War Drums Grow Louder As India’s Minister Claims Army Losing Respect

War Drums Grow Louder As India’s Minister Claims Army Losing Respect
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Indian Defense Minister Manohar Parrikar has been widely criticized for his remarks.

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Parrikar claimed that respect for the armed forces in India has diminished due to a lack of fighting in the past half a century, according to NDTV. His comments come at a sensitive time in India-Pakistan relations.

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Political controversy stoked by comments

“In the past, when there was a letter from a military commanding officer to an IAS officer or any other authority, it received attention of the highest order. Today, that respect has diminished… One reason is that for 40-50 years, we have not fought a war. I am not saying we should go to war. I am saying that because we haven’t fought a war, the importance of the Army in our minds has dwindled,” Mr Parrikar said, during a speech at an event in Jaipur on Sunday.

Members of various opposition groups wasted no time in criticizing Parrikar for his pronouncements. “Ministers in this government say anything and embarrass the nation. We are proud of our Indian Army and they have made us proud every time,” said Congress leader Pramod Tiwari.

A leader of Bihar’s ruling Janata Dal (United) party, KC Tyagi, called it “an anti-national statement by the defence minister.” However the minister’s Bharatiya Janata Party agreed with him on the matter.

“When a defence minister says this, he says it with a lot of experience and great concern. I am sure he made the statement to instill a greater sense of pride for the Army among the people,” said BJP spokesperson GVL Narasimha Rao.

India’s relationship with its armed forces in the spotlight

The armed forces have been in the news of late, protesting a reform of the pension system for ex-military personnel. The “One Rank, One Pension” scheme would mean that equal pension would be paid to military personnel who retire at the same rank after the same length of service, and their retirement date would have no importance.

The government was expected to announce the system last month, and ex-military personnel were disappointed when no announcement was made.

Parrikar’s comments could be interpreted as a call to war if taken out of context, a dangerous pronouncement from such a high-ranking minister at a time when India is engaged in an increasingly aggressive war of words with historic enemy Pakistan.

Comments from President Narendra Modi concerning the role of India in the Bangladeshi struggle for independence from Pakistan ignited controversy last week. Tensions were subsequently ratcheted up a notch in the aftermath of a surgical strike against insurgents based in Myanmar, which Indian minister of state for information and broadcasting Rajyavardhan Rathore said should be a warning to any nation which harbors terrorists. Certain figures in Pakistan took his words as a veiled threat to their country, and promised to defend their sovereignty.

War of words continues

One such figure was former Pakistani president Pervez Musharraf, who told India that Pakistan would not be bullied. He said that the country’s nuclear weapons were not for “celebratory” occasions.

“We do not want to use nuclear capability but if our existence comes under threat, who do we have these nuclear weapons for? If I say in Chaudhary Shujaat’s style, do we have nukes saved to be used on Shab-e-Baraat?” he said.

Statements such as these do nothing to reduce tensions in the region, and play into the hands of extreme elements in the military and religious establishments. Politicians from both countries should try to dampen the growing sound of war drums before the threat of conflict becomes a reality.

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  9. Hate, prejudice, arogance, enemity, desire to harm each other, all negative qualities reflect the minds of both sides. What will remain in this world is humanity, repect to each other no matter how oposing behavior other got for you. You can draw vivid conclusion from world wars that in war only humanity is the prime victim. Thats why europe has removed mental berears by opening borders for humanity. But i think we ll learn this very late. Time to remove weaknesses by fighting with diseases, poverty, illiteracy, hatred and list goes on. Otherwise comin generation will not forgive us for being selfish.

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  14. Ye I think it’s a good idea lets play war .i am impatient .i don’t understand why our government are wasting time in talking and making comments . I think our government should go to war . I miss some action

  15. @Amol: I think all Indian have Pakistan Army phobia. What is your problem? Your defense minister quoted something about your army, but in response you people have started discussing Pak Army? What is this? Are you psycho as a nation or your are so much terrified by Pak Army?
    Stop these non-sense discussions and self created stories on online forums, this will only reflect your stupidity and nothing else.
    Proxy wars are being fought in Pak by Indian army through TTP, terror groups are equipped by you to dismantlement in Pak. (check out the list on web of top 5 countries effected by terrorism, and you will find Pak on 3rd spot not India) If Pak army assisted terror groups then India will definitely in that list. At the last Mr.Rahil Sharif (Our beloved general) is not losing war in tribal region, its the main problem for those who created that terrorist which are being washed by Pak Army.

