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In our best efforts to inform and educate investors about Alternative Investments, we set off to Boston last week to talk alternatives. We had a great turnout, which prompted discussions and questions regarding fund structure, the return drivers of alternatives, and how to deal with upcoming market uncertainty.

For those that missed it, here’s a recap of the live tweeting of the event.

P.S — One of the unexpected bonuses of the event was seeing all trucks and set of the upcoming Ghostbusters movie. Sadly, there was no Kristen Wiig sighting.

Bad news #1: there’s global effort to turn markets into public utilities,says Ben Hunt, Salient Partners #BostonAlts15

— Susan Weiner, CFA (@susanweiner) July 15, 2015

RT @susanweiner: Rzepcynski: Algorithm aversion makes investors prefer human predictions #BostonAlts15 — MichaelKitces (@MichaelKitces) July 15, 2015

Hunt: It’s not tail risk when it comes to managed futures advantages, it’s being able to go both long and short all markets. #BostonAlts15

— RCM Alternatives (@rcmAlts) July 15, 2015

Will adding long stocks and bonds to a trend following CTA portfolio improve the return/risk? No.

— Jerry Parker (@rjparkerjr09) July 15, 2015

.@rjparkerjr09 “when the correction comes the passive replication alternative mutual funds are going to get killed. #BostonAlts15

— RCM Alternatives (@rcmAlts) July 15, 2015

Gellman. “Smaller managers could be more bold, and have to be. Otherwise why do it? #BostonAlts15

— RCM Alternatives (@rcmAlts) July 15, 2015

Malinda. “I don’t see why anyone would want to be long only commodities. Why you wouldn’t want an active manager. #BostonAlts15

— RCM Alternatives (@rcmAlts) July 15, 2015

K Jamali: Looking at smaller mgrs, we define risk as 1) strategy risk; 2) business risk #BostonAlts15

— Susan Weiner, CFA (@susanweiner) July 15, 2015

The dynamic during political crises is the game of chicken, says Ben Hunt, Salient Partners #BostonAlts15 It’s a test of will, as in Greece

— Susan Weiner, CFA (@susanweiner) July 15, 2015

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