Anti-American Sentiment At Its Peak In Russia Amid Gay Marriage Victory

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Russia fumes with anti-American hatred, which during the past year has significantly intensified possibly to the point of no return.

Ever since the ascension of Vladimir Putin to the Russian presidency for his third term in 2012, Russia has been breeding hatred towards the United Stated and the West as a whole. It is unknown whether this was an intentional goal of Putin’s policy from the very beginning or it ‘just happened’ – one thing after another, Snowden, mutual accusations, spying rhetoric, Crimea, eastern Ukraine, constant threats, nuclear weapons… Is there an end to it?

One thing is certain, the Kremlin’s course of breeding hatred in the Russian society toward the Americans is working. Just one week ago, a 45-year-old Russian beat a man to death using his fists during boozing. The incident took place in Yaroslavl, a city some 160 miles from Moscow. The reason for such an aggressive – if not wild – behavior was that the victim had said he often traveled abroad. The drunk Russian aggressor then told police that he believed he was “neutralizing an American spy.”

While this particular case might seem too extreme, the overall hatred toward the U.S. is at its worse in post-Soviet Russia. According to this year’s survey published by Russian Levada Center, more than 80 percent of Russians view the United States with hatred. The number has almost doubled in just a year.

Meanwhile, a Gallup poll this year found that 70 percent of Americans view Russia negatively, which is the highest post-Cold War figure.

Russia: U.S. people are afraid to openly express their opinion on gays

And after the United States Supreme Court ruled a decision to legalize same-sex marriage in all 50 U.S. states, it seems that the mutual hatred between the two countries has room for growth. A member of Russia’s Council of the Federation Committee on constitutional legislation and government development, Elena Afanasyeva, expressed the opinion so commonly expressed by the Russians toward gay marriages.

“I hope that this [legalizing same-sex marriage] will not happen in Russia in the next 25-30 years. In the United States and Europe, people that belong to the LGBT community pursue a very aggressive policy toward the others. If you openly say that you do not support their lifestyle, you may be asked to quit your job, or even fire you themselves, while you are constantly being judged for your point of view,” Afanasyeva told Russian media.

“That is the reason why so many people have been afraid to openly express their opinion. I would not like to see this kind of aggression from these people and the moral pressure appearing in Russia,” she added.

World War 3 becomes possible

And while the mutual hatred between the two countries keeps on intensifying, there are concerns that it may lead or even ‘push’ to a large-scale conflict: military or Cold War-like.

However, the ongoing confrontation between Russia and NATO states reminds rather the pre-World War I period than the times of the Cold War of the middle of the previous century, according to the Vox’s publication ‘How World War III became possible’ issued by Max Fisher.

The article claims that the threat of a nuclear conflict with Russia has turned into something that is not impossible anymore.

“Fearing the worst of one another, the US and Russia have pledged to go to war, if necessary, to defend their interests in the Eastern European borderlands,” the article says.

Max Fisher also notes the volatile balance of powers and the increasing tensions on the European continent. According to the author, the most probable ‘spot’ of the upcoming nuclear conflict would become the Baltic states.

As a prove of the possible beginning of a new World War in the region, the author reminds that the President of the U.S. Barack Obama visited Estonia before the NATO summit, where he affirmed the readiness of the U.S. to protect its Alliance partners against any invasions by foreign countries.

“Estonia, along with Latvia and Lithuania — together known as the Baltic states — are at the far edge of Eastern Europe, along Russia’s border,” the article says, adding that the Western analysts express their concerns over the possibility of a new wave of aggression from Russia particularly toward the Baltics.

Russia is looking for legal grounds to invade the Baltics

As noted by Stephen Saideman, a professor at Carleton University in Ottawa and a leading expert on Canadian defense and foreign policy, small countries are the most probable ‘frontline’ of any upcoming military conflict.

The author of the article also points out that the fourth part of Estonia’s population are ethnic Russians. The authors of the article also remind about the Ukrainian conflict and assume that the Crimean scenario may happen in the Baltics, where a Russian intervention may also begin with the appearance of ‘little green men’ and the Kremlin’s rhetoric about protecting the rights of the Russian-speaking part of the population.

The article also argues that the Russian-majority Estonian city of Narva, which is located a few hundred yards from Russia’s borders, may become the ‘starting point’ of the conflict.

