China Doesn’t Like US’ Comments On South China Sea Case

China Doesn’t Like US’ Comments On South China Sea Case
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Recent comments by a senior U.S. State Department official on the arbitration case brought to The Hague by the Philippines provoked a harsh response from China. Earlier this month, the Philippines presented a case before the Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague concerning claims in the disputed South China Sea. China though has repeatedly refused to take part in the case and has instead requested that the Philippines withdraw it and allow for bilateral talks. The comments by a U.S. official this week that are supportive of the Philippines have angered Beijing which sees Washington as using its influence to move the case forward to an eventual ruling that will ultimately put China at a disadvantage.

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The U.S. Comment

The comments in question were made by U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Daniel Russel earlier this week in a speech before the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington D. C. He said, “We are not neutral when it comes to adhering to international law. We will come down forcefully when it comes to following the rules.” Furthermore he added that as both Beijing and Manila are signatories to the U.N. Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS), legally they have to abide by the tribunal’s decision. It is common knowledge that the U.S. is supportive of anyone but China in the South China Sea dispute but such comments have yet to be heard from senior officials in the State Department.

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Earlier this month, a bipartisan group of Senators including the chairmen and ranking members of both the Senate Armed Services Committee and Senate Foreign Relations Committee released a statement supportive of the Philippines. In it they said, “..we applaud Philippine President Benigno Aquino III and his government for his commitment to pursuing this legal course of action. While China is constructing and militarizing new land features in the South China Sea and increasingly turning to coercion to achieve its goals, we are encouraged to see that Manila continues to make every effort to resolve these claims peacefully, consistent with international law, and through international arbitration mechanisms.” They added, “The United States must continue to support our partners and allies, including the Philippines”.

China’s Response

China’s Foreign Ministry said on Friday that the U.S. was trying to influence a South China Sea arbitration case to favor the Philippines. Foreign Ministry spokesperson Lu Kang said, “Attempting to push forward the arbitration unilaterally initiated by the Philippines, the US side just acts like an “arbitrator outside the tribunal”, designating the direction for the arbitral tribunal established at the request of the Philippines. This is inconsistent with the position the US side claims to uphold on issues concerning the South China Sea disputes. Being not a party concerned to the South China Sea issue, the US side should live up to its pledge of not taking sides and refrain from actions that go against regional peace and stability.”

Beijing does not want to see the U.S. take sides on the South China Sea issue despite it being in a military alliance with the Philippines. Meanwhile in the opinion section of the state-run Global Times, Russel’s comments were criticized as being “absurd”. This assertion was backed by the claim that the tribunal has no dominion over the South China Sea issue. The China Daily in its opinion section commented that the neutrality of the U.S. in the South China Sea only amounts to “lip service”.

The Arbitration Case

On Tuesday July 7th, a five-person panel of judges at the Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague heard the opening of the Philippines case against China concerning claims in the disputed South China Sea for a week. Citing UNCLOS, the Philippines hoped to convince the tribunal that the court has jurisdiction in the dispute and should intervene. The tribunal should be reaching a decision within th3e next three months if the court has jurisdiction in the dispute.

Repeatedly, China has refused to take part in the case, arguing that the court has no authority to intervene in the dispute and is instead seeking to solve the dispute through bilateral talks. When asked by the tribunal to submit counterarguments, China instead submitted a “position paper” declaring that the court has no jurisdiction over the dispute. China argued that it is entitled to reject arbitration in disputes concerning boundaries, historic titles, or military activity since in 2006 it filed a formal declaration that invoked the opt-out clause of Article 298 of UNCLOS.

China has also argued that by filing this case, the Philippines have violated the Declaration on the Conduct of Parties in the South China Sea (DOC). Signed in 2002 between China and ASEAN members, the DOC is a non-binding declaration that discourages claimant nations from engaging in activities that will heighten tensions in the disputed region.

The tribunal has given China until August 17 to comment on the hearing despite its refusal to take part. China is requested to provide its stance on the issues of jurisdiction in the case. Based on past responses by China, it is doubtful that Beijing will offer anything but a rebuttal to the hearing, as it already has stated it will not recognize any arbitration by an international court.


The official position of the U.S. regarding the South China Sea dispute is one of neutrality. Truth is, the Philippines are an important U.S. ally and the two countries share a defense treaty. While the official stance of the U.S. is neutral, the same cannot be said of the opinions of government officials. While it can be said that such a stance by officials is not objective, one must look at overall world opinion on the issue. There is little support for China in this case, partly due to its actions and its refusal to take part in the case. China has repeatedly insisted on bilateral talks which the Philippines will not accept. For its part, China’s refusal to engage in the arbitration leads many to question if China is a responsible member of the global community or does its participation only extend to when the chips are stacked in its favor.

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Stephen Paul Brooker is a writer, political researcher, and political consultant. His specialty is in East Asia security issues and he has lectured at St. John's University on conflict theory and international relations. He holds a Master's Degree in International Relations and a graduate certificate in International Law and Diplomacy from St. John's University and a Bachelor's Degree in Government from Wagner College. Currently he is pursuing a Diploma in Economics from the University of London.
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  1. Are sure with what you have written? Prove your nine dash lie (Line) and we
    will show our evidence of what we are claiming, Provide us the
    coordinate of our 9 – 10 – 11 dash lie,

  2. Middle? By the way, true story about the north, just last weekend, after hanging out over a giant beach-side balcony overlooking the Bohai Sea in Beidaihe and feeling rather like a Miami Beach drug king pin or something (120$ on Sat. night–full kitchen, AC, frig, washing machine, with 50$ US big beach umbrella and two lounge chairs all day, tourists!), and eating seafood, and seeing all the Russian language on signs (but less Russians than usual), I checked out a part of the Great Wall I had never seen before. It was a couple of hours further South, in Qinhuangdao. They essentially created a foreign culture street like they have in TianJin, on and around a perfectly reconstructed section of the Great Wall, making it appear to be in the 1300’s (with camels and horses and guards on horses and costumes and giant drums, so much better than the Roman Coliseum at this point since you know Italy’s glory days are long past and China is taking over the world with their most favored nation partner, the US of A.). Maybe the Uigher lamb and hotpot aren’t as good as they are in Beijing–but where is that NOT true?, but this is a very nice tourist area to consider if you have a couple extra days. Okay, back to the contentiousness…

  3. But rest assured, I am a U.S. citizen. I reason is that I like it best. 2nd place is PRC. (now, you can make with the cursing)….

