BlackBerry 10 Phones Safe From Butt-Dials Thanks To New App

BlackBerry 10 Phones Safe From Butt-Dials Thanks To New App
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BlackBerry 10 handset users can now be assured of no more accidental or “butt-dialed” calls with the PocketSafe app, says a report from Phone Arena. By making use of the proximity sensor in BlackBerry 10 handsets, the screen is turned off when the phone is close to a user’s ear to prevent accidental dialing and conserve battery life.

Why such an app is needed

In Cincinnati, a federal appeals court ruled that so-called “butt-dialers” cannot claim full privacy because they are aware of the fact that keeping their phone in their back pockets may lead to a butt-dialed call. The court stated that there is no right to privacy in this situation. The court said that the case can be compared to a homeowner who keeps a window open allowing others to peep in, says Phone Arena. But now with the PocketSafe app, butt-dialers are safe.

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When the PocketSafe app is activated on a BlackBerry 10 handset, it detects something that is in proximity with the phone, say, less than an inch from it. There is always a chance of accidental dialing or a nonsensical text message when something remains that close to the phone.

How the app works on BlackBerry 10 handsets

To restrict such dialing, the app will show a pop-up on the screen that will “consume” accidental touches. The accidental touches on the screen, instead of touching the dialer, will contact a decoy that does nothing. The app consumes very little battery, and with the battery-saving mode, the app is even more economical.

“PocketSafe shows a popup on screen to ‘consume’ false touch events, if ever they occur. As soon as your phone will get out of the close environment, the popup will disappear by itself, letting you use the device,” explains the developer.

PocketSafe is compatible with BlackBerry OS 10.3 and higher. The app has been developed by CellNinja, which previously has come up with apps like Silent Keys, ProtectMe, Volt, Hub2Watch and many more. Users can download the app for 99 cents. The cost is very minimal considering the pain it can save you from sending a wrong message to the wrong person.

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