  16. Now it is Bengali Brothers. Were they not brothers in 70’s. Indians came in to stop Genocide of the Bengalees. What a sham? Balochis were fighting for their right to live like any other Punjabees since the late 60’s. Double standard. One of these day Baluchi will be free just like Bengali without help from so called filthy Indians.

  17. The real difference is that Pakistanis are trigger happy egomaniacs who try to project their superiority through their army. The entire psychi of Pakistan as a country revolved around army. India is different. It is a mature and diverse democracy where army is only necessary to protect the country from external threats not for nation building or to run the country. Indians are not obsessed to project power through army. So when there has not been wars for long time, people build false sense of security and may not give lot of importance to arm forces. It is not that the India army is weak or not capable. This is what the defense minister implied. The author of this article is unnecessarily conjuring up war fears.

  18. Endians failed to build a jet fighter, Endian failed to convince Iran not to join CPEC, Endians failed to convince China to drop CPEC, Indians failed to convince Afghanistan not to join CPEC, Indians failed to convince Russians no to support CPEC. Indian Terrorism failed in TTP and BLA ranks. Admit it you are a failed nation and terrorists.

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  21. very wise comment Maratha just look at those loose comments coming from your countrymen just feel sorry for people like that it’s true since BJP came in power it’s officials are giving such hostile comments from time to time which will not help to have peace in the region

  22. Trust me when I say that I am extremely sorry and sad about what happened in Bangladesh. I always asked for forgiveness from our Bengali brothers and sisters whenever I get a chance to meet them.

    I was talking about those Indians who wishes harm to us!

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  33. What Indians need to realize is that India is falling apart. The first piece of land that fell off is Pakistan. Currently there are Separatist movements all over India because even Indians don’t like India.

  34. Looks like someone is butt hurt. India cant even defend Kashmir. How are they gonna fight China. Just few months ago China just came in and took huge chunk of land from Line of Actual Control. While the Indian Army ran for their lives. I think what Parrikar is saying is that the Indian Army are bunch of cowards and no one respects them.

  35. parrikar does not need respect” he is quite contet without it because the entire nation is nation of exslaves, respect is something they don’t about. they are very happy being kicked around by US, Rissia, England, China, Iran, Arabs, Mongols for centuries.

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  39. Name – Unfortunately you have too much misinformation and unreasonable assumption of the Indian foreign policy. I hope reasonable Pakistanis do not think like you, India had nothing to do with Bin Laden or Taliban it was your army, you know what forget it, everybody knows the truth except for people like you who continue to deny your failures. When you are over with your denial come and talk to us, we will still be here, oh and in the meantime drop the insistence of Kashmir as an exchange for the loss of East Pakistan, not going to happen.

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  44. bccream; you need to learn to read and comprehend what is written, I guess your education is substandard. What this peice is saying is that India has waged war with every neighboring country while Pakistan has not. You seem to be totally ignorant of your country’s (india’s) forgein policy. . since 1947 a major feature in India’s forgein policyhas been and continnues to be is the destabilization of Pakistan by wars, or by sending terrorist into the country. The policy is to destabalize Pakistan to the extent that it cannot survive and will once again become a part of India. This aspect of the policy was introduced into the Indian government by idiots like Nehru & Gandi ( both Hindu activists who wanted to dominate the Muslims in India).

    All the violance you see inside Pakistan is the work of RAW. All the violance you see in Afghanistan is supported by the Indian money. Indian dream of getting Pakistan back is a wet dream, it can’t happen. Pakistani people should be ashamed of themselves for allowing RAW to operate inside Pakistan withn total ammunity, these greedy and unpatraiotic Pakistanis are taking bribes and helping RAW. I f any one that need to be hanged are the persons who are helping RAW. Once ISI is sucessful in throwing RAW out of the country, Pakistan will go back being the peaceful moderate country it is.

    So take your media learned, copy cat knowledge about the reality and shove it up where the sun does not shine!!!!

  45. He knows very well how to make Pakistani leaders itch. All his comments are just that. Both India’s and Pakistan’s Armies are spending more time fighting their own internal problems than each other and I don’t think respect for their respective armies have gone down.

  46. But he’s the one who’s quacking.

    This BJP govt is such a God send Present to Pakistan… that it looks like a conspiracy


  47. Oh really, Yes if they can give respect to tibetiansm taiwan and stop hegemony in south china sea that would be very useful. taking of respect lol. Ask china to respect PANCHSHEEL with India first.

  48. Yes Indian army has earned it in all wars with pakistan an in future also it will. By the way pakistani army earns respect by drug dealing, gun runnings, assisting terror groups and fighting proxy wars with their help. Rahil Sharif is losing war in tribal regions is very much evident.

