China Naval Drills Continue Despite Rising Tensions

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Despite rising tensions in the South China Sea, China continues to press forward with new maritime exercises in the disputed region. While these exercises are claimed to have been in the works for months, they could not come at a worse time. Countries such as the Philippines and Vietnam are increasingly alarmed by what they see as aggressive steps by Beijing to solidify its hold on possessions in the South China Sea. China though is not the only country holding maritime drills in the region as the U.S., Japan, and the Philippines have done so as well. Regardless, China is widely viewed as the aggressor nation and by holding these exercises Beijing is doing little to alleviate fears.

South China Sea Drill

On Wednesday July 22, the People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) began a ten day naval exercise in the South China Sea east of Hainan Province. At a time when tensions are high, China’s Ministry of National Defense moved quickly in an attempt to dispel fears that the exercises are not directed at regional countries saying, “The drills are regular military exercises scheduled in the annual plan, without targeting any other country.” Major General Zhu Chenghu of China’s National Defense University added in a statement to state-run Xinhua, “Of course, no country will conduct military training without any purpose, but this time there is no evidence to subjectively link an ordinary drill to a third party.”
Major General Xu Guangyu, senior consultant at the China Arms Control and Disarmament Association told the state-run Global Times, “Unlike US military forces that can be trained in wars, Chinese navy strength, which lags behind ground forces, needs to be enhanced via regular drills”. While that statement was partly a jab at the U.S., it still doesn’t explain why PLAN drill shave to take part in a dispute region.

China’s Maritime Safety Administration released a statement this week saying ships are “prohibited from entering” the “designated maritime areas where the military drills are being held”.  The exclusion zone is off the southeastern coast of Hainan and includes some of the disputed Paracel Islands, which are claimed by China and Vietnam.

Vietnam has criticized this naval exercise with a spokesman for the Foreign Ministry, Le Hai Binh saying “This action seriously infringes the sovereignty of Vietnam over the Paracel Islands”. He added, “Vietnam protests and requests China to respect Vietnam’s sovereignty, act in a responsible manner, immediately stop and not repeat actions that complicate the situation”. Just last month, China moved a deep-water oil rig into waters near the Paracel Islands, a move reminiscent of a similar situation that took place last year which caused high tensions.

One of Many Chinese Exercises

Earlier this month, the PLAN debuted its Zubr-class LCACs (air-cushioned landing craft) at a different exercise. The PLAN has already acquired two from the Ukraine and has built two more. In this drill which took place on Hainan Island, the PLAN South Sea Fleet conducted amphibious landing exercises as a test of the ability of the PLAN to conduct such an operation in coordination with the PLA (ground army) and PLAAF (air force). The Zubr-class can carry either three MBTs (main battle tanks) or ten APCs (armored personnel carriers) with 230 troops at a maximum speed of 63 knots allowing them to rapidly deploy forces.

According to Zhang Junshe, a senior researcher at the PLA Naval Military Studies Research Institute, the Zubr-class will substantially improve the amphibious capabilities of the PLAN, capabilities which are still underdeveloped. Zhang said, “With the craft’s fast speed and strong firepower, it can ferry a large landing force to the shore within a short period, without suffering serious casualties or being delayed by naval mines or bad coastal conditions” adding, “Its deployment enhances the PLA navy’s ability to rapidly project power at sea”.

This exercise came on the heels of the controversial participation by U.S. Pacific Fleet commander, Admiral Scott Swift in a surveillance flight over the South China Sea. China’s Defense Ministry responded to that by saying, “For a long time, U.S. military ships and aircraft have carried out frequent, widespread, and up-close surveillance of China, seriously harming bilateral mutual trust and China’s security interests, which could easily cause an accident at sea or in the air.”

Additionally later this year in August, China and Russia will carry out a 20-ship exercise near Japan off the coast of the Russian region of Primorsky. This exercise will be the second part of Joint Sea Exercise 2015; the first part took place in the Mediterranean Sea earlier this year in May. Though this exercise will not take place in disputed waters, it is a sign of increasing cooperation between the PLAN and Russian Navy as the two countries work to better their relations.

