Climate Change Rated Greatest Threat To Humanity

Climate Change Rated Greatest Threat To Humanity
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A new study that has attempted to establish the deepest global fears of the world population has come to the conclusion that climate change ranks most highly. The study, conducted by the Pew Research Centre, has been published in the run up to the United Nations Climate Change Conference, so it could be said to fit in rather neatly with this agenda.

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However, as the Pew Research Centre conducted interviews with people in 40 countries between March and May this year, and received responses from over 45,000 people, it is fair to say that the results of this study have great relevance and provide an interesting oversight of the global population.

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Those participating in this survey were asked to rank some of the biggest issues of our time based on whether they were “very concerned, somewhat concerned, not too concerned, or not at all concerned” about the issues in hand. The Washington DC-based organisation then assessed their responses before ultimately publishing the results.

Climate Change

With the important United Nations Climate Change Conference set to take place in Paris in December, the perception of climate change as a massive international challenge could be considered rather timely. According to the Pew report, climate change is seen as the top threat facing humanity by some distance, with just under half of the 40 nations surveyed indicating that the environmental issue was the largest concern.

The opinion of the global population toward climate change definitely shouldn’t be seen as a uniform response, though. Over half (54 percent) of the countries that responded to the survey did not rate this has the most severe threat in the immediate future, and there was also a significant political demarcation in relation to this issue as well.

When British people were surveyed on the risk of climate change, those who identify themselves as left-wing were far more likely to be concerned about the threat that the environmental phenomenon poses. Around half of UK left-wingers put climate change in the most serious category of risk, which contrasted with just 30 percent of those on the right of the political divide.

Interestingly, there was evidence from the report that the people of Africa are very much tuned into the threat of climate change. One nation that was particularly concerned about the environmental process was that of Burkina Faso. Respondents from Burkina Faso were overwhelmingly worried about the threat of climate change, with 79 percent of people placing it in the highest category of risk.

There could be a number of reasons for this, but two of the most obvious are, firstly, that the United Nations Development Programme predicts that Burkina Faso will be particularly greatly affected by the environmental change. And, secondly, Africa in general has been more vulnerable to severe climatic changes, both due to the overarching climate of the region, as well as the general trend of poverty.


Aside from climate change, the threat of terrorism is still considered to be a major concern for the population. In line with this, the terrorist organisation frequently referred to as ISIS is considered the second biggest threat on the planet according to those that participated in the Pew survey.

Considering that the struggle against ISIS has been seen as a United States-dominated escapade, it is perhaps surprising that the US population was not the most concerned about the threat posed by the terrorist organisation. The Lebanon was shown to be the most concerned with the ISIS issue, with 84 percent of the population fixated on the rise of this Islam-motivated group.

Of course, the Lebanese have to cope with the reality of ISIS on a daily basis, which explains this particular result. There was also a religious divide within Lebanon, with 90 percent of Sunnis and 87 percent of Shia stating that they were particularly concerned about the terrorist group, compared to a surprisingly lowly figure of 76 percent for Christians.

14 countries in total placed ISIS within the highest risk group, and this equates to 40 percent of the total surveyed.

Economic Instability

Considering the difficult economic times that the world has been through recently, the number of nations concerned about global economic instability was perhaps less than would be expected. Again, this was of more concern in Africa, which could be related to the aforementioned poverty of the region.

Russian Tension

Tensions with Russia have been a perpetual issue for Ukrainians in recent years, and it was pretty much inevitable that this would come top of the tree in the Eastern European nation. 62 percent of Ukrainians and 44 percent of Poles perceived Russia as a serious threat to the stability of both the region and the planet as a whole. But this perception was not necessarily shared outside of Eastern Europe. Just 24 percent of the global population is concerned about the threat of Russia, at least according to the Pew survey.

Iran Nuclear Weapons

Iran was considered marginally more worrying that Russia, with just under one-third of the global population concerned about the Iranian nuclear program. This figure is significantly lower than the top tier concern of climate change, and perhaps suggests that the recent deal agreed between the Obama administration and the Middle Eastern nation is not the triumph that has been suggested in some quarters.