  4. The FAILiPinoys are claiming islands that were not included in its own maps merely a few years ago. The FAILipino old maps are best proof that they are the THIEFS and PIRATES of SCS.

    THE UNCLOS has a fundamental doctrine: the land (islands) dominates the sea. Therefore, the land (islnds) that it does not own has nothing to do with its so called 200nm under UNCLOS.

    China has post WWII treaties that designated the region to be returned to China. US naval ships even helped Chinese to recover the region from the lost Japanese.

  5. Damn logic! It is truth will prevail not number. 100 wrongs will not become ONE right. As far as SCS ‘tiny little navigation problem’ is concerned, your US and her allies are just rogue. Need I expose more lies?

  6. “I’m not even sure you curse very competently.”
    “I’m not sure” means you don’t know. If you don’t know, keep quiet so as to not show your ignorance.
    i don’t curse “competently”, i curse like a sailor.
    You’ve got your free English lesson, now run along.

  7. There is no way that UNCLOS will favor Philippine. If it does, that means UNCLOS violates its own rules of laws and will loose its status as a rightful establishment. You are a liar to say that China’s neighbors are against it and that China is isolated. As a fact of fact, Philippine is isolated in that no ASEAN nations join in the arbitration and is rebuked by ASEAN nations by not issuing a joint statement condemning China.

  8. I know English well enough to employ it as primary language as a professional legal writer. On the other hand, I’m not even sure you curse very competently.

  9. UNCLOS already know that, but hearing will go on without China.If UNCLOS favored the Philippines the whole world eyes would be in China.ALL China`s neighbor already against them but Brunei.How would that feel if you are isolated and world don`t like you, that`s called Pariah.What do you think will be next, either sanctions or War,China against the world except your three allies.

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  13. But, uh, did the Hague award the U.S. that world policeman role? 2nd question: if the Hague had said ‘no, you can’t’, would the U.S. have listened? Third question: but didn’t this multi-trillion dollar campaigne serve to embolden Iran and make them stronger as well as energize Isis and destablize Syria ? 4th question, since there really were no WMD’s–which was the cited premise for the invasion by the U.S. president, does ANYONE except the emboldened Islamic (non-Suni) nuts think it was worth it? 5th question: do non-critical U.S. citizens who support their country no matter what ever once, reconsider their own actions and effects afterwards? 6th: because if they did, do you think this might prevent the same mistake happening in the future?

  14. I think true folllowers of Malcolm X are more legitimately worried about white police and white security guards shooting black people in the U.S. than they are about China. Amazingly, so many years after the U.S Civil War, there is still a very sizable U.S. population in the South who refuse to accept the result, so they protest for their beloved confederate flag! Seeing all this each and every day of their lives, black Americans are not worried about China… Wouldn’t you say that my last sentence is, ‘common sense’?

  15. hahahahaha, the world is laughing at you china, you can’t put international Law in to your hand washed it ,be smart and act like a civilized Nation and the world 2nd economy…..

  16. If china have right to ownership of the SCS, why it cannot bring out the proof in any international court of law? Because there’s none but LIES!

    Regardless of UNCLOS, ICJ, any international court or even in a tennis court, china will still avoid and question the jurisdiction of the court because it has no proof legal claim.

    If china has proof of legal claim, it should bring the case to an international court of law or counter what The Philippines has done. It’s that simple!

  17. Funny how all those countries you mention are lawless and China is a saint. Need I remind you Malaysia, Brunei, Australia and Vietnam are in the mix too. Throw in Taiwan and you are way outnumbered in support. Who backs China? Just China. lol

  18. @moronic Chinese troll RealSlimK,

    It’s not about toughness, you got it all wrong, as usual! It’s revulsion and disgust at Chinese slimy tactics of switching subjects.

    A woman could very well tell you, RealSimK, to F off!!!!

  19. China should be considered a “rogue nation”. It will not abide by rules of the civilized world and should be treated as such. An uncivilized and idiotic country ruled mainly by tyrants!

  20. Your comment is well researched, timely, the most CREDIBLE among the hundreds of empty scull lies in this forum. As far as that little ‘navigation TINY problem’ in South China Sea, those few rogue countries challenging China are playing by the rules of jungle or BANANA! Even monkeys are now laughing! Aquino and Abe are also laughing, secretly of course

  21. This forum should be shut down immediately because of mad cow disease that is being spreading among the ‘cow boys’. Brooker has failed in his job in attracting so many mad cows moron into this forum. Dumb and damn

  22. Juan your right the rule of law China should face the courts they know they are wrong otherwise they would have shown up with the fact in hand..anywat the tribunal will RULE

  23. This forum should be shut down immediately because of mad cow disease that is being spreading among the ‘cow boys’. Brooker has failed in his job in attracting so many mad cows moron into this forum. Dumb and damn!

  24. Cow’s logic if stand, Hawaii belongs to the Hawaiian natives, new mexico belongs to Mexican, Alaska belongs to Eskimos, the rest of USA belongs to Indian. Be careful, China will bring this up to the International court. Damn cow.

  25. No point just talk about history and legality with lawless US, Japan,……….. Philippines, China needs muscle power as well, which is what China is doing now, ready to hit their heads spot on.