This kind of scenario would offer NATO a difficult choice whether to open fire on Russian military men and risk unleashing the World War 3 or to officially agree on a long-term ‘frozen’ conflict.

As it was reported just yesterday, Russia is going to review the legality of the Soviet Union decision to recognize the Baltic states of Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia as independent nearly 25 years ago. Seems like Russia is looking for ‘legal’ grounds to launch its invasion into the Baltics, doesn’t it?

However, if Russia and NATO will be brave enough to start a military confrontation, the planet will face a ‘nuclear winter’.

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Polina Tikhonova
Polina Tikhonova is a writer, journalist and a certified translator. Over the past 7 years, she has worked for a wide variety of top European, American, Russian, and Ukrainian media outlets. Polina holds a Master's Degree in English Philology from the University of Oxford and a Bachelor's Degree in Journalism from the Saint Petersburg State University. Her articles and news reports have been published by many newspapers, magazines, journals, blogs and online media sources across the globe. Polina is fluent in English, German, Ukrainian and Russian.

70 Comments on "Anti-American Sentiment At Its Peak In Russia Amid Gay Marriage Victory"

  1. Freedom of speech allows me to express my opinion, something fascists oppose.

  2. Right. You just spend your life whining about “Liberals”.

    Buzz off, you’re done.

    Oh, and just to repeat, in very simple words for you:
    Mind your own business.

    Clear? Need an interpretation?

  3. Perhaps you should learn to read. I never wrote anything that resembles what you wrote. Liberals fail to discern their own hypocrisy on telling others how to live.

  4. Learn to read.

    It’s okay for me not give a damn about what your beliefs or you.

    Believe what you want, live how you want, do what you want…but don’t even think about telling me or mine what we can or cannot do.

    Right, I Know, you can’t stand the fact that you really have no power over how others choose to live. Sucks to be you.

  5. But it’s okay to assert you’re beliefs over mine?

  6. Joe, you’re still thinking the minority out there. Think positive about majority America and our future. Have a blessed, fun and safe Independence Day holiday.

  7. Carrie, I’m in California…the land that benefits most in the union and the land that insults it the most…I don’t have your faith b/c unfortunately it isn’t the south that runs this land its those elitist dopes who want to have no laws and save the planet…ignoring human nature of greed, pride and such…I’ll have more faith in the all-mighty then in our society of weak willed individuals.

  8. Joe, those are a small minority. I live in the deep south in a mountain area. Every home has an American flag and all the Americans living here are part of the backbone of America and will never let it go down like Russia and other countries have. Yes, I have a lot of faith in Americans and I value my US Citizenship and I’m proud to be a US Citizen. I think the two most rewarding compliments I’ve ever had came from these good ole mountains folks here. Many of them were at my US Citizenship ceremony and gave me a dinner afterward when we got back from Atlanta. They told are one of us now and have been since you and the twins got here and you’re also an American now. I love America and I certainly love my friends and American family here. You’re going to be ok Joe.

  9. I’ve seen many of your posts and they are a waste…pure hot air with no truth only accusations and familiar saying of the media….there is no point in addressing this dope everybody

  10. I wish I had your faith in the American People…I use to but we have the most feebleminded group of people nowadays who care more about marijuana rights then real rights….so sad

  11. Such a foolish argument…to throw accusations, untrue accusations nonetheless. I am American born and bread, I’ve seen great things from this country and horrible autrocities…but the last 50-60 years we have been systemacally enslaved by the special interests. They rule and we are their subjects, our politicians are their court jesters

  12. I agree with a lot of what you said…My point is that our freedoms are shrinking, we are becoming commodities for the 1% to trade. They walk on flags like rugs, we burn them….how sad that its those who villify this country that are in control of so much.
    We give freedom but only freedom that we agree with…and we are intolerant to any other type.
    America was once great, today she is a mere shadow of what we were…we have allowed the special interests to rule the majority while our politicians our ministers or servers sold us out for cash….our freedom and rights are diminishing I’m sorry to say.

