Apple Inc. To Launch Updated iPods Tomorrow

Apple may debut a new line of updated iPods tomorrow. The new lineup is reported to include the iPod Touch, iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle in an array of fresh colors including gold, electric blue and gray sidereal.

Details on Apple’s updated iPods

According to a report from, the iPod Touch will receive a 64-bit upgrade, better camera and more storage. The current iPod Touch features a 32-bit A5 chip. The other two iPods won’t get any major hardware upgrades. reported sources discovered the new devices code named n102, n31a, and n12d. The current lineup of models includes n78(iPod Touch), n31(iPod Nano), and n12b(iPod Shuffle). The last time Apple updated the iPod was in 2012. Although the tech giant has yet to confirm the purported iPod refresh, the company leaked new colors in iTunes 12.2 last week.

Phone Arena’s Luis D believes the Cupertino tech giant won’t have a difficult time marketing the new line of iPods to a new generation. He explained, “All it would take now is to make it run the latest Apple software as good as the latest iPod devices, and we’re all set.”

Apple usually updates the iPod line in September, so a July update is unusual. It is possible the reported media player refresh could coincide with the Apple Music launch. The new music service debuted late last month as a competitor to other popular streaming services Spotify and Pandora.

iPod sales on the decline

Apple has seen a significant decline in iPod sales in the last year or so. The iPod always remained as the affordable alternative to the company’s more costly smartphones and tablets, but consumer interest is waning. During the fourth quarter of 2014, Apple sold 2.6 million iPods and accrued revenue of $410 million.

If the report is true, it is likely Apple will quietly launch the new line of iPods tomorrow. The firm typically only throws special events for iPhone, iOS, and new product launches.

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