Windows 10: PC Sales Not Likely To See Big Boost From New Windows

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Windows 10 is going to be launched in just a few weeks, but PC manufacturers are not overly excited about the launch of the new Microsoft OS. According to PC Magazine’s Tim Bajarin, Windows 10 is not likely to be a major driver for new PC sales in the second half of this year.

Bajarin explains his point of view: “For decades, this [a Windows upgrade] has been a huge driver for PC makers. At first, consumers tend to move somewhat quickly to upgrade and in many cases they buy new PCs as part of the upgrade process. IT buying is slower, but after 2-3 years, many IT shops jump on the new OS bandwagon.However, it appears that this tried-and-true formula will not replicate itself with Windows 10. One reason is Microsoft’s botched Windows 8 release, in which Redmond pushed a drastic new user interface. Business buyers avoided it like the plague, and consumers only upgraded when they were forced to buy a new PC.”

Manufacturers are not positive about growth in PC sales from Windows 10

After the Windows 8 debacle, Microsoft has wisely decided to include the Start button in Windows 10, and also made it easy to toggle back to Windows 7. Bajarin says he thinks this new OS should help PC sales, but most PC makers are doubtful. Most estimates that 2015 PC sales are 3-4% under 2014 sales, which were already around 8% down from 2013.

Bajarin notes :”No OEMs I have talked to expect much of a bump in PC sales because of Windows 10.”

One reason is that individuals and businesses are not upgrading PCs as often as they did in the past. Until a few years ago, consumers typically upgraded their machines every 2-3 years and businesses did so every 3-4 years, but both are holding on to machines several years longer today.

Another important reason is that the PC used to be the only way people could connect to the Internet, email and more. That’s all changed today, as a variety of mobile gadgets such as smartphones, tablets and even smart TVs can accomplish the same tasks.

The PC is simply less important for many and is now mainly for personal productivity or educational purposes. That means there is no sense of urgency to upgrade because of a new OS, and most consumers will only buy a new machine as a part of a natural upgrade process due to an aging or failing PC.

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7 Comments on "Windows 10: PC Sales Not Likely To See Big Boost From New Windows"

  1. Christopher Gregory Wortman | Jul 9, 2015, 3:39 am at 3:39 am |

    Oh but don’t worry, my next paltry purchase won’t be until after Windows 10 is released to upgrade my low end core 2 quad on my TV. It is beginning to freeze up and just won’t drive 1080p smoothly enough, even with a video card. But again this is because new hardware is needed, not because of a Windows release lol.

  2. Christopher Gregory Wortman | Jul 9, 2015, 3:33 am at 3:33 am |

    Well duh… That is like saying toast sales wont spike because butter became free. I have never once bought a new computer based on an OS release… ever… Not once… Okay maybe once, but that was in 2003 and because I had a Windows 95 machine and really needed a new computer. I have always just stuck with what worked for me. Same as everybody else. Who has ever bought new hardware to compensate for a new version of Windows? It has always been for other various reasons, new hardware meant faster better experience.
    Vista really hurt this image. Vista got undue hatred because of bad drivers and insufficient amounts of ram. 512 MB of shared memory was hardly enough for XP SP2, maybe to get onto Myspace, play a DVD, and freecell… Most of us had 1-2gb of ram. By the time Vista came out, I had a multicore 64 bit processor. I had 6gb of ram as well. My system was more than Vista ready. Most people’s weren’t. I blame HP, Dell, and Gateway for basically killing the PC because I have a brain and can remember things.
    I remember my printer not working, my webcam not working, and other various issues that weren’t actually Vista’s fault. This caused me to have a second PC with XP on it for my business use, and Vista drove my games.
    Fast forward to today. My Core i5 3470 with 32gb of ram is more than enough to handle Windows 10. I am drawing parallels with Vista and 10. When I buy a new computer it generally lasts me because when I pay for it, I put a lot of money into it. I want a nice long good experience from my hardware. I could care less that 10 runs on 1gb of ram. If that is all the ram you have, time to buy a new computer or more ram.
    What I want to know is, will my printer, webcam, game controllers, etc all work with 10 or am I going to have to go buy new hardware?
    My final point is this, during the super long reign of Windows XP, how many people bought computers because of XP or because they wanted newer better hardware? If this were the case, like these articles would lead you to believe, people held onto super old Pentium 3 1ghz until 2006. That was the processor for XP gold, p3. The Pentium 4 didn’t come around until SP1. Are you buying a new Mac for OS X 10.11? A new computer every 6 months for Ubuntu releases from Dell or HP? Did you buy a new computer for 7 just because it was Windows 7? Or did you just upgrade your core 2 quad to 7 like I did? I didn’t buy a new computer until the 3rd generation of Intel processors. I am going to probably wait until the middle of 5th or 6th gen and to see what ram format is going to win the next gen memory war, DDR4 or XDR2. I am going to wait because what I have is good enough. It has got absolutely nothing to do with a new Windows version. Something as paltry has never been a question under any circumstance.

  3. Christopher Gregory Wortman | Jul 9, 2015, 3:10 am at 3:10 am |

    It is actually faster than Windows 8, which was faster than Windows 7. You know nothing john snow…

  4. “The software is going to be buggy, unstable, and probably unusable. And
    of course, It’s 100% guaranteed to slow down your computers.”

    And where did you read this? Preview beta builds of Windows 10 are already being released, and while users are posting feedback and suggestions, “slowing down my computer” isn’t an issue.

  5. I’ve installed windows 10 and so far it is great. Can’t wait for the official update.? They are one of the biggest richest companies in the world I have faith they can meet that date easily. I suspect they delayed the progress of Windows 10 for mobile so they could focus on W10.

  6. Windows 10 is probably going to be a gigantic mess. Microsoft has rushed themselves (no surprised) and committed to a launch date they can’t possibly hope to meet on such a tight schedule. The software is going to be buggy, unstable, and probably unusable. And of course, It’s 100% guaranteed to slow down your computers. After I JUST managed to fix all my drivers and speed my computer up to brand new levels with free software (special thanks to TINYURL.COM/UPDDWINDOWS ) I just refuse to bank on Microsoft not messing up this Windows 10 release…and frankly my computer runs so smoothly now that I don’t even need to pick up what they are putting down, if you catch my drift.

  7. sorry, double post!

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