China is not alone in Conducting Exercises

Just last June, the U.S., Philippines, and Japan took part in military exercises off the coast of the Philippines near the disputed region as part of the Cooperation Afloat Readiness and Training 2015 (CARAT) exercise. This was the second time this year that the Philippines and Japan took part in joint exercises which left Beijing less than pleased. Beijing does not believe Tokyo has any right to interfere in the South China Sea as it has no claim their and that its involvement is part of an effort to isolate China.

Meanwhile, India, Japan, and the U.S. are preparing for joint naval exercises in the Bay of Bengal in the Indian Ocean in October. New Delhi has not hosted such a multilateral exercise in the Bay of Bengal in eight years since the last exercise met with harsh criticism from Beijing. This week military officials from each country are in Tokyo planning the exercise which is part of the annual Exercise Malabar, an annual exercise between India and the U.S. with other nations taking part different years.

Having Malabar 2015 take place in the Bay of Bengal somewhat shows the growing importance of the Indian Ocean as a place of rivalry and competition between China and India. Furthermore, having Japan take part this year also shows a tightening of military relations between India and Japan.

Military exercises do not take place on a whim as months of planning are typically required. Regardless, Beijing could have postponed the exercise in light of the rising tensions. China’s island building in the South China Sea has attracted widespread criticism while regional countries are increasingly seeing China as a threat. Exercises such as these show that China has little interest in dispelling regional fears of its military buildup and plans for the South China Sea.  Rather than reducing tensions, these exercises increase them.

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About the Author

Stephen Paul Brooker
Stephen Paul Brooker is a writer, political researcher, and political consultant. His specialty is in East Asia security issues and he has lectured at St. John's University on conflict theory and international relations. He holds a Master's Degree in International Relations and a graduate certificate in International Law and Diplomacy from St. John's University and a Bachelor's Degree in Government from Wagner College. Currently he is pursuing a Diploma in Economics from the University of London.

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  95. Cool it guys, the exercise appears to be a massive move out procedure from the disputed territory, like an earthquake drill.

  96. “we did not sign UNCLOS, we do respect UNCLOS

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  106. Stop posting your silly statement. Aren’t you even shameful by comparing those seas to the South China Sea? Why don’t you compare your country with the countries around the Mediterranean?

    1. Unlike Philippines and Vietnam, nations around Mediterranean don’t use the UNCLOS to claim territory. Didn’t you notice that the islands just off north Africa actually are Italy’s. Those islands are well within the 200 NM of the north African nations. Do any of the nations cry baby to go to the International Jokes Court for arbitration that those islands should be theirs according to international law of UNCLOS (III)? Do they occupy the islands? No.
    2. Italy does control close to 90% of Mediterranean. If you don’t believe this, try to mine in the middle of Mediterranean to see what happens. You will be immediately get arrested. Of course you can sail free to pass the Mediterranean Sea, just like you can freely to pass the South China Sea in the past, in the current or in the future. No nation wants to block the passage. Have you heard even one single ship was stopped by China for passing through SCS? No. That would have already tell people like you are just liar by saying China would, could, might, blah, blah block the passage of ships.
    3. Did US discovered and extensively used the Caribbean Sea like China did over thousands of years? No. European merely came there less than 500 years ago. US tried to control but failed. Heard of Cuba revolution? Heard of US invasion of Grenade?
    4. Russia controls 100% of Black Sea. Plus there is no islands or rocks in the Sea.
    5. Did you check the islands on the east side of the bay of Bengal belongs to whom? India. Yes. India controls or wants to control the whole Bay of Bengal, Not only that, India is not happy when China’s submarine passes in India Ocean. India even wants the India Ocean their own ocean. Were China not happy when any other nation passes the Pacific Ocean? No. Actually US is stationing military bases everywhere in the Pacific Ocean.
    6. Japan controls more than 90% of Sea of japan. if you don’t believe this, just occupy one or two small islands there just like you did to China’s islands in SCS to see what happens.Japan’s “Self-defense force” will crash you in no time, unlike the weak and soft Chinese who offer you:” Dispute aside, let’s co-development”.

  107. A naval drill with fishing boats?
    Stupid ch!nks

  108. If you start out with fake western names, who’s going to believe the drivel you post, fake Steven and fake Rusty Wyse from the land of fake everything?

