Apple Stops iOS 9 Beta Testers From Posting Reviews On App Store

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Apple just fixed a problem on iOS 9 Beta that was a major concern for developers. Thanks to the fourth iOS 9 beta update, iPhone users running their phones on the test version are no longer able to leave app ratings on the App Store. Testers will have no problem access ingthe App Store with the new operating system. If a tester tries to write a review, they will receive a message that reads “This feature isn’t available. You can’t write reviews while using a prerelease version of iOS”. The change was first discovered by an Apple Insider reader named Lars.

Developers did not approve of app reviews on iOS 9 Beta

App developers were not happy with the feature because they could not release patches or updates for iOS 9 until the official release. It is still unknown if whether Apple will remove the unfair low ratings.

According to Apple Insider, there were a sizable number of apps with a significant drop in ratings. Many of the apps work well on iOS 9, but some present problems that the new operating system hasn’t solved. AI’s Mikey Campbell explained, “The two systems may be mutually exclusive, but the underpinning services are not. Posting negative reviews based on an experience within a beta environment has a very real impact on developers, as they can be viewed by and sway the opinion of average App Store customers.”

Apple brought iOS 9 Beta to the public

Apple previously released iOS 9 as a public beta version so everyone with an iPhone can try out the upcoming operating system before the official debut. Highlights for the new operating system include enhanced search, power save mode and improved Siri features.

Apple claims iOS 9 will be far more stable than the two previous mobile operating system releases. The beta release comes less than two weeks after the last update.

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