Only Israel ranks Iranian nuclear capability as the top concern in 2015, with 53 percent of Israelis citing this as the largest contemporary threat. While some of the rhetoric from Iran regarding Israel has perhaps not been ideal, it does seem rather unlikely that Iran would ever launch a nuclear attack on Israel, considering that Israel has nuclear weapons and the unwavering support of a massive nuclear power in the shape of the United States (not to mention the fact that Iran doesn’t have any nuclear weapons!).

Yet the US population was seemingly more concerned about Iran than Israel itself, with the threat of an Iranian nuclear attack rated by 62 percent of US citizens as a top tier concern.


Finally, China can be a divisive issue based on geographical location. Israel, the Ukraine and Russia were little concerned about the threat of China, while Vietnam and the Philippines considered the confrontation in the South China Sea to be a major concern to their nations.

It is clear from the Pew survey that global threats can appear entirely differently depending on cultural and geographical factors. But the fact that we live in a world in which there are numerous global threats cannot be reasonably denied.

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  1. Yes, if you WANT to find naysayers you likely will. But doing honest research is a “different story”.
    Would you like me to provide “experts” that say we didn’t land on the moon?

  2. Further to this, in 2005, NOAA recognised that surface data was unreliable due to things like the Heat Island Effect, missing weather stations etc. They set up 114 new temperature stations (USCRN) that wouldn’t need adjustment. They recently discretely released the 10 years of results – 0.4 degC cooling.

    It’s interesting that surface data and satellite data had reasonable agreement, until recently when surface data was homogenised, standardised and whatever else erised. – eg Hadcrut suddenly had previously ignored data added to boost recent warming.

  3. The Senate, both Republican and Democrat, don’t know their ass from a hole in the ground. So, taking anything they say with more than a grain of salt is moronic. But I would agree, the current global warming is not “man made”. Again, to think that something man has been doing for 200 years has any impact on a cyclical phenomenon that has been going on for millions of years is ignorant and arrogant. The ice cores that they are pulling out of the poles prove that CO2 levels have risen and fallen throughout the earths history. In fact. causing a mass extinction event during prehistoric times when the levels were WAY higher than they are today and nobody was tooling around in automobiles or airplanes or burning coal to keep warm or produce electricity. You are naive to think that there is ANYTHING that we can do to alter the current warming trend as the earth seeks to stabilize the environment. My prediction is that massive earthquakes and volcanic activity will put enough ash into the atmosphere in the future to lower the temperature and force a mini ice age as it has done in the past. Back and Forth, Warm then Cold, the pendulum of the earths equilibrium will go back and forth regardless of the insignificance of man.

  4. You must have missed the recent vote in the U.S. Senate. The republicans denied that climate change is human-caused. Senator inhofe is just one of many “right wingers” that deny anthropogenic warming.

    Google search… NPR Senate Says Climate Change Real, But Not Really Our Fault

    Their opinions run contrary to what EVERY respected scientific institution concluded.
    Google search… NASA Climate Change Consensus

  5. Like I said, I knew it would be comical and knew that what you said would contain no verifiable truth but instead would be filled with the leftist ideas you are being fed by the liberal press. No “right winger” I know says that climate change is not real. There is a mountain of scientific evidence, and they are finding more every day, that the cyclical warming and cooler of the earth is a reality. But it goes back long before man was ever on the scene and fired up the ole model T. It is ignorant and arrogant to think that man is the cause of something that has been happening since the very beginning of the Earth itself. It is the left who is trying to get into your pocket to, as you put it “sponsor some political agenda”. At least you got that part right.

  6. You speak of truth but it’s the right wingers that lie about climate change. They say it isn’t human-caused. That runs contrary to over 40 years of scientific research.

    So why are the republicans being dishonest? It’s for the benefit of their fossil fuel sponsors or some political agenda. They put our future generations at risk and need to be replaced by pragmatic, honest law makers.

  7. Learn more about this very real global crisis and what you can do about it.
    Google search…. AAAS Climate Change What We Know


  8. They got caught fudging? What tha? Human-caused climate change is reality. Some want the public to believe otherwise for their profit motives.

    Read what the experts say.
    Google search… NASA Climate Change Consensus

  9. Yes, Gore has done more than anyone to inform people about the warnings coming from the scientific community. Again, he has nothing to do with the science and has never made a scientific prediction.
    When you resort to name calling step away from the mirror!