  109. No matter how long or how many years nvtncs writes, he and his beloved Japan can never cover up or run away from their shame. He better tell the unrepentant Abe to “let go and move on”, because he is still very sore about that nuke event delivered by his master like just yesterday. China destroy Japan nvtncs must be very INSANE and playful, but Japan secretly destroy US is very REAL. It is a matter of time for the revival of Pearl Harbour. nvtncs must not be over confident of the trust placed on the uncanny Japan. There will be no good end in union between evils. nvtncs is dead wrong for the third time by now.

  110. Beat Chinese thief into pulp and teach Chinese how to behave. All. Chinese products are fake, Chinese talked and showed off. Nuke China to test missiles. China has billions people one billion gone, no problems

  111. Off-topic and irrelevant and incoherent response to my comment.
    Take your opium, you are displaying withdrawal symptoms.

  112. we all know thief China stole and bullied neighbors to use islands for military purposes. U.S. Should destroy and bombed islands.

  113. You are utterly off-topic ( talking about me, personally and irrelevantly ). You are babbling incoherently.

    Reminder: Stay on the topic of Chinese drills.

  114. If China and Japan were to combine together and form a more powerful China, then China would have a much easier time taking over any variety of smaller countries. Of course, this may certainly need at least 10 more years, especially to combine military at the same time as technology advancement. Eventually, this more powerful China will become an overwhelming threat to America. This is exactly what happens in my screenplay titled; “The Last President” by Douglas Paige at; driveme89123yahoocom and asking only $1.7 million, but offering 5% of the sale price to anyone who will be my connection with the proper person to purchase my screenplay.

  115. I am sure your parents robbed poor Pinoy peasants savings and found heaven by bribing Uncle Sam.

  116. Actually Chinese Ancestors named it China’s Thousand Mile Rocky Pond” more than two thousands years ago. US knows there is no dispute. Spain knows there is no dispute. Some people just want to use the UNCLOS III to rub China. Otherwise US and Spain would have already put the Spratly Islands into their Treaty of 1898 when Spain ceded Philippine to US. Instead they deliberately avoided to put the Spratly Island into the treaty. Why?

    China should stand up to the challenge. If UNCLOS III is a problem, make a new one. After all UN should respect member state’s sovereignty first. Otherwise any legislation made by UN is illegal to begin with.

    Anybody knows where to file lawsuit against the International Justice Court at Hague? What is the procedure? I want to suit this International Jokes Court for breaking its’ own law of UNCLOS III and violation of UN Charter, among other international laws.

  117. Rise to what? What else there is to rise in this world but to show off that China think it is now capable? And then what? Tibet? Now Spratly? They want to rise so they can pay a visit to Emperor Hirohito’s grave to pee. Let me remind you that you are on a computer built by American Science. Most likely you drink coke or pepsi products. Im pretty sure you are not wearing that green uniform anymore Mao gave you, because America gave you blue jeans. Uncle Sam wants china to act civilize like all super powers, and set examples of good neighborhood. Not take over their territories.

  118. USA always puts national interests over justification, international law and that tells all!

    IT will lie for anything… (remember Iraq War?)

    IT will tape anyone, including friends….( go check yourself)

    So don’t tell me it taking no sides, it is just pure lie.

  119. USA has learned lessons from Vietnam and Korea, maybe?

    Is USA winning in Middle East?

    What about with Russia?

    Now you begging you master to fight with China? go Dreaming, USA is just paper Tiger, it will dump any puppets like Pinoy which MacArthur did.

  120. Japan can kick china’s ass with one hand tied to her back and without the help of the USA.

  121. More racial bigotry!!!!

  122. What you said above is racist bigotry.

    “Your real name is not Steven but Kung Kung Hua.”

  123. But now china has a problem. The UN and the world knows that china has no respect and always lies.
    Now America will tell you to leave! If you don’t we will make you leave, and your helpless.

  124. You sound like a Chinese woman.
    In war, the victor is ALWAYS right.
    The Soviets raped about 1 million German women in 1945, were they ever prosecuted? Of course NOT. They won the war.

    i do not excuse Imperial Japan for its atrocities, i condemn it.
    But you know what? That’s how Asians behave in war, not only Japanese, but Chinese, Koreans.

