Barclays Intern On 10 Commandments For Wall Street Interns

Barclays Intern On 10 Commandments For Wall Street Interns
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The Ten Commandments For Wall Street Interns H/T Daniel Huang, The Wall Street Journal

Summer is here and a new wave of interns on Wall Street are polishing their outfits and working on nailing their first impressions.

One mischievous young banker at Barclays has offered his underlings some specific instructions. A second-year analyst in the bank’s Global Power & Utilities group, Justin Kwan, emailed out some (dubious) pointers for the temporary help coming into his group.

His email, titled “Welcome to the Jungle,” is now making the rounds on Wall Street — no doubt to the delight of many of his young counterparts, but not so much to his bosses.

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The email can be found below

Here’s the email, which has been edited to remove the names of the recipients:

From: Kwan, Justin: Banking (NYK) Sent: Tuesday, June 02, 2015 11:16 Subject: Welcome to the Jungle

Incoming Intern Class of 2015,

Welcome to Power! I am sure you are all busy at training, but in the interest of helping your transition into the summer, and hopefully helping some of you secure Full-Time offers, I wanted to introduce you to the 10 Power Commandments. Respect them, love them, live them. You may heard of different stories about Barclays Power – go on and you’ll see us called the “frattiest group”, “top power group on the street” or the group with the “best PE placement” – needless to say we are a unique group at Barclays. And with that comes unique rules.

For 9 weeks you will live and die by these:

1. Our group dresses very conservatively. Given that it is summer, no socks is accepted and, in fact, encouraged. (Men: On your first day at the desk, it is customary to wear a bowtie and/or suspenders).

2. Remember: this is a summer internship for a full-time offer. It won’t be easy. If you can’t handle the heat, get out of the kitchen.

3. We expect you to be the last ones to leave every night…no matter what. That’s what good summer analysts do. (Also getting in earlier than me would be a power move – You should enjoy your casual 9:15AM PT arrival time this Friday, but I wouldn’t get used to it).

4. During your first few weeks we ask that you direct all of your questions to Michael Lomio. Tell the other summers too, Michael is industry agnostic. If you ask me a question it will be noted.

5. Never take your jacket off at work. This is investment banking, ladies and gentlemen. Other groups may be more liberal when it comes to summer dress code, unfortunately were not

6. You will be assigned junior “mentors”. It is much appreciated if you would bring breakfast in for your respective “mentor.” Some people are more particular about this than others.

7. I recommend bringing a pillow to the office (yoga mat works as well). It makes sleeping under your desk a lot more comfortable, in the very likely scenario that you have to do that.

8. You are expected to allocate at least half your seamless web order for group appetizers/snacks for the month of June. No questions asked. Once the 2nd years leave, you can enjoy your $25 allocations.

9. Have a spare tie/scarf or two around. You never know when your associate will run out of napkins.

10. When you need to leave your desk there will be a sign out sheet outside your cubes. Please fill it out including where you went and for how long. This is important come the end of your internship.

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