  26. I sense that kids are running the gov’t of china , like a school boy who hit his classmate then pretend being innocent , this is what this news is telling about gee wish china being angered by a comment from a state department top official because it seems siding with the Philippines , well kids this is it, that claiming an international waterways is not a joke , you behave .ok

  27. The same song sung by the CCP again. If the CCP wants to be a part of the international community then they should faced the Arbitration court in Hague. Not make their own RULES/LAWS for the international community to follow.

  28. Iraq under Saddam was an axis of evil in the middle east, who committed crime against its people with torture and using chemical weapons against its people. For me that’s evil and needs to be taken away from the face o the earth. To compare, the present Chinese leadership is very similar and needs to be checked and be prevented to do the same against its weak neighbors. China is alone against so many of us with law abiding citizens/countries of the world. Land grabbing using its mighty military against weak nations should be stop and that is what China wants to do in asia. The axis of evil in asia, China, should be stop.

  29. I would like clarification on your use of the phrase ‘3rd World’. This is what I imagine when I hear the phrase, please respectfully tell me if I am right or wrong. I first picture an aging failure of a loser man, kind of like John Russel Houser only usually fatter and with less hair. He’s about 59 years old, never popular with the ladies and never successful at work. So he saves up his money and books a drugs and child prostitution tour in another country. There, while indulging in drugs and child prostitution, he reasonably faces the full effects of such a poor country, you know, the little street urchins try to rob him and/or attack him, and so forth, because there is very high crime amongst such poverty. 3rd world right? Maybe Thailand or the Phillipines, but definetly NOT China. How do I know? Because I am in Beijing right now. 1/2 an hour ago, I was speaking to a scholar from Stanford while my kids swam in a nice pool. She is bilingual, as I am, and as my kids are. On the walk back, which was very nice, so many trees like the Rice University area of Houston?, only more families, babies, grandpas and grandmas walking the dog and so forth at 8:00 p.m. on a Monday night. NO danger feeling, 0%.

  30. Well, if they care about our comment so much, why wont they care about the people in the Philippines? There people too!

  31. I am not talking about sailing–I am talking about spy planes over another country’s territory. You know, like the U.S. does to China, but China does not do to the U.S. (say, near the Carolinas or Florida).

  32. What I am noticing here is there is a lot of lock-step agreements, support of the home country in the name of nationalism, and insults to other countries: from the U.S. poster. Noam Chomski explained this to me in a very good book entitled ‘Manufacturing Consent.’ It talks about how the average U.S. citizen is subject to propaganda by the U.S. government and generally falls into the ‘party line’.

  33. BUT not mention any yourself, that’s the important part, pacman. By the way, speaking of stealing, MAN your stupid fighter/politician stole my money on that fight with Mayweather and then acted like a little girl after the fight…

  34. uh oh. Sam C went and done it. Research flatters your audience. That’s what my colleged debate teacher used to say. What I have found is that the U.S. internet user prefers ad hominym one-liners that he heard on Fox News. Right?

  35. So, just so we are clear on the concept, what the U.S. did to Iraq: the invasion, pulling down the statue, killing the leader, occupation and so forth, that was very honest, not evil, and not a land-grab?

  36. But the U.S. has violated many treaties and laws throughout the years, adam. Do you mean, OTHER countries should not violate, only the U.S.?

  37. a preference for some men to uh do that to other men is not a problem. If you are politically correct, I believe you say it is fu-yu-chin’s lifestyle choice. Really really bad English though, maybe he’s from Taiwan.

  38. Ting is right, and Jon, you won’t. The U.S. only bombs and takes over countries that DON’T have the bomb, like Iraq. NOT China. But, go down on a picture of Donald Trump if it makes you feel manly.

  39. criminal gangs? Really? The U.S. does not have these? I heard the U.S. has so very many, that their most popular music even is ‘run’ by the crips and the bloods. Right? Which is the more shoot-em-up country? I vote the U.S.

  40. if your historical precedent claims matter so much, why is “GREAT WALL OF CHINA” in the the middle of your country … ? … :-o

  41. Okay, Tony, I could have used you a second ago in a discussion with Roy. Maybe you guys disagree with Tony here, but it’s a valid explanation. By the way, Roy, since Vietnam was the victor over the U.S. , does that mean Vietnam should call the shots over near Vietnam–and the loser, the U.S. have no say there? This is usually the point in these discussions where some attorney mentions treaties, you know, Tony, all those things the US told the American Indians that were not true but simply to kill and land grab. THAT is the U.S. legacy, innit? that and John Russel Housers of the month shooting public places up because the Tony Gambinos of the world are more concerned with problems in Asia.

  42. I obviously did not mean to sail there. When I asked if the U.S. ‘belonged there’ I meant as a telling other nations what to do sort of capacity. You know, like in Cuba, Chile, Iraq.

  43. same answer for why the U.S. flies spy planes over Chinese waters? You seem to come down hard against the Chinese claims, you don’t even mention the claims of Taiwan, and you kind of accept the claims of the Philippeans and India. Right? Why? Is patriotism the same thing as never questioning the U.S, and again, knowing what we know of the U.S. foreign activities throughout the Latin and Asian world, why don’t you question, Roy?

  44. You are a beautiful monkey. Your comment is even prettier. Those few rogue countries challenging China in South China Sea are playing by the rules of jungle or BANANA! Even monkeys like you are now laughing! Aquino and Abe are also laughing, secretly of course!

  45. China is just a conquered territory of the Mongolian Empire beginning in 1215 when the Mongols captured the Jin capital of Zhongdu in the Battle of Zhongdu. That cannot be said of the Philippine islands which was discovered by Greek explorers who have reached the Visayan Islands around AD 21 which absolutely pre-date any Chinese map, bogus or otherwise. Some scholars conflate accounts of the Golden Island (Sumatra) and Golden Chersonese (Malaysia) by classical writers such as Josephus, Pomponius Mela, and Ptolemy with locations in the Philippines. As evidence, Gold jewelry of Philippine origin has been found in 1st-century Egypt. Even if we assume that Chinese merchants started trading with Philippine islands at that time, they were there to trade, not to claim the territory, just like the Greeks. Chinese merchants were never land-grabbers, unlike the present Chinese government. No Chinese document from that era declared anything about their trading clients being annexed by the ancient traders. (Had they done that, they may have been executed right then and there). It was only in the 20th century that Chinese land grabbers made use of a bogus map for land-grabbing purposes. So that does not fit well with any historical justification.