    If you want to go back a little bit into the past, let me remind you, for you being Chinese, of all people should know, that in war, the Chinese kill not only their current enemies, but 3 generations of their enemies’ elite, to make sure that no act of revenge would ever come to visit the victors.
    So, please, do not be a hypocrite and do not play the victim.

    Now, back to Japan: Japan has apologized almost every year since 1945.
    Today’s Japan is not 1937 Japan.
    Today’s Japanese are not 1937 Japanese, they also are not responsible for what their great grand parents did.

    There is a time to let go and to move on.
    Either that or wage a war of revenge on Japan.
    I do not think that the US would idly sit by and watch China destroy Japan, mainly because the existence of Japan is a core interest of the US on the Pacific rim.
    So, as we say here, “just forget about it”.

  125. You need to boost you IQ

  126. Secret Plan he says…
    And now the Western World knows about China’s “Hunderd Year Marathon”
    China’s Secret Plan to destroy America. Your Own Government Officers who have left China and now live in America have confirmed The Communist plan to Destroy America!!!
    Nice try. But its over now.

  127. Should rename
    the South China Sea the CHINA’s SOUTH SEA … in 1947 when the nine dash line was established by China without any other countries’ objections. Then today we will have no disputes.

  128. I really don’t care what his name even thought I had an idea. How can anyone even consider your position if you HIDE behind a fiction Name … Just B S

  129. Because the intention is different with china. They’re there to prove that they can amass a fleet of fishing boats and prove that SCS belongs to them alone, and they can desecrate the rights of other nations territories? Its their intentions the whole world is now realizing that China cannot be trusted.

  130. The real name of Rusty Wyse is Wah Peya

  131. This is an excellent response that unfortunately went over most of the Chinese trolls’ heads. Those few who understood it, have no answer for it.

  132. No the real name of Steven in this forum is Bo Chi Bay; and still he has another name, it’s Bo Sin Saylo.

  133. Chinese have been slaves for so long they don’t know what freedom really means. They took over Tibet because Tibetans are a free pacifist people. No Uncles to help them. Meanwhile they snuck under the noses of the Philippines thinking that the Filipinos will just walk away without a fight. Aha surprise. We have our Uncle Sam. And they can say all the bad things about our relationship with the USA, but we love the USA sometimes more than ourselves, that we send our young men to fight on every war Uncle Sam has gone since 1898. You name it we were there. Now what makes you think that a war with China will be different. We will be there together with the USA to kick you in the kisser.

  134. Benjamin M. Richards | Jul 25, 2015, 12:52 pm at 12:52 pm |

    the South China Sea the ASIA FREE SEA … All the world’s oceans are the maritime
    commons for all of the world’s people.
    What if we allowed Italy to lay claim to 90% of the Mediterranean? Or the USA to 90% of the Caribbean? Or Russia to 90% of the Black Sea? Or India to 90% of the Bay of Bengal?? Or Japan to 90% of the Sea of Japan??? China’s claim to 90% of the South China Sea
    is an affront to the Whole Human Race and has no legal basis. The USA and her World Allies should respond
    to this ridiculous, preposterous, arrogant claim by declaring it as the “ASIA
    FREE SEA”. All people continue to
    peacefully access this Global Maritime Commons like all others. If China picks a fight, let them face the Whole
    World, not a couple vulnerable states … Confrontation is not desirable, but
    Capitulation is more dangerous.

  135. At least I have nick name out from my real name Rosauro Feliciano and not like others who pretend to have a nice sounding names. I wish I am a Racist Bigot so I can as well insult you. In Physics when we apply a force there is an equal force to counter. But since I am educated and not having acquired my education in/on and from the streets, as like a military officer I have perfect self control. But don’t misunderstand me. I was not a military officer since I am dealing with civilians in this forum; and so I would never ever be a military commissioned officer.

  136. Of course, of course,…
    A lot of my comments never appear in the “comment section” because of the following. Who said there is no censorship in the U.S.,???

    “Thank you for your submission. Your comment will appear once it has been approved.”

  137. tino, nvtncs, ciano and addull are dead wrong because they are dead ignorant, and because all the misinformation they get is from that CNN spy plane, which they should have enjoyed very much after all it is damn exciting Hollywood fare for shallow minds including many people in this forum. As for nvtncs, he didn’t know that US had a secret plan to nuke China during the Korean War (as far as the ‘so-called’ dispute in South China Sea, suffice to say here US has ZERO CREDIBILITY). He also didn’t know the tens of millions dead as a result of Japanese atrocities.

