Apple Watch Still Lacks Major Apps; Will It Hurt Sales?

Apple Watch Still Lacks Major Apps; Will It Hurt Sales?
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Apple CEO Tim Cook unveiled the Apple watch in an event in San Francisco months ago, back then the firm invited Facebook to develop app compatible for the new gadget. The social networker was not interested then also, and even now, there is no Facebook app for the gadget.

Apple Watch lacks major apps

Adam Mosseri, who heads Facebook’s news feed, told the New York Times that the social network giant is still not sure about how to provide an amazing Facebook experience including its news feed’s, stream of posts, snaps and videos clips, on such a small screen.

“Don’t know if we could get it all in there in a way that feels good and works well,” Mosseri told the New York Times, adding “You’d just want to get your phone out at that point.”

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Facebook has developed a version of Messenger and WhatsApp for Google’s older Android watch, and presently, is evaluating Apple Watch for its app. Apart from Facebook, the watch is still not supported by an app from SnapChat and Google, highlighting the disbelief of technology community about this wearable gadget. It sort of puts Apple in a Catch-22 situation, as the apps that can attract users to buy a watch are waiting for more users to buy the device and then launch the app.

Apple Watch count compared to iPhone, iPad

Apple revealed its new gadget with over 3,000 apps in April, which is much more than were available for the iPhone in 2008, when the App Store made its debut. This do indicate that the watch is definitely not lacking in apps, but it is not getting support from major app makers, says the report.

App Annie, an analytics firm, reported that only 25% of the 20 major popular free iPhone apps in the U.S. are available on watch. The watch presently has around 7,400 apps, which is a jump of 142% since the debut three months ago. In comparison, the iPhone and the iPad witnessed a spike 437% and 200% for the same period, according to App Annie.

Apple has been quiet over the watch’s sales number, but analyst expect it to sell 3 to 5 million units in the quarter, which, if true, will exceed the iPhone and the iPad sales in their first quarter of availability. On Tuesday, Apple is going to reveals its fiscal third-quarter earnings, which will clear watch’s sales growth along with the effect, if any, of an absence of major apps on the sales.

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