  46. For this south china sea related dispute artcle, detail historical time based documented events must always be attached for reference before readers put in their comments. Since this was not done, I would put in the most relevent time event, ie when Phillippine started to occupy disputed islands sometime after were UNCLOS was established where there is provision of EEZ of 200KM. Before UNCLOS, there events of Japanese surrender treaty, Postdam proclaimation and Cairo decration which were done , stamped signed by Japanese Emperor representative and WWII ALLAINCE under the noses and eyes of every human being in this world during this period. Therefore, the nine dash lines was demarcated, also under the noses and eyes of every human beings during this period, in the south china sea without the ability to foresee the problems with the laws of UNCLOS established almost half a century later. Now,dear readers, you can judge with your intelligence.

  47. Here, folks, is the official response of communist China to criticisms against them (the pattern: target the US). Lets all play a game and count how many LIES you could discover on Sam C’s post.

  48. Let me see…the US interfered in these conflicts because:
    Panama – murderous dictator
    Iraq – murderous dictator
    Somalia – genocide (US did not invade)
    Bosnia and Kosovo – genocide (US did not invade)
    Iraq – murderous dictator
    Pakistan – terrorists (US did not invade)
    Libya – murderous dictator, terrorists (US did not invade)
    Syria – murderous dictator, terrorists (US did not invade)
    Ukraine – evil Putin (US did not invade)
    Yemen – terrorists (US did not invade)

    And would you care to tell the whole world why the communist regime of Mao Tse Tung MURDERED MILLIONS of its people just to enforce its regime’s policies?

  49. Your comment is well researched, timely, the most CREDIBLE among the hundreds of empty scull lies in this forum. As far as that little ‘navigation TINY problem’ in South China Sea, those few rogue countries challenging China are playing by the rules or jungle or BANANA! Even monkeys are now laughing!

  50. china is a clown/comedian in the arena of sport. at a time, she acts like the dragon ready to blow his fire ball, then turn around playing the disabled victim, crying, whining soliciting help, support, sympathy from the public. in another occasion she play like the expert knows everything, especially when it comes to international law. but in occasion where you do best when you play the role of a thief.

  51. LIES!

    If china have right to ownership of the SCS, why it cannot bring out the proof in any international court of law? Because there’s none but LIES!

    Regardless of UNCLOS, ICJ, any international court or even in a tennis court, china will still avoid and question the jurisdiction of the court because it has no proof legal claim.

    If china has proof of legal claim, it should bring the case to an international court of law or counter what The Philippines has done. It’s that simple!

  52. China is just a conquered territory of the Mongolian Empire beginning in 1215 when the Mongols captured the Jin capital of Zhongdu in the Battle of Zhongdu. That cannot be said of the Philippine islands which was discovered by Greek explorers who have reached the Visayan Islands around AD 21 which absolutely pre-date any Chinese map, bogus or otherwise. Some scholars conflate accounts of the Golden Island (Sumatra) and Golden Chersonese (Malaysia) by classical writers such as Josephus, Pomponius Mela, and Ptolemy with locations in the Philippines. As evidence, Gold jewelry of Philippine origin has been found in 1st-century Egypt. Even if we assume that Chinese merchants started trading with Philippine islands at that time, they were there to trade, not to claim the territory.

  53. MIXA Fact is the USD is still the world reserve currency and your gonna dump it for what? ITS strong and stable currency and is valued in the time crisis go figure why is that…trust…

  54. Brooker, it does not matter AT ALL US’s comments. The more they comment, the more they reveal their ugliness and their tiny little closet secrets. USA HAS zero CREDIBILITY around the globe.

  55. Mixa thats your right to say what you and free is the best way to go forth…if you want a closed system then its your right to do so but not in my world. My world its above board and not the slight of hand…

  56. No needs to reinterate with a mouth piece ITS AN OPEN BOOK NOW….consensus is QUICKLY adjuting to the new reality socially economically a new pardigm is bein created as we speak. The WORLD will speak with their actions of trade and agreements that are being forged at this very moment that will rewright the course of history…right and wrong peaceful people are willing to stand up to what is right…period sometimes “ITS WHAT IS NOT SAID”. Corporations are having some troulble leaving China for better operations elsewhere and belive me they are looking for the EXIT.

  57. you better start looking a hiding hole now, coz D. Trump will be soon in the WH, you know who is D. Trump, he will not take any BS from anyone much more like china. your illusion is getting short end up shocking.

  58. this is going to be pretty much an open book for the world to see the world court is the right place to greive. Negative note this thingis turning into a political public relations nightmare for China with long term Negative economic implications more than they could have ever imagined. Forgein investment is now waning and Chinese stock market is going through a mojor correction. Chinas TOXIC debt is now fretting out real estae is tanking the spiral downward has started…looking inward really fast….overly extended….vote with your pocket….

  59. beautifully written. exactly. to my limited knowledge the only countries not conquered by centralized banking are syria, n korea and Iran. the myth behind the banking is becoming clear and when it finally collapses, well, we will see what happens from there. after WW2 we had our chance at near world peace with the nuclear proliferation act, but we choose to keep our weapons and build worse…
    peace be to you all!

  60. “China though has repeatedly refused to take part in the case(Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague) and has instead requested that the Philippines withdraw”. Why?

  61. do you??? you re ONLY a commie troll defending on the number of comments to survive. take a shower please, you’re polluting the net w/ your stinky smell.