  10. That is a fact. You cannot handle a debate in which someone opposes you. This web site is nothing but a place for idiots like you to pump each other up.

  11. Bullshit. You are a liar now. He has been at the forefront of this movement from the beginning, made a movie that was so full of lies that a court suit ended with it being removed as a documentary. You are an idiot.

  12. Ok, We are basing the planets future on ONE GAS and men interring thousands of pieces of data ( that they got caught at fudging ) and I am supposed to believe this? Who the hell do think you are talking to? This is no more than having excrement placed in my hand and being told it is very rich soil! I have some change to show you _sshole!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Well when your truth machine definitively comes up with the truth without a slant in some direction that makes it not the truth you let the rest of us know. Should be comical at best.

  14. Actually, I think liberalism is the greatest threat to humanity. But then I know just as much about it as the guy that wrote this article.

  15. I guess they didn’t read the latest UN poll that showed climate change ranked dead last – 20 out of 20 – in a world poll of issues that people are concerned about, and wanted fixed.

  16. Not according to scientist who study CO2 absorption in the atmosphere. 50% of the man made CO2 that enters the atmosphere is absorbed by the earth within 5 years; and the rest hangs around for another 10 – 20 years. You have to quit using the Climate Model scientists for your references as they have gotten most of their facts wrong so far.

  17. The population of the world has increased by 100,000 people since yesterday afternoon……..This is the #1 issue that threatens this world…….Malthus was right.

  18. Exactly right, but it can’t be used to get governments elected, or receive research grants, so there’s little interest. While climate change is just an unsubstantiated hypothesis, population growth is a known risk, yet look where the attention goes.

  19. The biggest threat to humanity is overpopulation but it doesn’t get the publicity that climate change does. Political correctness at work perhaps.

  20. We should have laws against stupid people pushing their stupidity on to others. This past ridiculous! How can you base the future of the planet on computer models studying one gas.

  21. The reaction time for the climate to reach a new equilibrium temperature after CO2 is added is between 50 and 150 years. CO2 emissions are like long term compound interest in that way. (It’s still adjusting to our grandparents’ tailpipe emissions. It will still be reacting to ours when our great grandkids are old. If you thought the changes would manifest instantly, you failed thermodynamics.) Most of the anthropogenic CO2 was released in the last 50 years. I wouldn’t expect to see any effect yet. Any reductions we make now will mitigate the problem in the next century.

  22. “tens of thousands of scientists who are dissenters.”

    That would be the Oregon Petition Project list. The majority of “scientists” on that list are pharmacists and MDs. One of the names is my former roommate’s cat. He seeded a junk mail list by putting it on his badge at a pharmaceuticals trade show, and the fraudsters who ran the “Global Warming Petition Project” bought that list. A few months after the trade show, we received the Petition Projectjunk mail, complete with its cover letter on fake National Academy of Sciences letterhead and its fake PNAS article. The cat’s name and PhD are still on that list. Obviously, no effort was made to validate the names. Falling for that scam is a pretty good indicator that you don’t know anything about how the institutions doing climate science work.

  23. That’s a great anecdote about weather conditions in your region. When you get to eighth grade, if your school’s competent, you’ll learn the difference between weather and climate, which you have just shown us you don’t know yet.. You might even learn what the “global” in “global warming” means. Here’s a free clue: the US occupies about 2% of earth’s surface.

  24. “The government funded organization that marches to the tune of the political leadership…”
    Only a fool would swallow such a preposterous conspiracy story. A fool who doesn’t know the first thing about how science is vetted and funded. Here in the real world, a NASA that behaved the way RHO has been told it behaves would isolate itself from the global scientific community. The Japanese and European space agencies would take the lead in atmospheric physics. Tell us who lied to you RHO, so convincingly that you make a fool of yourself in public on their behalf.

  25. You’re misinformed, RHO. Arrhenius had measured the warming power of CO2 accurately by 1910, and his measurement agreed with theory. Doubling CO2 in the atmosphere moves the equilibrium surface temperature +1.2C. That’s close to 3degrees F. There’s no controversy in science about that. You’d know things like that if you were getting your science from scientists instead of political pundits.