    The TWO A-bombs dropped in Japan is only a very tiny little price for them to pay for their atrocities which until now is still not settled. Even then the cunning Japanese right wing can actually turn the nuke event around to postulate they are victims and not AGGRESSOR. It is a betrayal to the souls in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. So shame on nvtncs, shame on Japan and shame on US.

  138. Your just jealous because you do not have an Uncle Sam. You however have Uncle Tong.

  139. Ya only in china do they go to bankruptcy court for divorce.

  140. In the picture attached to these article, all I can see are fishing boats. It looks like a fishing expedition to me. We know that China has all (8) eight Russian made Zubr-class LCACs (air-cushioned landing craft). One A-10 Warthog will slice them all with a 30mm gatling gun. Old technology. Come on, Pls give us something more challenging than that. If you want to kick the USA assess, china has to do something incredibly critical. Go home china. Don’t go back to the stone age.

  141. “The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978 (“FISA” Pub.L. 95–511, 92 Stat. 1783, 50 U.S.C. ch. 36) is a United States federal law which prescribes procedures for the physical and electronic surveillance
    and collection of “foreign intelligence information” between “foreign powers” and “agents of foreign powers” (which may include American citizens and permanent residents suspected of espionage or terrorism).[1] It has been repeatedly amended since the September 11 attacks.”

    As a citizen, i am fine with the law. The law was voted and enacted by Congress whose members are representatives of the American people. Members of Congress are elected by the American people.

    I have nothing to hide and do not mind the law, it is the price i pay for protection from terrorism. It is a law that i freely voted for, through my representative whom i elected.

    The difference between American law and Chinese “law” is, American law is voted by the American people, Chinese “law” is imposed on the Chinese people by the Communist Party of China which is never elected by the Chinese people. And that Chinese “law” is not to protect the Chinese people, but to control it.

  142. You are stupid. US, Philippines and Japan made an exercise on Subic. Use your google map, and look where Subic is, it is not an island, it is part of Luzon of the Philippines.

    They DID NOT made exercise on the DISPUTE ISLANDS just like what your china did.

    Next time, do some research first before commenting..

  143. You are stupid. US, Philippines and Japan made an exercise on Subic. Use your google map, and look where Subic is, it is not an island, it is part of Luzon of the Philippines.

    They DID NOT made exercise on the DISPUTE ISLANDS just like what your china did.

    Next time, do some research first before commenting.

  144. THE ONLY CLEAR THREAT HERE IS DONE BY CHINA. You don’t believe that? Ask the WHOLE WORLD.

  145. THREAT? When US defeated Japan way back 1940’s, they could even take China if they wanted to, but THEY DID NOT. So what threat are you talking about?

  146. Your reply is irrelevant to my comment. As usual, your chinese stupidity is at work.

  147. You have no rights to question that drill since it’s already in Philippines. US and Philippines do it EVERY YEAR. Your china HAS NO BUSINESS knowing what it’s purpose.

  148. well, based on your comment, who is stupid and dumbass now???

  149. well, based on your comment, who is stupid and dumbass now??

  150. well, based on your comment, who is stupid and dumbass now?

  151. how will you kick the Chinese out of USA to stop them posting comments here?? Tell me? It is internet. For some foreign websites, or foreign forums, Chinese can access that but they don’t know how.

    Plus, those who don’t know how simply because they dont speak English at all. China is afraid that more and more Chinese can read English and understand China from a different or even multiple sources. That is why they discourage the newer generation of citizens to learn English. That is a scary move.

    Thanks to Uncle Sam, most of American TV shows are censored or banned in China due to some sensitive topics.
    For example, Black List, Season 1 Episode 3, about the Chinese agent stealing American state secrets. Bomb. The whole episode was taken down from any Chinese website. At that moment, there was a website called free tv project (since everyone wants to be cheap, the free tv project cannot last. it is officially taken off the server too (crying….))

  152. dumbassssss.

  153. dumbazzzzzzzzzzzz.never quit .

  154. stupid better thad dumbazzzzzzzz.

  155. he stupid but not dumbasss like you .