  62. Are you waiting for the rest of the “world powers” to criticize China before you abide with the rule of law? Wait a few months. China is grabbing a part of the Philippines, Vietnam, etc, using a bogus map that is not recognized by any international treaty. And China is not a monger to you?

  63. Sure, but you would have to ignore:
    United States Invasion of Panama (1989–1990)
    Iraq War (first Iraq war, 1990–1991)
    Somali Civil War (1992–ongoing)
    Yugoslavian Civil Wars:
    Bosnian War (1994–1995)
    Kosovo War (1998–1999)
    United States Invasion of Iraq (second Iraq War, 2003–ongoing)
    Drone Bombing of North-West Pakistan by the United States (2004–ongoing)
    Libyan Civil War (2011-onging)
    Syrian Civil War (2011-onging)
    Ukrainian Civil War (2014-onging)
    Yemeni Civil War (201r-oogoing)

  64. That China has sovereign power over the nine-dash-Line demarcation in the South China Sea is based on history, legality, and fact of current possession:

    1. The history proves that China has discovered the islands, reefs and shoals in the South China Sea over a thousand years ago and the Chinese fishermen have been using the South China Sea as fishing bases and fishing grounds ever since.
    2. During WWII Japan occupied and took over the South China Sea from China. By the stipulations of Cairo Declaration and Potsdam Proclamation the South China Sea was rightfully and legally returned to China at the conclusion of WWII when Japan unconditionally surrendered. The US navy even helped Chinese navy recover Japan-occupied islands, reefs, and shoals.
    3. The US’ non-neutral stance has galvanized Vietnam and Philippines into seizing
    more islands and reefs than what China is able to hold onto its territory. What is remaining in China’s possession is China’s. Nobody can pry it away from China, not even the Permanent Court of Arbitration which has no jurisdiction to begin with, and
    also influenced and manipulated by the world’s only superpower which is not even
    a signatory of the UNCLOS. Obviously China is a victim in the grand scheme of the US and the Philippines.

    If the official US position concerning the South China Sea disputes is neutral, then its officials and military forces should speak and do accordingly. Otherwise, the US can throw its neutrality claim into the trash pile.

    This article says China has little support in the world. I have yet to hear any world power coming forward to level searing criticism at China. Only the US mouthpiece Australia says something, and the rest of the world just keeps silent. Why are they silent? I think it is because they don’t want to criticize the US.

    Contrary to what this article says, China is very much a responsible member of the global village. China does commerce with the world actively. More than 80 countries in the world have China as their respective #1 or #2 trading partner. China is an engine of the world economy. China contributes 30% to the world economy, whereas the US,
    only 10%. So, who is more responsible, a peace-loving economy developer, or a war monger?

  65. Evidently you haven’t noticed/read the goings on in the region and the players involved. Check out what Australia, Japan, The Philippines (obviously), Vietnam and Malaysia’s stance is in term’s of China’s aggressive behavior.

  66. i believe what was china had been doing is indirectly agitating US, w/c she does not have the GUTS to confront directly. china for all the 1000000000 years of existence have not learn to live w/ other races to the present. china consistency in feeding her citizens lies information has keep them isolated from truth and freedom. one of the most important china is disregarding to include good manners and taking their people personal hygiene w/c cost them sooooo muuuuuuch critization from the public.
    china knows she does not have the well/guts to confront/engage USA in war so she choose deception tactics, hoping USA will buy it.

  67. Here you go again, lying like there is no tomorrow. Is this how China trains its trolls? Pathetic.

    “Obama didn’t hesitate to wage an open war and terrorcampaign against the regions of Ukraine”

    “Obama murdered Libyan leader Qaddafi”


    Thank you. This is pure entertainment!

  68. Mixa, please clarify the “terror bombing” of Europe and Indochina. Are you reading books about alternate history?

    And what’s wrong with terror-bombing of terrorist havens in Afghanistan and Iraq?

    Somehow, when you talk about murderous despots, it brings to mind the murderous communist regime in China that killed MILLIONS of its own people just to enforce its objectives.

  69. The problem is the Chinese govt can and does bully and kill its own people, then why should china respect other peoples lands and seas, they do not respect their own people. You greedy fools that created the “free trade with communist china” the Reagans and the Bush’s have created this monster, and destroyed the USA”S middle class in the process all so the rich 1 percent could have slave labor ! The rich and our corruption in the USA govt has created this monster ! Time to isolate China and let them go back to their ways in time. However if they keep taking other countries lands and seas there will be war. I guess it is clear the Chinese govt does not care about its own people, why should it care about keeping peace on the earth, or care about other countries people, the govt will only care when it is dying it appears. Stop what you are doing China or there will be war !

  70. The US annexation of Ukraine was handled in a
    dirty and bloody way. Obama didn’t hesitate to wage an open war and terror
    campaign against the regions of Ukraine that don’t support his imperialist
    aspirations. Hundreds of peaceful protesters were massacred in Odessa and
    Mariupol to American applause just months after Obama called to Yanukovich
    demanding restraint. Cities were bombed and shelled indiscriminately few years
    after Obama murdered Libyan leader Qaddafi for “indiscriminate”
    bombing and shelling of terrorists seizing his country. American generals on
    major TV network call to “Kill more Russians” This double standards
    are perceived as racism and declaration of war by Russians. No matter what the
    position of the government is – Russian but their own weapons, uniform, ammo
    and volunteer to protect compatriots from NATO aggression. Beside Western
    annexation of Ukraine is not economically viable. So the clock is ticking for
    Obama before Ukraine explodes. Not to mention that the US long became a serial
    killer of nations: Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Egypt – all nonwestern
    nations feel threatened and they all understand that Russia with its massive
    nuclear arsenal is the only force that restrains the US from turning entire
    world into a Libya-style gangland. So India, China, Iran have a choice to join
    Russia in resistance to American imperialism or turn into a bloody deserts.