  13. Every way imaginable…? Doubtful, each culture brings something different to the table. Russian Ballet, French Wine, German Cars, Japanese electronics, Greek Cheese, etc…

  14. dog-eat-dog is exactly where we are headed…that is the real world. And why isn’t it sustainable? If we kept manufacturing in our country we would still be on top…outsourcing to make other countries purchasing power stronger is why we weakened so rapidly…the special interests are in charge and our timid president only wants environmental security….he accomplished a little there in this country, but no where else…so much for Obama and his very weak presidency….I can’t believe I voted for him :(

  15. WOW…great argument, You are wrong on everything. My real name is Jose’ not Russian, Latin…Anti’American? NO, lamenting over America’s direction, YES…Guest, get a clue

  16. I’m not saying that America has complete freedom. There has to be law and order in society or else chaos erupts. My initial comment was Russian brainwashing and whether you believe it or not, it’s happening immensely over there. I am Russian American and I have been in Russia back in the early 90s, but I have not been there when Putin was in reign. My family over there watches Russian news everyday and they are brainwashed by all of Putin obvious lies. Their propaganda is so hateful towards America. Wallpapers against America are placed, protesting against American companies, placing american flags as rugs so they can step on, etc… The government has even become so bias against America by finding loopholes that will restrict anything related to America. It’s worst in Crimea with brainwashing. Because if you are not pro Russian, you will get hurt; there have been staggering evidence of this. Photos, witnesses, videos, etc… and yet, Russia denies everything. Do you honestly think the annexation of Crimea was legal? The referendum was a complete joke; i mean 96% of people approved of becoming part of Russia? The Russian people can’t see the truth about Putin because they are manipulated by him. I can go on and on, but evidence are out there and you can find. What I’m trying to say is that in Russia, there propaganda has increased by a large margin with being more restricted to the outside world. College students who even criticize Putin got jailtime. Protesting leaders obviously got killed. Freedom there is a lot worse.

  17. The strongest sanctions have to be imposed against Russia for the massive destruction of Eastern Ukraine, for the annexation of Crimea and the brutal interference in Ukrainian internal affairs. Only strict sanctions imposed on Russia can stop its aggressive militaristic policy

  18. Joe,
    I agree. PC is a huge thing in US. It is like we have free speech but we are afraid to exercise it because others would not like what we say. The article does have one point right about people in US not truthfully expressing their opinions about gay marriage.

  19. karate man,you must be ukrainian

  20. Yes, it’s very unlikely Russia and America will ever be friendly or have any chance of trusting one another. Both countries had a chance of ending decades of mistrust and misunderstanding in the 1990’s. but they blew it. War is coming.

  21. I can’t think of any reason to care if russians hate Americans.

  22. Robert, US kills citizens of other countries without mercy and especially based on lies.

  23. THATS the Illusion and Storyline your being told; NOT the actual TRUTH.

  24. I HAVE read some of the comments on here; and I can truly state; the American Spin & Smear Media Propaganda Machine IS working to absolute perfection. It IS sad and disheartening to see so many so called Americans blinded by their own delusions about this country.( A Formerly Great Constitutional Republic ) PEOPLE; that’s the country we WERE ( Past Tense ) NOT the country we currently ARE. ( Present Tense ) The CRAP your being fed on a continual daily basis; is the 180 degree OPPOSITE of whats actually occurring in regards to the United States and Russia.

  25. Yep.

  26. Don’t worry about it Joe. All the Americans I know personally and all Americans will put a stop to it all eventually. When it’s time for Americans to stick together they stick together like they’re born attached to each other. Putin is fooling no one but himself and the Russian people if he thinks he can take America down. No dictator or country can take America down because of the great American people supporting each other and our USA.

  27. B S Eridicator | Jul 1, 2015, 5:35 pm at 5:35 pm |

    “Ever since the ascension of Vladimir Putin to the Russian presidency for
    his third term in 2012, Russia has been breeding hatred towards the
    United Stated and the West as a whole.”

    Gee, it couldn’t have ANYTHING at all to with the lying, hate-spewing, then-thousand articles a day by the anti-Russian, neocon owned press, could it?

  28. Agreed, Joe.

  29. After reading your past anti-American posts, it’s obvious your a Russian troll. Joe was short for Joseph Stalin. I see the same ideology in your posts.

  30. It’s not sustainable, nor is it the right way to be.

    We live in the real world, Joe, but we have to set loftier goals than just dog-eat-dog.

  31. That poster of Putin with lipstick & green & red eye shadow, looks a little gay to me. People who live in glass houses.

  32. I swear just because you are gay with a stupid name, does not make me wrong. Why did you go back 70 years. If you want to be a complete tard you should mention 200 years ago! No end to this stupidity. Go find your boyfriend fag.