  26. Learn more about climate change and what you can to help change course.
    Google search… AAAS Climate Change What We Know

    Too many members of the U.S. Congress deny the reality and willingly put people at risk for their fossil fuel sponsors or some political agenda. They need to be exposed, confronted, and replaced!

    Join the efforts.

  27. So I’d love to hear your story, how you got involved spreading propaganda. Visit my website. There’s an email address where you can send me the details. A little honesty for a change may feel good!

  28. Lots of talk but nothing to back it up. Not ONE respected scientific institution disagrees with NASA’s core conclusions regarding climate change.
    Falling back on some global conspiracy for “tax and control” is lame, telling, and desperate.

  29. With over 40 years of science there are still some that push the propaganda. But it was expected. The tobacco industry sure put up a fight when the scientific community linked smoking with illness. Now we know that burning fossil fuels at any where near current rates is dangerous. The profit motive is pushing back despite the risks to our only habitat’s health. Feel good about your work?

  30. Yeah, NASA. The government funded organization that marches to the tune of the political leadership that funds it and that wants tax and control. There are tens of thousands of scientists who are dissenters. Many contributed to the UN reports and are appalled at the conclusions their research was used to reach conclusions that they fundamentally don’t approve. I was on your side fifteen years ago, and I reached the conclusion that a political and economic agenda was being pursued using AGW as justification. At any rate there is no way possible to make the reductions necessary to make even a slight difference and you should know that.

  31. Gore, Gore, Gore, ….
    He has nothing to do with the science and never made a scientific prediction.
    Why do you propagate nonsense? Is it your agenda or are you so terribly misinformed?

  32. Also, you should know that AGW was always projected to show .5 degree of warming. It was Al Gore and his cabal of opportunists that came up with the “runaway” theory that was going to give us more than 2 degrees of warming, Which has NOT happened and won’t.

  33. I’m not into “hysterics”. Do they distract you from thinking critically about climate change? I pay attention to what the world’s respected scientific institutions have been saying. Here’s where you can read about it.
    Google search… NASA Climate Change Consensus

  34. If that is true, then why does the raw undadjusted satellite temps show no warming? Why do you need to use adjusted surface temps from the massive concrete and asphalt heat sink of a city to “prove” your point? I live in the midwest, and we are in our fifth consecutive cooler than normal summer following five consecutive early winters that last extraordinarily long. I think our climate is being driven by natural cycles, and if the Russians and others are right we are going to have several decades of brutally cold weather.

  35. what a bunch of Bogus propaganda BS, Why is it that they ignore Satellite observations of the lower atmosphere that measure every cubic inch of the earth everyday that have shown there has not been any statistically significant warming for the last 18 plus years, instead they rely upon an outdated patch of monitoring stations and buoys with thermometers that cannot even measure hundredths of a degree or give global averages, hell you can travel thousands of kilometers without finding any, so scientist have to make up data to fill the voids,

  36. Mishandling your trash is a great way to stick it to the man. While you’re at it, eat all your meals at McDonalds to disrupt the health care establishment, and drive really fast while texting with no seatbelt to show the insurance industry who’s boss.

  37. One of the great things about physics is it works even when you deny the evidence for it. Carbon dioxide molecules in the atmosphere don’t read Breitbart or listen to Levine and Hannity. They just do what the laws of nature demand they do.

  38. That is EXACTLY how I feel about you climate change hysterics. You are trying to force massive economic and social change on people who don’t agree with you.

  39. I would like to see just a bit of truth from the climate change crowd. If you REALLY believe that three hundred years of industrial activity have pushed co2 levels to the point of changing the climate, you HAVE to know better than to think a modest reduction will do anything at all. It is absolutely impossible to reduce co2 enough to have any impact in less than a couple of hundred years.

  40. Maybe it time that those that are intolerant mind their own business and stop trying to dictate THEIR beliefs (their crap) on others. I wonder why it’s so threatening for gays to get married? A rhetoric question only, thanks.

  41. With the whole gay marriage and transgender crap being thrown at us, maybe it is time for humanity to die off.

  42. I stopped recycling and I’m littering as much as I can to protest the propaganda and indoctrination campaign led by the Warmist cult.

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