  71. “every country” the likes of N.Korea (as you lovingly mentioned), Iran, Afghanistan, Libya, and Russia – countries that kills and suppresses their own people (like CHINA), supports terrorism, and violates human rights (like CHINA) – yup, they all deserves the US wrath.

  72. The point is, prosperity to many of these countries came via U.S. intervention and bringing know-how with them, not because of a particular model these countries follow-that’s bullshit! That is especially true regarding China. There are many despicable things about America too, but rather the devil you know than the one you don’t know. Then this breaking into their computer networks stealing military knowledge? Why can’t they invent their own?Talking about biting the hand which feeds you?? An act of war indeed as one senior American official put it.Trouble is coming…

  73. The Hedge Funds and US momey men are desperate to get suckers to return their funds from China to the US, because US stock valuations arecurrently insanely high, and they need these suckers to buy their overinflated stocks. So a Chinese government controlled slowdown in China to a targetted 7% growth model, has been spun by the Wall Street PR men into a “collapse” etc etc – and China an unsafe place to keep your money. In reality, the overpriced US stock market and the shark-like hedge funds that make the US an unsafe place to invest.

  74. The US has not signed up to UNCLOS, and so the US trying to force others to abide by UNCLOS, or is it’s own warped interpretation of UNCLOS is ridiculous, hypocritcal and corrupt!! Danie Russell is speaking with what a Red Indian would call a “forked tongue” and China is right to call him out!!

  75. US wars are always genocidal, whether in the terror-bombing of Europe, Japan, Korea, Indochina, Iraq,
    Afghanistan, or in the A-bombs, or in the omnipresence of death-squads, the creation and fostering of scores of murderous despots, or seen in murderous sanctions, economic sabotage and relentless subversion.

  76. the problem with US is that they bomb and strangle with sanctions every country which has own path to prosperity and which is different from US capitalist model guarded by US military.
    They want all from world. No less. And they will not allow anyone to be independent in economic model. For example, that is why N.Korea wants nukes, and they were advanced socialist country showing that it is possible to be rich in different way until US morons and criminals started to choke N. Korea with sanctions and mutate country to this unrecognizable condition. US ruined EVERY country that tryed to apply own, independent, specific model of prosperity.
    For now is peace because they are recalibrating foreign policy and strategic forces, but US will not let China or/and Russia to be equal partner. So, i think, war will break definitely. Latin America, Russia, China, Iran and others prepare
    to dump dollar

  77. China is doing what it is entitled to do under UNCLOS and its agreement with its neighboring countries. China is entitled to what was recognized before there was the UNCLOS, including numerous treaties that designated the region in their clauses.

    To use government official’s different opinion to negate the US offial stance on the issue is not only absurd but demonstrating an attitude of totally bad faith and insincerity because individual opinion of a government official sshould not matter between states, and should not be publicized if not representing official stance of the nation. By doing so, it only demonstratE’s a nation that is treacherous without bany credibility.

  78. So what if China does not like what the US says about their behavior. Yeah all the cheap goods with bad quality are going going to stop boooo hoooo. China is imploding they are isolating themselves from their neighbors little by little, it comes to no surprise its neighbors has slowly stopped buying their products.

  79. China is a land grabbing country and that is what they are doing. Bullying weak natiosn with their mighty military. The United State of America was just very honest about it and will stop the Chinese action.

  80. Uncle Sam – If I didn’t know you were speaking about China, I would have thought you were talking about OBOZO, KERRY, or CLINTON by your third response!

  81. It is time Americans understand that the Chinese communist party CCP does not like the US and has an anti US policy on everything the US does or does not. This policy is vital for the CCP’s survival by restricting human rights to vote and dissent so it can stay in power without any challenge from within. The CCP has always galvanized the Chinese by its propaganda that the US sinister goal is to destabilize and attack China. Furthermore the CCP also warns the Chinese of the potential chaos and danger of voting in China which could set back its economic and military gains. So, the US will always be the CCP eternal enemy and we either live with it or we’ll keep it in check and make sure who we are dealing with.

  82. I am most impressed by the People’s Liberation Army and Navy’s ability to make enemies of nearly every nation in the region. This will insure larger budgets for them for a generation. However, it will shrink China’s merchantile interests.

  83. Ting – youre not winning the argument for justifying China’s encroachment. Furthermore, China’s actions/aggressive tactics are not support by the world it appears.

  84. The CPC is just beginning a take over of the South China Sea and everybody in the world knows what they are trying to do China is like a bull in the China shop it can be seen and heard all of the South China Sea. It is China prompting aggression, and defense of the smaller countries including Japan. The United States has shipping in international water in the South China Sea. The United States I don’t believe will allow it to happen. China you have been found out and every one can see. Close the illegal islands and go home before it become something a whole lot worse than it is.

  85. TruthOMG – much of that area lies within the Philippines EEZ. China has encroached in this area. If China had relative justification in that region, maybe they should have developed it when that area was given to them. For now, it looks like a land grab. I wouldn’t want my neighbor to be in my back yard. Would you?

  86. When China has the full control of the SCS, China should reconsider the treatment of US “free navigation” of commercial vessels there. Ill wills should be penalized.

  87. What out for what I’m going to write. The Chinese never like anything unless to there advantage. The Chinese love to reverse the issue and lie. They’re making lot of enemy around the region. Without respecting everyone it well escalate with chaos.

  88. Mr. Ted,

    I can’t sit back and read your stupidity. China is still a 3rd world country. Go visit if you don’t believe. It’s idiots like yourself that should wake up and smell the stench. Stop buying Chinese. I know your pocketbook dictates what you spend your money on and where it is made. Go get a better job and support home. We will kill 24 million Chinese if we bombed Shanghai. Another 17 million if we took out Beijing. That’s 41 million in two cities with only 2 bombs. I think they would get the hint if they all of a sudden lost 41 million of their Brothers and Sisters. They might want to go ask Japan what happened when we bombed them. We woke a sleeping Giant. Right……. China has obviously forgotten who runs the world and trying to take it from us. I’d take a bet that with our current Administration and Representatives in office that they would let them take it….. Wake up people and Mr. Ted.