  49. hahahaha India has answer to your tactical weapons also.By the way cold start is relevant even with Nasr. You need to learn to spell name of your chinese imported(WS-2 Weishi Rockets) and muslim named nasr missile.
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  51. John Wick, I recommend you to watch the Movie Black Friday and Ab Tak 56 (Bollywood Movies – on these Issue) – When India hanged Ajamal Kasab – Muslims in India refused to give him ground to berry him – Hindus refused to burn his body – other religions also did the same – You know what happen? They berried his body inside a toilet…. All other inmates peace on him or take a dump on him! Bring it on Ajmal Kasab… What the video about what he said when he was about to die! He was crying like a 2 years old baby!!! May be entire world MUST see that movie!!!

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  54. Parrikar does not need to earn respect, which your pakistani leaders need to earn within your country as well as internationally. And red faced buffoons are sitting in your capital which is very much evident.

  55. Without vegetarians in this world the non-vegetarians would eat each other since there would be nothing to eat ! So before you speak, think !

  56. You are a troll, Indian soldiers are NOT allowed to post this type of garbage. No India does not want to wipe out Pakistan or any country for that matter. India only believes in defense not offense, if we did Bangladesh would have been East Bengal state of India.

  57. It is ironic that congress and Porkistan are speaking same language, It seems they can not exist without each other. Congress has been demoralizaing Indian military on behalf of Islamic Jehad.

  58. Pakistan is a peace loving country, LOL. You lost all the credibility with that statement sir. Do you read Pakistani news paper ? Come back and tell me the day when there will not be bombings or sectarian violence umm no do not blame it on Indians or Americans, neither of them are present on your soil, they all your people.

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  60. Indian army will get respect when you Indian vegetarians stop sabotaging your neighbors and also religious segregation of Indian muslims. Fight like men, not pu$$ies

  61. Don’t need to wait – when Pakistan makes one mistake – The it all out – They have barked enough… Let’s get them now… Let’s show them how India fights when they fight! Let the world see that… What is a reason to wait?!?!? Let’s wipe them (Pakistan) out of the map!!!!

  62. You Lowlife Hindus are jealous because Muslims invaded India many many times and kept you on a short leash for over 800 years. Now, a small Muslim country can turn the almighty India into a glass parking lot in a few minutes.

    You cowards couldn’t even contain a group of 7 terrorists crossed into Bombay. Your security forces were running away like wimps and cowards for what we know and you running your mouth like a big worrier. Too much drinking ur/ne affected your brain I suppose.

  63. well said Jagadish, Chinese will not think even single time to shot down mad Indians, like Mad Dogs or Mad Cows, whatever they are. In fact at least learn how to discuss. Best wishes.

  64. our existence will never will never come under threat for atleast using nuclear weapons over India i guess it would be good practice ground to test our arsenal and for china too .Infact it will strengthen our position in Southasia
    Pak Army is most far more effective army in Southasia in keeping peace then Indian army not only asia but also all over the world

  65. india will bring 5th generation proxy war right into the urban cities of Pakistan.

    Karachi is a prime example of what indias covert operating ability can yield. in next 3 years, urban covert war will kick in and we will see Pakistani society falling apart even more.

    india has developed several assets amongst mohajir community in Sindh and baloch in balochistan.

  66. cold start hasn’t even been initiated yet. The mechanism has been set into place but the button has never been pushed. It will kick start the next time Pakistan tries a 26/11 like adventure.

    and no tactical nukes wont save you, any nuclear attack on indian soil, no matter how low the yield will be met with a completely full fledged overwhelmingly disproportionate nuclear response from india. in short, one tactical nuke, and there will be nothing left in Pakistan to fire a second one.

    this is why india wont invest in tactical nukes , coz we wont worry about yield and range. we will hit back with the biggest one we have and that will be more than enough to put to sleep 20 crore Pakistanis.

  67. Indian army has got respect not only among Indians but all over the world, but unfortunately the previous
    Congress government made it look like action less spectator when our soldiers were beheaded and also too many indiscreet cross border firings by Pakistan. Unfortunately our defence minister failed in presenting this point appropriately.

  68. Indian army has got respect not only among Indians but all over the world, but unfortunately the previous
    Congress government made it look like action less spectator when our soldiers were beheaded and also too many indiscreet cross border firings by Pakistan.

