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Cydia Impactor Lets You Unjailbreak Your iOS Device

After jailbreaking an iOS device, have you ever wanted to unjailbreak it and return to its previous state? If the answer is yes, then read on. Saurik, the founder of Cydia, has released a powerful yet easy-to-use tool called Cydia Impactor that allows you to un-jailbreak from your jailbroken device.

Cydia Impactor makes unjailbreaking easy

This is an ideal tool for those who don’t want to restore their device using iTunes. It removes Cydia, jailbreak tweaks, apps and all the data and restores your device to its prior-to-jailbreak state. And yes, it will restore to the same iOS version. For example, if you are running a jailbroken iPhone on iOS 8.3, then this tool will remove the jailbreak while still running iOS 8.3.

Saurik says that this tool will “remove and revert all changes made to the device and return it to “stock” Apple iOS software without updating to a new version of iOS.” This is a tool similar to iLEX RAT and Semi-Restore tools, but the way it functions is different. He says “after the tool finishes, damaged/lost files will be repaired (back to Apple stock) and the device will no longer be “jailbroken.” To use this tool, you will need to search for Cydia Impactor on Cydia and install it.

cydia impactor

Also, if you are thinking about using this tool, then it is a good idea to backup your device using iTunes as Cydia Impactor will delete all the data afterwards. After using this tool, you will have to re-activate your device. If you are logged into iCloud, you will need to have your Apple ID password to get access to your device after it reboots.

One thing worth noting is that this tool is currently in beta, so it is still rough around the edges. It will work for iOS 8.3 and iOS 8.4. Currently, all the models of iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch are supported except the latest iPod Touch 6th generation, as the OTA updates are not yet available for this device.