  89. Is China a super-power nation? How can it behave like this is beyond me. World need law and order just like traffic lights.

    May be we’re living in different time.

    Is it OK to cheat, lie, steal, coercive, bully and assertive whatever mean to get ahead? When enough is enough ?

  90. To be honest our current leaders of Politicians and the President and his staff are a bunch of tea baggers. Wussies is more appropriate. What happened when the all mighty U.S.A. said something that those countries better listen? All except for Russia or the Old Soviet Union. All for the better part of special interests right? I bet we will give China foreign aide next year. I bet we will still give a lot of counties foreign aide that don’t deserve it. But, idiots like Diane Feinstein & Barbara Boxer would say different and that we will give aide because of those stupid special interests. Let’s make this easy. I am prepared to take on China. Let’s take a vote on who is ready to battle China and then take action on what ever the outcome of that vote is. But, we let these idiots talk on our behalf and represent us in a way that is taking it in the you know what. Give a firm and stern ultimatum or else comment. Like stop building these islands, now, or we will, on behalf of the allies that we support, take action and defend the SCS for them and be willing to go to war for it. Yes, some of you fools will cry out War Monger. But, you are probably the same fools that go out and buy Chinese because your pocket book is dictated by your income and what you spend it on. Stop being traitors, buy American, spend a little more, and support home. That is one way to effect little ass third world China and their growth. The second is to support a war to take them back to reality. The Chinese are arrogant and not stupid little rice bowls. They are laughing their way to the construction of these islands and laughing at us Americans in general. Our current politicians are screwing this country up. This administration and the clowns that are behind Obama are ruining this country, making us a laughing stalk, and now because of it these countries are calling our bluffs and know that we won’t act. Look at Iran, current photo from the Leader himself showing Obama with a gun to his head. Look at Russia taking charge and leading the way to Manifest Destiny of growing Russian interests. Look at North Korea. Under the Obama administration Korea has obtained the nuclear weapon. I say, “Our leaders are a bunch of coward and traitors. They should either be cracking big rocks into smaller rocks or executed by firing squad for treason and being a traitor.” Wake up my American Brothers and Sisters. Speak your voices to your Representatives. Or, better yet, vote all of these current idiots out. On both sides. A complete do over. But, unfortunately all of you will not speak your opinion and vote accordingly.

    To conclude, I must say, “Diane Frankenstein Feinstein should be the first on the firing line.” Come up with a better answer of why we give foreign aid to Pakistan and India because we have special interests of these countries not going to nuclear war against each other and the fall out from their nuclear war. I bet half or more of my American Brothers and Sisters don’t know what or why we give all these countries foreign aide. If you don’t believe me take a look at our Govt site that shows this. 33 Billion Dollars are planned in 2016. Really leaders of this country? Really? What the hell is wrong with us. And, we let this happen.

    Wake up people. Vote these idiots and wussies out of their office and let’s get some people in there that will act and not coward to anyone. A bunch of dummies we are to let this keep happening.

  91. It’s ,but they have coward leaders,Vietcong are the stupid dogs of China, the animal Chinese took their islands, lands, kill their sailors , attack and kill their fishermen ,but they keep their mouth shut,suppress Vietnamese people demonstration against Chinese invasion Vietnam .

  92. The delusional Chinese fools are about to get squeezed in the SCS. And they will never have a friend in the region again -well, Cambodia will up their price of course as they watch “the dragon” squirm. Xi Jinping is the worst Chinese leader in history.

  93. They always go to history to push for their claim when in fact they are not even recognized as a state until OCTOBER 1, 1949. There is no CHINA before the said date. They are too busy killing each other changing dynasty one after another.

  94. China believes the issue of Chinese sovereignty over its national territory is
    not a subject to be decided by the Permanent Court of Arbitration in The
    Hague. It is to be noted the Philippines was a colony of the Spain for 300 hundred years, Indonesia by Holland.

    There will be no dispute who owns Spratly Islands if the Court will read the 1947 Collier’s World Atlas and Gazetteer as well as a map of China, French Indochina (Vietnam), Siam (Thailand) and Korea by Rand McNally, a recognized American map maker.

    It is also to be noted when China published the 9-dash line, the Philippines for one didn’t protest and object.

  95. Title should be “The World Doesn’t Like China’s Actions On South China Sea”. Who cares what China like or dislike. Truth is, it only behaves what benefits them, greedy.

  96. China is an outlaw country their people ‘s professional skill are stealing,robbery , criminal gangs,don’t ask them to respect human law system,let ‘s them live with monkey in jungle

  97. “Foreign Ministry spokesperson Lu Kang said, ‘Attempting to push forward the arbitration unilaterally initiated by the Philippines, the US side just acts like an ‘arbitrator outside the tribunal’, designating the direction for the arbitral tribunal established at the request of the Philippines.”

    China’s spokesperson makes unsupported accusations:

    1.) The Spokesperson does not explain how the U.S. is “attempting to push forward the arbitration.” The U.S. has no power to accelerate the pace of the arbitration which the Philippines began more than two years ago. Only the Tribunal itself and the parties to the arbitration have the power to slow or quicken the judicial process.

    2.) Nor has the U.S. “designat(ed) the direction for the arbitral tribunal.” The U.S. has said nothing about the “direction” the Tribunal should take or what its decision should be.

    Just b.s. from the spinmasters at the PRC Ministry of Truth.

  98. You should care and care a lot. Those Communist have acquired enough wealth to take over the world. Wake up and smell the stench.

  99. What right does any nation have to lay claim to an entire ocean? China’s claim rests on the idea that it has fished in these waters for centuries.

  100. Please read NYT of today 07/26 China’s Global Ambitions, Cash and Strings Attached, that says it all very revealing. We should be very cautious for it’s not good news! We cannot effort to have an complacent attitude open eyes and ears!