  156. stupid but not dumbasss like you .

  157. “We did not sign UNCLOS because we couldn’t get the majority of 535 people to agree.

    Though we did not sign UNCLOS, we do respect UNCLOS.

    You signed UNCLOS and did not respect it.” Well said.

    But what did Uncle Sam do to you? Uncle Sam wire-taps everyone under the PRISM program. Explain that to me, sir. Enlighten a poor and brainwashed Chinese in that department. Thank you, sir.

  158. china’s weapon build only for BULLY small and poor neighbors countries, that is how low tech they are, all they do COPYCATS,THEFTS, EVILS and LIARS. We are stop buyings made in stupid china, slaps economic sanctions on them, kick them out of USA so we don’t see them post those stupid posts.

  159. You are ignorant, you should shut your pie hole.
    UNCLE SAM is not my master.
    UNCLE SAM is my servant.
    The US government serves the American people, not the other way around, like in your cr*ppy country. If the American people is not satisfied, the American people will fire the government and choose a new one.

    You, on the other hand, are a slave of the CPC which has oppressed the Chinese people for 70 years and counting.

    We did not sign UNCLOS because we couldn’t get the majority of 535 people to agree.
    Though we did not sign UNCLOS, we do respect UNCLOS.

    You signed UNCLOS and did not respect it.
    China is a thief.

  160. JUANITO RAMOS fr BULACAN | Jul 25, 2015, 11:41 am at 11:41 am |


  161. THIEF IS BETTER THAN A FFFFFFFFFFFF. destruction killer world wide .

  162. Many countries, including your master Uncle Sam. refuse to ratify UNCLOS, Do you know why USA won’t?

    UNCLOS does not cover arbitration of maritime features. It only defines how far the maritime area extends from the maritime features.

    The ownership of maritime features needs to be settled first before UNCLOS based maritime borders could be defined.

    If Philippines keep dragging its feet for years to come in hope of a jackpot, it will probably end up with not much at all.

    The future arbitration, if it proceeds, process itself is in jeopardy due to the non-participation of a party.

    UNCLOS has no power to enforce its arbitration.

    China had reclaimed the Island prior EEZ created.

  163. It looks like that the author has dementia. The Philippines has join war game with US just 2 months ago and join military exercise with Japan a month ago, both in the disputed area.

  164. You have pointed out a profound truth: the US drills do not increase tension with any East Asian country while China’s single drill increases tension in the whole East Asia area. When you are able to understand why that is so (because it is indeed so, a truth you inadvertently stated), you will receive a passing grade for your International Relations and Political Science classes.

  165. Number one, what do you mean?
    What divorce?

    Number two, you can never defend a case with an analogy. Not ever.
    Scientifically, two human events are never exactly the same.

  166. China drills and drills. It will sink itself in the holes it made. Pretty soon!

  167. Do you go to bankruptcy court for divorce?

  168. You are even worse.

  169. NOT one single state recognize your ridiculous SCS ownership claim.
    You dared not appear in Court which repeatedly asked you to present your claim to the Court.

  170. For 70 years, Japan and the US did not threaten China, and the SCS was quiet and peaceful.
    Then lately China started stealing land sea from Vietnam and the PI, causing the entire East Asian region to become unstable, and concern spreads even to Australia.

  171. You may run your mouth as many times and as dirty as you want… that is only because you are ignoring the truth….and reality.

    Keep begging your master, USA.

  172. Exactly.
    You can’t because you are a thief. Nobody trusts a thief.
    When you do it, Vietnam and the Philippines object.
    When the US does it, Vietnam and the PI do not object and do not feel threatened.
    Why? Because the US does not take land and sea from Vietnam and the PI and of any other state.
    In 2015, China is a thief. In 2015, the US is not a thief on the SCS.
    That’s the double standard explained to you.

  173. You a a liar and a troll

  174. your are so stupid , ignorant, and arrogant as China is. Make sure you understand what you’re talking about. Is the naval exercise of US and its allies occur in a disputed area? answer it your self and it will validate your foolishness


  175. The US government has not stolen any nations land or sea in 2015. The PRC is a thief, in 2015.
    That’s the difference.
    The US drills are for keeping all the thieves in check.
    The Chinese drills are for stealing EEZ’s fro other states.

