Can An iPhone Save Your Life From A Bullet? [VIDEO]

Can An iPhone Save Your Life From A Bullet? [VIDEO]
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We reported in May that a plastic iPhone 5C saved a man’s life after he was shot. The smartphone absorbed the blast from a shotgun that was fired from a very close range. Does that mean an iPhone can save your life from a bullet? Well, YouTube user EverythingApplePro tried to find out how many iPhones it takes to stop a bullet shot from an AK-74.

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How many iPhones does it take to stop an AK-74 bullet?

AK-74 is a Russian assault rifle made by Mikhail Kalashnikov, who also made the AK-47. The AK-74 came into limelight during Russia’s 1979 conflict with Afghanistan. EverythingApplePro points out that the gun can fire bullets at 2,900 feet per second. What would happen if a bullet blasted from the Russian assault rifle hits an iPhone in your top pocket?

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To find out, the YouTuber made a wooden holder and lined up eight iPhones into it. It included three units of iPhone 6 Plus, two iPhone 6 units, some older iPhones, and a cheap clone. He placed a Samsung Galaxy S6 at the end. “We’re testing the true durability of an iPhone,” said the gun-wielding man who posted the video under the name EverythingApplePro. He said he wanted to demonstrate, in the safest way possible, how many iPhones it would take to stop an AK-74 bullet.

The next iPhone is expected to be tougher

In the first round, the bullet hits the wooden frame, which slowed it down. In the second attempt, the YouTuber put it right through the middle of the iPhones. As shown in the video, the bullet pierces through five iPhones before being stopped by the sixth one. It takes a total of six iPhones to save your life if someone shoots at you. So, it doesn’t make sense to carry a lot of iPhones to make you bulletproof.

We don’t recommend using iPhones as your body armor. And yes, please do not try this experiment at home. The next iPhone will likely to be more durable, though. Reports suggest that the iPhone 6S will feature a Series 7000 aluminum alloy that will make it 60% tougher than the iPhone 6.


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