  33. I won’t deny living standards…my whole point is that systematically our rights of opinion, beliefs and such are being limited…and its only the beginning.

    I truly fear for the future of this country…the debt, the blaming, the sold out politicians lining their pockets (Obama too, he is just like the other hypocrites)

  34. sorry comrade, the citizens of the US are cattle? Have another dozen shots of vodka, ruSSia has no future as long as the fascist junta in the kremlin is running the show. Enjoy your life in hell, oops I meant ruSSia…..same thing actually.

  35. The US isn’t the world leader for no reason. We lead by example regardless of how our president performs. The joy’s of living in a free country. Russia is very weak so lets not join them in being in denial. The are many gay Russians but if they were to speak out they would probably be murdered…..Russia is waaaaay behind in times.

  36. It won’t stop until everyone there hates each other for whatever reason, or no reason at all.

  37. I disagree and don’t see that with the US media. I lived in Russia all but the last 17 years of my life and I’ll tell you now, the US is many many more times over a better place to live than Russia.

  38. So did the US in Texas

  39. You have options to choose, correct but select the one that isn’t PC and you can and will be subject. BTW, if someone is racist he/she has a right to be…as ugly as that sounds its was true…not so much anymore…little by little freedom is lost and replaced by new “rights” that don’t really change much…As for criticizing Putin, have you been to Russia? how do you know that happens?

  40. Joe: Germany used “protecting german-speaking populations” as its excuse to take over various parts of the europe during the 1930’s. Russia is doing the same today.

  41. See you keep thinking that we are subject to only one mindset, but we aren’t. Just like cable, you aren’t being given just one channel. You have options to choose. If you don’t like what you’re seeing, you have this fantastic feature called turning the channel. I see a lot of non-PC from news, movies, tv shows, newspaper, magazines, people, games, etc… all the time. I don’t see anything happening to them, unless it involves offensive racial slurs, but then again, racial slurs are ongoing in other sectors of our media and apparently, it’s fine. On top of that, you have to understand that each company has an image, their own culture, and ideology they want to protect. If its staff does not meet those standards, then by all means, let them go. Just like with gay marriage. Some companies do not support it, some do. That’s what is so great about freedom is that you get choices. You can criticize Obama, many republicans do, and it’s totally fine. You criticizing Putin in Russia will get you jail time.

  42. I’ve never seen a great mass of brainwashed, homophobes before….now Russia has something new to fear…America will now send homosexuals to Russia…”free 1 way tickets” direct to Moscow….get ready for an invasion of your greatest fears brainless, Russian minions.

  43. liberals are fascists. You have to believe what they believe, there is no liberty.

  44. Did you forget about all the politically correct speech many are subject too? Even big execs are fired for giving an opinion that isn’t PC….look at todays headlines on Trump, Macy’s, NBC and such have cut ties on his “opinion”. Since it is not the PC opinion we should have he is subject to loss of a lot of revenue. Now I can careless about Trump and he’s a dope IMO but it is sure interesting that a man with that much wealth can’t even evade the PC police aka Big Brother.

  45. The west isn’t innocent, not nearly. I won’t deny that Russia has a state-run media, but our media also has an agenda…a very insidious one at that. To stir up emotions and rile people all for the love of ratings. bring up race, make agendas of non-issues, bring up anything and report only partial truths to get a reaction. Insidious.

  46. robert goodhumor
    Well, not like You Americans to accept the reality! Understand! And here is the Orthodox Church? You, officially, understand the law, the country’s gay! And, you demagogue!

  47. Nope. We have freedom; you’re free to believe what you want to believe. Russia controls and restricts everything to their liking. Either you believe in what they believe, or you will receive consequences.

  48. If Russia doesn’t approve of our actions we must be doing something wrong!

  49. robert goodhumor | Jul 1, 2015, 2:58 pm at 2:58 pm |

    There are following the fascist ideology for sure…

  50. robert goodhumor | Jul 1, 2015, 2:55 pm at 2:55 pm |

    No – America and the West is just not homophobic or Xenophobic. So, as an American, I can truthfully say, that I could care a less about what you think of the US.

    Just ask yourself this question, where does the persecution stop at? What is next? The russian orthodox church has already sold its soul to putin and is already attacking other religions including other Christians….So were will it stop????