  176. This article shows “western double standard”……U can do it…but I can’t……

  177. How many drills USA had conducted, including at the regions thousands miles away from its shoreline?

  178. Why????

    You are another “Racist Bigot”.

  179. Of course your real name is not “Ros Feliciano”, but “Racist Bigot”.

  180. Whatever China does is wrong from Uncle Sam’s point of view.
    Uncle Sam wants to keep China in the 1800s where Chinese were consumed by opium.

  181. Another propaganda piece. What’s wrong with China’s drills? The title of the article is only trying to show China’s aggression. For the past many months, we have seen many American, Philippines & Japanese combined military exercises in the South China Sea. Why can’t China do the same in the area?

  182. The root cause of all these is Uncle Sam. Uncle Sam cannot stand the rise of China, and will do anything AND everything to block China’s rise.

  183. Possible “huge oil reserved beneath its ocean floors”. Nothing is certain at this point. Just remember from the past, only 10% of the oil drilling resulted in oil find. Right now, Uncle Sam and his Seven Dwarfs are fighting ghosts of the past. There may not be any oil or natural resource at all. Remember, China drilled by Vietnam, came up emptied and left.

  184. The news media and journalists are America’s biggest propaganda machinery.

  185. another stupid article… US is trying to contain China and having its own military drills with neighboring counties, so China should just sit idle and allow to be taken over and overcome..

    Stephen Paul Brooker…nothing but a fool!!

  186. You are very stupid. Period!

  187. You are stupid. Why did the US drill at Subic in the 1st place??

  188. I’m confused: the US drills many times do not increase tension, but China’s one drill does?

  189. The drill is very far from the disputed zones. It’s none of the Pignoy’s business if China conducted military drills. Afterall, the Pignoys and their masters, the US and Japan, conducted military drills near Chinese controlled islands.

  190. there is good that is coming out from the actions of this thief. they are becoming the evil country in the eyes of other countries. let them continue what they are doing and eventually they will be defeated just like what happened to Nazi Germany in WW2. they feel and think they are strong but eventually they will have a rude awakening when all the nations of the world gets united. U.S., Japan, Australia, South Korea, India, New Zealand, U.K, Israel, Spain, France, Indonesia, Vietnam and other NATO and Asian countries to crush this bully back to the stone age.

  191. Your real name is not Steven but Kung Kung Hua.

  192. But what is the root cause of all these?

  193. You are too short-sighted to see the REAL ISSUE, the US-Japan threat.

  194. You are stupid. US, Philippines and Japan made an exercise on Subic. Use your google map, and look where Subic is, it is not an island, it is part of Luzon of the Philippines.

    They DID NOT made exercise on the DISPUTE ISLANDS just like what your china did.

    Next time, do some research first before commenting.

  195. You are stupid. US, Philippines and Japan made an exercise on Subic. Use your google map, an look where Subic is, it is not an island, it is part of Luzon of the Philippines.

    They DID NOT made exercise on the DISPUTE ISLANDS just like what your china did.

    Next time, do some research first before commenting.

  196. Use your real name STEVEN YEA RIGHT !!!!

  197. Military prowess is not the aim of China in the South China Sea but the huge oil reserved beneath its ocean floors. China built the artificial islands as camouflage for the drilling and exploration that about to begin. Japan revealed lately that China has installations to make this oil exploration possible; all that under the noses of its neighbors.

  198. This is a good example of a typical, highly skewed, hideous report out to smear China. The author is unethical, unprofessional, and very naughty.
    “China aggressor?? fear?? threat??”” sounds all too familiar! The author conveniently became blind to the many provocative naval exercises around China. He also pretended not to see who the real aggressors, they are US, Japan, Carter, Russel, Swift, CNN spy plane, Abe, …………. Aquino. So, it is perfectly normal for China to carry out any legitimate maritime drill in
    international water for self defense. If it has to, the drill may very well be interpreted as a warning ‘tailored’ to fit Abe and his right wing government (and of course that ‘cowboy’ dark hand), that is now back to pursue the dangerous path of militarism and expansionism together with her US master, arming to the teeth, ready to fight anywhere around the globe.

  199. So US and its allies can exercise in the disputed area but China cannot? Typical, western media bias and arrogance.

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