BlackBerry Ltd, (BBRY) Expands Its Multi-OS Capabilities With BES12 v12.2

BlackBerry Ltd, (BBRY) Expands Its Multi-OS Capabilities With BES12 v12.2
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BlackBerry Ltd.’s new Enterprise Service version 12.2 (BES12.2) now offers new features to enterprise developers, the Canadian firm informed them in a blog post. With the latest version, the Canadian firm has expanded its multi-OS capabilities.

BlackBerry stays committed to security

BlackBerry announced the launch of BES12 version 12.2, which is packed with improved multi-OS support and capabilities. The updated BES12 client and BES12v12.2 enables the distribution of certificates to Android Secure Workspace (SWS), Android for Work and Samsung KNOX. Simple certificate Enrollment Protocol for BlackBerry 10 devices and  iOS is already very straightforward, allowing BES to use certificates with the help of SCEP protocol from a central location.

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The upgraded version also supports the Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP), making it easier for iOS devices being used by employees at their companies to be registered. Additionally, administrators can manage large numbers of iPhones and iPads when supervised control over the air is turned on.

BlackBerry – More ease for IT managers

It will also now be possible to activate Android for Work with BlackBerry’s BES12v12.2 from a phone. Further, a BES12.2 administrator can now enable or white-list any app on Google Play. BlackBerry Secure Connect Plus now offers support to UDP, which means enterprise developers wanting to deploy VoIP or stream audio/video over UDP can do so now.

BlackBerry’s blog informs readers that Android for Work now does not need app wrapping, and nearly every existing.apk file will work. Further, it has made some minor changes to BB10 as were required by Google. Now to enable AfW, enterprises should have a Google domain associated with them, and their devices should be encrypted. For now, an app on Google Play is the only option.

The upgraded BES12v12.2 is available on Google Play and Apple’s App Store.

At around 11 a.m. Eastern, BlackBerry shares were trading up 0.92% at $7.85, and year to date, the stock is down by almost 29%

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  1. That not enough to prompt a turnaround as competitors can do it cheaper. BlackBerry needs to launch the real next generation smartphone. BlackBerry now attempting to cater to other platforms only proves lack of confidence and will only further encourage their demise due to lack of trust by investors.

  2. If they can make money by assisting businesses use their other devices in a more secure fashion, then why not.
    I will still choose the new BB10 OS over anything else because it’s just that good and it keeps getting better. If some US company doesn’t make a native app for it, screw them. I’ve seen plenty of high quality games and apps, and I have my pick of Android apps that also run on BB10.

  3. BlackBerry is suppose to be a smartphone and software company. Chen was hired to make it work. Chen made a statement stating “If I can’t sell phones and make money at it then I wont”. But Chen was hired to do that, how can he decide now he won’t? So if he doesn’t know how to create a likable smartphone why is he still there?

  4. Because they know you are an idiot. Why don’t you go to the other companies if you think you have the right ideas. Because they’d laugh you off the place too.

  5. Well BB fan boys don’t hate Android anymore because Chen likes it now. In this story writers talk about BlackBerry’s software solutions. Software solutions can almost be designed and developed from home based offices, as all you really need is a PC. I really don’t know how Investors can think they can make money plus pay over 20 executives not to mention several lead hand big bucks that really can be accomplished from a small office. BlackBerry needs the next generation smartphone as to restart the industry. If Chen really thinks he needs to go back to BlackBerry’s roots, its the next generation smartphone that’s required. I don’t think Chen is really too interested in saving this company otherwise he would be doing everything possible to achieve this.

  6. Google, Apple, FB, Netflix are going bonkers and this poor Canadian firm is languishing. I wonder where all the BB fan boys are today trying to ridicule Android and Apple.

  7. BlackBerry requires hardware devices that will propel them into the next generation of smartphones and wearable’s. Software developers including security protocols can be produced in a small 10 employee office at 10 times less the cost. BlackBerry cannot compete with this whatsoever.

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