BlackBerry Ltd Teams Up With Google Inc

BlackBerry Ltd Teams Up With Google Inc
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Google has just signed a new partnership with BlackBerry. The Canadian-based tech company, which is best known for its strong security systems, will be working with the search giant to create a more secure version of Android for the enterprise.

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Although Android remains one of the most popular mobile operating systems together with Apple’s iOS, it still is not the most popular choice for businesses. BlackBerry, formerly known as RIM (Research In Motion), used to be the first choice for many companies, so a partnership offers a strong advantage to Google.

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Partnership between BlackBerry and Google

BlackBerry reports there will soon be more features for Android and BES12. The features include new levels of hardware encryption, stronger integration with GooglePlay for Work and improved application management. The companies will also build BlackBerry’s enterprise device deployment into both Lollipop and GooglePlay For Work. The BES12 refresh will also come with more security including asset lockdown features on corporate devices.

Another key highlight deriving from the partnership is a more secure mobile experience involving a special work profile to ensure all business-related data is secure. It also allows IT departments to manage work related data, including policies and data.

BlackBerry gets Android Apps

Last year, the Canadian tech company signed an agreement with Amazon to bring the Android app store into its operating system. The company introduced the option for users to install Android apps on BlackBerry 10 as part of a runtime update.

A number of years ago, BlackBerry used to be one of the top smartphone makers before competitors like Apple and Google entered the market with innovative smartphones. The tech company has long tried to revive its brand with various ventures, and the current partnership might be a big boost in its efforts. Businesses that are interested in learning more about the enterprise mobility partnership can fill out a short form to get updates as the new features roll out.

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