  69. hey porkis, where were ur nukes after you lost the Kargil war in 1999 ? were they hiding under musharrafs abba jaans burqa?

    one indian brahmos, is all that it will take , to wipe out 90% of ur population in the first nuclear strike itself. The second one will wipe out whatevers left of Pakistan.

    then future generations will read in history “once upon a time, there was a country named Pakistan, its citizens were identity crisis suffering converted muslims, who had long been subjugated by Islamic invaders and had been turned into miskeens who liked to view themselves as arabs.”

  70. One more $wine Coward, Cunning, Cow Urine boozer saffron lundgoti expressing his frustration & barking away like a Rabid Brahman hindu Dog

  71. No Frederick, there is nothing to worry about China, I have been there, they know how to give and take respect, Indians don’t. Thanks for your comment.

  72. Looks like Parrikar is still learning to be a defense minister… no need for such comments. One should be prepared for the worst, but hope for the best.

    Anyone can make theatrical statements, but I would be impressed if I see quantitative reduction of border incidents and terrorist entries in India from Pakistan.

  73. very well, Indian minister wants Indian Army to get respect, I suggest to get more respect by not fighting small stupid nations like Sri Lanka, Myanmar or Pakistan, let get respect by fighting with China, and then feel how coward or brave Indians are. Why not try to get back the Kashmir area in hands of China or Tibet. The fact is, the Indians can only speak in front of weaker but if the country like China will be in front of them they are gonna leave even Arunachal Pradesh. I do believe in Chinese that the territory Arunachal Pradesh belongs to China, and any other part which China claims was actually part of China once in the history. And I am sure if Indian army have respect then try to get back the regions of “Aksai Chin” and “Ladakh”, surely they will regret by loosing whatever they already have. Last suggestion to Indians give respect to the people of Kashmir, Manipur, Punjab and wherever you killed in the name of religion, and then get back the respect. Respect do not come with fighting. It comes with sensual behavior, which Indians in general lacking nowadays, not all Indians are senseless but who belong to BJP and RSS do really have problem in fact, I wish they can understand the real meaning of respect. If Indians do feel dignity they should ask for the removal of such stupid defense minister.

  74. “We will eat grass even to fund our military”
    You really rely on a military which takes all direct or indirect action without informing Govt elected by the very citizens they protect? That too from the time of Md Ali Jinnah.
    My point is – do you really know what your army is upto?

  75. America, Britain, France, Italy, most European cortices keep their Army busy, so the solders do not get lazy. The emperor AKBAR also believed to keep the solder busy and also Chanakya said the same thing. War is necessary that is why Pakistan bombards Indian villages and so we should do the same aggressively, well in advance.

  76. We will eat grass even to fund our military every Pakistani realises that,yeah Indians would like nothing less then Pakistanis to disown their own army,too bad cold start doctrine was shattered by introduction of nasar tactical nuke,yes we will not exist after. Nuclear war but rest assure India won’t either we die we take India with us

  77. Come on Mr. Manohar Parrikar, if this is your criteria of discipline in India then better to have good teacher for that and Pakistan is most suitable and nearest to you. Pakistan is regularly fighting wars. You’ll be learn discipline and love both at one time.

  78. Indeed such statements from an Indian defense minister present very scary scenarios for its neighbors, particularly, Pakistan which had experienced Indian aggression in Past and had seen it forcefully halved by Indian forces and their sponsored terrorists outfit Mukti Bani in East Pakistan. Pakistan is a peace loving country and want to live with peace with its neighbors and has no such attention to invade india, because it has no such capability and will not do so, if it had that. India is obsessed with its new status as third rate military power and want to show its military prowess to world to get a seat in UN-security council, by convincing the other 5 permanent member of security council that India is not less aggressive, violent,barbaric, warmonger and hater of peace than the big five, So it deserve to be member of this exclusive club. But the good thing is that Pakistan had learned from its vulnerabilities and week points and hence strengthened its military and defense infrastructure since the end of 1971 war. It had got minimum deterrent against India or any other evil minded power in the world. India is not able to wage war against Pakistan, nevertheless it had decide to be removed itself from the world map. Every peaceful nation on earth ought to assist and appreciate Pakistan’s effort to keep Indian aggression at bay, by developing minimum deterrent against India. The world had witnessed that, since the advent of Pakistan atomic era war had become a dream for India and India desperately longing for it.

  79. Its about time that a country stood up to Islamic bully’s our pea brain president turns tail a run at the mention of wars with Islam.

  80. “……but if our existence comes under threat, we use these nuclear weapons”.

    I think this common statement made by Pak is in wrong order and it should be- “if we use nuclear weapons, our existence would come under threat”
    Their biggest threat is their army only. No-one is interested in harming them, its their army which creates this mock hype to stay funded and attended.

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