Apple Retail Store To Open At Queens Center This Weekend

Apple’s first retail store in New York City’s Queens borough is set to open on Saturday. The highly-anticipated store will be the eighth Apple store in New York City. The Queens Center has already brought in significant amounts of traffic, and Apple’s new store is expected to bring in even more traffic. The company’s retail market director, Jason Barlia, expressed excitement about the store opening. He also added that the new location made a lot of sense.

Apple Retail Store To Open At Queens Center This Weekend

Apple’s newest Store

The new Apple Store has a total of 130 staff members who speak 25 different languages. Two-thirds of those staffers speak two languages. The store will be different from most of the other Apple Stores in the New York City area as it will be a typical mall store instead of the usual elaborate store design many would expect. The upcoming Queens store will feature a genius bar and personal setup services. The store also features over 140 devices on display for customers to test out before buying.

Apple continues expanding retail presence

The new opening comes just after Apple’s big store opening on the Upper East Side. Other Apple stores are scattered throughout the vicinity, including on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, Staten Island, the Upper West Side, and SoHo. Apple strives to expand its presence around the world, and building new retail stores is just one way to achieve that.

In other Apple-related news, the Cupertino-based tech giant is rumored to be testing its largest tablet computer yet. The report indicates that the prototype, which is dubbed the iPad Pro, features a 12-inch screen. Different reports suggest the size could be anywhere from 12.2 inches to 12.9 inches. Currently the largest iPad measures at 9.7 inches. The larger tablet would most likely appeal to enterprises and possibly replace laptops. Right now, tablet sales are down, and Apple may want to revive consumer interest.