  51. I don’t know of any Western government, much less the US taking control of the media like Russia did with theirs soon after Putin came to power. He’s killed off independent journalists and authors like Litvinenko and Politkovskaya and recently political opponents like Nemtov. Any news you hear from Russia, or China or N Korea is not news, it’s spin or propaganda to foment fear. It’s never critical of the Kremlin, mainly because they pay the salary of trolls.

  52. For me, the Americans were a great nation of pioneers! Now they can safely be called a nation of homosexuals! Moreover, officially! A law like this!

  53. There is no Soviet Union…why do people still refer to it for Russia?? The Soviets outlawed religion or the action of religion…anything that was anti-Soviet propoganda was crushed…to put it frankly the Soviets were intollerant of any other voice or opinion or mind-set other then their own. Russia allows Religion and the action of religion and people do have differing opinions and aren’t beaten down or called a bigot if they don’t agree with what the media puts out. Now tell me, what country sounds like that?

  54. Maybe he does wish for that…America was unchallenged, Russia knew we would not recoil and that was enough. Financially we were WAY ahead of everyone. Simply put we dominated. So I can see him wanting that back.
    What I don’t understand is why he is an idiot for wanting that…wouldn’t you? I’m latin, but if I was white I would want that too.

  55. I’ve never been to Russia but each country must move at their own pace…I will say that IMO Obama has us looking very weak internationally…its easy for us to cast our shadow or blame on another, but if you look at the world it is our country with the most crime and people behind bars….the most debt and tons of corruption. Who is looking weak now? It ain’t the Russians, its sadly us.

  56. Untrue, if Russia was targetting a minority culture in their country I would agree…but they aren’t. In fact, Nazi’s are called Nazi’s due to this more then the fighting….in war they are Germans. In mass-murder they are nazi’s

  57. So we Americans aren’t brain-washed at all?

  58. Fabre, I think the US is the one being led like cattle…we think we are better and smarter and better educated then our Russian counterparts but we aren’t. Putin holds many of the traditions of the 1950’s (US) it is we who have changed…with that said I think we are the ones being led to the slaughter

  59. most of the Russian people are being led by Putin like cattle. It is very unfortunate, sad, and dangerous for the world, but that’s the way it is. Unfortunately for them, cattle usually goes to only one place. To be slaughtered.

  60. I feel sorry for those mindless brainwashed followers of Putin. It is such a waste to hate.

  61. Russia is following Germany’s 1930’s playbook. It’s not rocket science.

  62. Right, right. Don’t you just long for 70 years ago, when only white males had any societal strength?

    You idiot.

  63. Archibald_Bomwitz | Jul 1, 2015, 1:26 pm at 1:26 pm |

    Without NATO membership they wouldn’t have this problem! Russia would have started wars against them, occupied them and annexed them to Russia after a “referendum”!

  64. Bla-bla-bla…NATO, you mean anti “Commie’ or anti-soviet military?

  65. The US doesn’t expect countries that aren’t free to understand. Enjoy being suppressed Russia. Putin has you all looking very weak individuals.

  66. Yes, because America is the only place in the world where homosexual’s have rights. Oh wait, they have them in Europe, Canada, Mexico…. But of course Putin only wants to demonize America. And why would he want to do that? Well, probably because he knows America is superior to Russia in every way imaginable. Let the baby keep throwing his tantrum, eventually he’ll wear himself out.

  67. Anti-American Sentiment At Its Peak In Russia Amid Gay Marriage Victory
    This is once again, an embarrassment to the United States. Calling gay marriage a victory by the United States. So sad the way this country has gone over the years and does not look like it will get any better in the future. Just pathetic. Russia actually has a victory on this while our leaders keep their heads buried in the sand.

  68. Nicholai Ivanitsky | Jul 1, 2015, 12:42 pm at 12:42 pm |

    1. The SCOTUS decision had very limited response here. MSM have just reported.
    There is some discussion on the Web. Not intense one. But it is a very American-like: religious zealots vs. secular people.
    2. The issue of Baltic republics is a non-issue. Two deputies of Duma submitted inquiry to the General Prosecutor Office.
    The representative of General Prosecutor Office said the case has hardly any substance.
    All republics left the Union according the constitution. Including Russia itself.

  69. The Baltic countries are now between ‘the devil and the deep blue sea’. Finding itself in the midst of NATO and the Kremlin is unnerving even though it has the backing of the West.
    Will Nato stand up for Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania or would they stand against a prowling growling BEAR?

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