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3D Systems Corporation Launches Water Soluble Filament

3D Systems has launched a new Infinity Rinse-Away support material that promises to make 3D printing complex objects a lot easier. Engineers, designers, and artists are familiar with the difficulty of removing the support material from 3D printed objects. When 3D printing a complex object, it sometimes takes more time to remove the support material than to print the object.

3D Systems solves a major problem for users

3D Systems’ new Infinity filament completely dissolves in water. It means users can easily get rid of cutting away, sanding, and prying those unwanted support structures. The Rock Hill-based 3D printing major said the new support material is available for the Cube and CubePro desktop 3D printers. The Cube cartridges cost $49 while CubePro cartridges have been priced at $99.

Incorporating additional support structures while 3D printing objects is necessary, given the way the layer by layer additive process works. They hold all the pieces in place. Removing these support materials from the 3D printed objects has been a major challenge for users. There are already support materials that dissolve away in Limonene or other solvents, but 3D Systems’ new filament dissolves using the regular tap water.

The filament is safe to flush it down the drain

3D Systems claims its non-toxic filament is safe to pour the dissolved material down the drain. The support material lacks a coloring, which would make it difficult to ensure it has been completely removed if the 3D printed object is the same shade. It has a shelf-life of one year. The new Infinity Rinse-Away is made up of corn-based plastic, which is biodegradable. 3D Systems says it is compatible with objects printed in PLA.

The company said its new material would make 3D printing complex objects with many small, movable parts much easier. 3D Systems Vice President for global consumer products, Peter Theran, said the new material enables “never-before-possible results from consumer 3D printers.” Well, there is a reason 3D Systems was named one of the world’s most innovative growth companies by Forbes.