BlackBerry Ltd Still Favorite Of Australian PM, Cabinet Goes iPhone

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BlackBerry is still the favorite smartphone brand of Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott while the cabinet will now move to iPhones, according to a report from ZDNet. The majority of government agencies are preferring iPhone or Android as standard issue devices for ministers.

Abbott still uses BlackBerry

The Department of Parliamentary Services offers smartphones to all MPs under its one-stop shop and has withdrawn any support to BlackBerry. However, ministers and parliamentary secretaries who have decided to stick with their BlackBerry could probably get the phone directly from their department for ministerial activity, the report suggests.

An earlier report from ZDNet informed readers that the Department of Parliamentary Services will not offer support to BlackBerry smartphones any more since the last BlackBerry in the cabinet was replaced with an iPhone at the end of June. It is said that the member is Liberal MP and former attorney-general Philip Ruddock.

Earlier, the Canadian smartphone maker used to be the obvious choice of governments, but the popularity of the iPhone, Android and other smartphones and the emergence of bring-your-own device compelled the public service to let staff use non-BlackBerry devices for work purposes. In 2012, Apple’s iPhone was finally passed by the Australian Signals Directorate, which also extended its approval to a range of Android and Windows Phones. This helped many departments and their ministers shift from using the traditional phones to the iPhone or Android.

BlackBerry, a multi-platform solution

Following the ZDNet story, Matthew Ball, the Canadian firm’s local managing director, told The Australian that Prime Minister Tony Abbot is still fond of BlackBerry and uses the company’s phone. Ball said that Barrack Obama, Angela Merkel, David Cameron and Tony Abbot also still use BlackBerry devices. The device is issued from the Department of the Prime Minister & Cabinet. DPMC told ZDNet that the agency only issues Apple’s iPhones but acknowledged that there were still some BlackBerry phones in use.

Since September 2013, when the coalition government came to power, only eight ministers or parliamentary secretaries have acknowledged publicly that they are issued BlackBerry phones by their departments, including Prime Minister Tony Abbot.

In response, BlackBerry answered ZDNet through a blog post, saying ZDNet’s story misses the point as the Canadian firm is working on a device management platform that works across iOS, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry.

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  1. No, I don’t see how your opinion comes into play for either of those decisions… What I do know is that you’re a liar and you continue to fail to sell any of your ideas to anyone.

  2. Microsoft was asked if they were going to give up mobile devices. The CEO of Microsoft said no as its the future. BlackBerry CEO says “if handset are not going to be profitable, I wont sell them”. HBB I told BlackBerry that the Passport design was lame including the square corners, but I see it took At&t to convince them to round the corners, notice how I was correct?

  3. I can see a lot of things and one thing that I clearly see is that you’re an opportunist who manipulates realities to suit your opinion/feelings. Your conclusions are silly and lack logical basis to ever be considered as facts.

  4. HBB look at BlackBerry’s share price it appears the majority of investors do agree that really nothing pertaining to BlackBerry focus has changed. The production of the Passport including the design of the Slider phone was in the works prior to Chen and look, nothing was changed. BlackBerry is still doing what caused the problem. HBB its not a opinion it is what is happening, cant you see??

  5. That’s just your opinion and in case you haven’t noticed yet… nobody else agrees with you.

  6. its because John Chen is stopping BlackBerry in taking part of what was meant to be ” the true reinvention of the smartphone”

  7. You’ve been singing that same old song for 3 years now…

  8. So the most important person there prefers blackberry? Iphone marketing dollars don’t help when security matters

  9. Sorry to say HBB but if BlackBerry does not acquire the plans to the design of the next generation smartphone before their competition does, its going to be over for BlackBerry. BlackBerry needs the wow factor device that competitors will pay them licencing fees to produce. IF they don’t its over and that’s a fact HBB as I know this ahead of time.

  10. LOL @ Free Trials

    60 Day Free Trials in Government don’t get Gov Officials put on them. Try again sir.

  11. BB Fan boys relax. BB is coming up with an Android Phone very soon. The very same Android haters will soon embrace this new BB strategy.

  12. Is it?! I predict $11…

  13. Notice how BlackBerry’s SP is returning to the $7 range as James Faucette and I predicted it would?

  14. DEVVVV – cracker!

  15. once you HBB and BlackBerry understands that my only intent is to give BlackBerry what it requires as its only hope to compete against Apple and Android ran devices, the sooner this company can start going somewhere. Chen has giving up responsibility of Hardware and it now appears he is doing the same pertaining to the development of OS software. Tell me what do we need Chen for if others are doing all the work???

  16. LOL…read what you posted, will you?!

  17. I think that’s due to free trials. Did you know that Apple offers two phone numbers without requiring the duel or spit Sims card? Looks like with Apple’s force touch upcoming devices you will be able to calibrate your texting touch preference so in case of a accidental touch of a adjacent key it wont be actuated. You do realise it will deem physical type keyboards finally obsolete. Is BlackBerry still planning to release the Oslo, the flop Passport lookalike? Do you know if also BlackBerry has decided to scrap the slider physical keyboard device (Venice)?

  18. I know… I’m just feeding the troll…

  19. a) See LP’s comment below
    b) It means that BES12 gained market share.

  20. He doesn’t like actual facts. He prefers to make up his own.

  21. According to GS Statcounter BlackBerry Market Share (Worldwide) went form 1.14% in May to 1.26% in June…

  22. Does this mean BlackBerry is continuing to lose market Share in enterprise and government agencies?

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