenly I realized t