  101. ” “We are not neutral when it comes to adhering to international law. We
    will come down forcefully when it comes to following the rules.” “

    Listen, China,
    Either there is a law or there is not one.
    Either you obey the law, or you don’t.

    It’s clear as can be. End of story.

  102. The arrogance of China is very disturbing to me and we all should not give in to their claims. It will not solve anything by defying the International court ruling. The clear thing here is oil and gas reserves and they want it all. By being that close with their drilling rigs to the territorial waters of Japan is makes this a very obvious reason.

  103. funny how China says the Hague court has no authority when it doesn’t directly beneit them… Yet, then turns around and states that the Philippines need to abide by a non-binding (Declaration on the Conduct of Parties in the South China Sea (DOC) “a non-binding declaration”

  104. China is a responsible nation. That is why it refused to participate in the arbitration because UNCLOS violates its own rule laws to accept the Philippine case. The case is on sovereignty and UNCLOS has no jurisdiction on sovereignty.

  105. China you need to act like a responsible big nation. you should not snubbed the Arbitration !
    china, you can’t make south and east china sea to be your backyard lake, it’s too big and don’t be too GREEDY, be more civilized.

  106. Japan,Vietnam,Philippines and other Southeast Asian Nations should form an alliance to counter USA military and destructive rebalance

  107. USA’s neutrality is a swindling word. If Philippine provoke China into a confrontation and China respond. USA will not be neutral. There is even less support for Philippine as evidenced by the non-supportive stance of the ASEAN nations. The support for Philippine is due entirely to the support provided by USA and its cohort Japan. Every nation knows that the case is related to sovereignty and UNCLOS has no jurisdiction on sovereignty. For UNCLOS to accept to review the case knowing that the case is entirely related to sovereignty indicates that UNCLOS violate its own rules of law. Anticipating that, China refuse to participate in the arbitration.

  108. in WW2 imperial japan murder chineses in NAMKIN——-china want japan apology,but,when red china murder 80,000,000 chineses in the 50,then there is coverup,I didnt do it,1989 red china killed 300,000 chineses student in TIANAMEN SQUARE—-RED CHINA SAID—–NOT HAPPENS———crime against humanity are guilty I dont care it is japanese or chinese,red china go say I am very sory

  109. all of these reef are under water and 1000 miles from china,now,the chin-suk-cox put sand and make it artificial isalnd—–what is the legality in here????????

  110. China, you let them know! It should let the world know US hasn’t sign up UNCLOS yet but US wants to enforce UNCLOS.
    That’s a fukin Joke.

  111. The south China Sea is international waters. Asking if the USA belongs in the South China Sea is like asking whether the Chinese belong in the Pacific and Indian oceans – oceans where their ships continuously sail.

    If the USA were to claim the Pacific Ocean for itself and start building islands out of atolls there to magnify its claim and begun building military installations that would make the whole world worry about its future freedom of navigation in the Pacific, then China would be very definitely taking the same stance against that as the USA is taking about China’s illegal claim to the South China Sea.

  112. Do they really belong there? The US has been running the South China Sea for 70 years. The US is the major force that defeated the Japanese in WW2 and remained there to maintain stability and peace. Given that they were the victor, not China, the US really has the rights to the South China Sea. The question is: does China really belong there? They are trying to upset the status quo. None of this would be happening if Chin wasn’t trying to upset the way things are in the South China Sea. Do you think any of this would be going on if China was not island building?

  113. This country doesn’t care whether or not China likes or dislikes the US comments about South East Asia Sea. All we care is to make sure that China does not violate the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea and this nation must be ready to take a meaning action against China when it does violate the UNCLOS and threaten its neighbor countries’ sovereignty.

  114. Sorry Chinks… now the harsh reality that the entire civilized community is going to see things our way ( Philippines ), and that they actually understands that China is not adhering to established International rules… well, that is how things work in the international community… everyone must and should adhere to the rules that were being set and to think that you are sitting as one of the judges of the governing bodies to see to it that these rules are being followed and yet arrogantly you seem to bully smaller nations… sooner or later you will see yourself running back to where you belong with your tail between your legs… hahahaha

  115. China wants everyone to be idle while pursuing their invasion in the region. China knows the
    law abiding countries will not stop them from invading the region, like Russia deed in province
    of Ukraine and supporting the breakaway area within, only sanction and protest comes from
    other countries concern.

  116. I think it is long past time for the U.S. to express honestly and in detail what the U.S. interests are in the South China sea. Do they really belong there, or is it rather like in Cuba or Iraq? You people calling for nuclear war are cretins and probably serve to explain the rapid ascent of Donald Trump as a politcal figure in the U.S.

  117. China wants no one to say anything about there actions in the South China seas. China wants the international community to accept their unacceptable behavior. China thinks that no one can interfere with them. China can’t be trusted as they fooled everyone into believing their lies. They held a naval exercise in the disputed area and I am sure those ships that were used in the drill are now stationed in the reclaimed islands. This is how cunning China is..

  118. The US, Japan,Vietnam,Philippines and other Southeast Asian Nations should form a NATO like group and call it WESPAC…
    to counter Communist Russia, China and North Korea.

  119. Stop the whining bejing, you are the bully on the block, stop the intimation and act like a responsible power for once.

  120. If China believe they have the legal right according to the international law,why not face the court.They don`t want to do that because they know, they are in the wrong side.What a chinese mentality.

  121. China’s days are numbered, if they continue to disobey the international law oF seas or the UNCLOS they will surely get what they deserved….and that is the wrath of the U.S. and it’s Allies.
    These communist regime’s stubborned head must be softened if they truly are for peace otherwise you will be the next Nagasaki.

  122. Communist China have to ABIDE its International obligations—If china continue its path of Rouge behavior, ALLIED nations are United to CONFRONT it–

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